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I’m Natalia, writer looking to publish my first children’s book! // Soy Natalia, escritora buscando publicar mi primer cuento infantil!


All my life I had dreamt of being an artist, of creating art. But I felt too pressured to follow the status quo and tried to fit, until recently that -reaching a dead end- I lost the fear and gave it a shot to follow my artistic ideas, TIME was born. It’s the children’s story I wish I had when I felt my purpose was too naive or dreamy. Every purpose is worth it, every single one of us have a place, and it’s due to our true colors that we find our right place, our home. Hope this story, based in Lyon- FR, which is a place really close to my heart, inspires you, reaches you and makes you smile and believe in your own magic.

The amount requested for this project was calculated by the investment price settled by the Publishing House (£5500), plus the %  of using this amazing platform. Thank you enormously for the help, and mostly what it represents, that it’s the belief and support of artist from all over the world!

A little about the author;

I am a 24-year-old Mexican girl who found her true purpose with people and places that made me find the real home feeling. Hope this message that is true and authentic can reach people; the young, the brave, the dreamers who will shape the world one day.

Once the contract is signed and the money is paid, it will take a maximum of 12 months to produce, print, and publish the book. As soon as the first printed copies are made, and delivered to me, I will make sure the amazing and kind people who helped with the generous donations that reached a reward, will get a signed and personalized copy sent by me, to your door.

Publishing Contract Cover (can’t disclose the full name for privacy reasons)
This is Natalia with Cuca, a friend’s dog!

Thank you for making this amazing dream happen! Thank you for all the ones that read the story and encouraged me to keep going, thank you to an amazing chingona who showed me this platform and helped me believe it was possible, and thank you people who appreciate artists and make ideas and stories worth sharing!

Gracias, thank you, merci, grazie & danke!