$100,000 raised out of $10,000,000
Start date
Aug 16, 2020
Close date
Oct 21, 2020

Take control of your Brand and fully monetize your contents .

Return on investment guarantee


The name TIMITI comes from THIMITHI which means fire-walking. This ceremony is held in all the South Indian Communities and is done by devotees to show that they promise to walk on fire in exchange for the Goddess Draupadi’s blessing.

We chose this name because we see our platform as a fire-walking ceremony for content creators. In this world of the race to gather followers we want to recenter the action to who are the real followers and who will be willing to go through “fire” to follow their work.

We are aware that it is crosscurrent to what is done today, but we fill that it is time that content creators, company and sponsors obtain the real return of investment they deserve.

With TIMITI, content creators don’t get paid to work….they work and get paid at their just value! It might hurt their ego and feelings by seeing that their community is in fact not what they see on their social medias but at the end of day it is your real fan that will get you through the fire.

We created the most intuitive, easy to manage, ready to use, ADS free and cost free OTT platform.

Being able to provide an environment of total absence of invasive third-party advertising recenter the attention to the content creators and their partners.

Our unique business model based on a win/win situation provides the content creators with complete autonomy.

How does it work? Very simple… you produce your videos, upload them and share them with your audience and promote them using your social networks. It gives them the opportunity to interact with your brand and you will fully monetize your potential, all in your channels.

In this pandemic time, TIMITI is the new frontier in multimedia content sharing!