$56,930 raised out of $588,000
Start date
Sep 15, 2020
Close date
Oct 15, 2020

TitanReach is a skilling based MMORPG set in a fantasy open-world. Join us as we take on the Titans of Alyssia.


TitanReach is a new take on old school MMORPGs that aims to build on what we love from the genre, while improving on what we didn’t like. Our game focuses on a skilling system, massive fantasy open-world, unique quests, and a good social experience.

Join our Discord to start playing now!

Click the above image to join our Discord and learn more about how you can play our Kickstarter demo right now! As a reminder, the game is currently in early development and has only had a proper development team for the past couple of months. We are currently in pre-alpha and push to release new content rapidly. 

Feel free to join our growing Discord community where you’ll be able to gain more information about TitanReach and meet the developers roaming around voice chats every now and then: https://discord.com/invite/TitanReach

TitanReach features 20 Skills, maxing out at Level 100! Your Combat Level consists of 9 skills. Each skill offers various bonuses and new unlockable content as you level it. 

Skilling Overview

In TitanReach you have the freedom to switch combat styles and level the skills you want as you are not locked into a class system. You may create a tanky sorcerer build or a quick and nimble melee fighter. This will allow you to create pure accounts as the different combat skills each attribute individually to your combat level.

All the items will be acquired by players gathering, processing or looting items. You will be able to set the price depending on supply & demand. An auction house system is not planned for launch, and we’d like all transactions to happen via player trading and trade chat channels.

Join your friends or strangers in guilds and parties, play social games in taverns or venture out to kill bosses. Meet people as you level your skills or while trading your goods.

TitanReach will also feature a guild system, allowing players to congregate and establish a presence in game. Our guild system will feature a manageable roster with ranks for co-leaders, officers, and customizable ranks you’d like to add as well. We’re also thinking about guild halls, guild quests, etc.

We’ve heard your cries for meaningful quests that aren’t just kill or collect a certain amount of things, so we’ll do you one small favour. Our quests will have you travel the world, solve puzzles, explore dungeons and fight in climactic boss fights. They won’t be sequential, meaning you can do most of the quests in any order and leave quests unfinished while you do other quests or something else entirely. You can find the NPC’s to talk to and start these quests by exploring the world. We’ll give players a reason to do these quests by not just offering gold or experience, but also rewards like unique equipment, area and shortcut access, resource locations and shop access.

What are Microtransactions?

  • Microtransactions are the availability to purchase virtual goods such as boosts to experience rates, items or other unfair services.

Square Root Studios does NOT support Microtransactions (MTX) that can give an unfair advantage to another player, such as unique items, experience gains or other beneficial items. There may be purchasable cosmetics some day long in the future, but not at release!

The only way a player can spend money is on their monthly subscription. There are no extra “VIP subs” or anything. Everyone is the same and nobody has an unfair advantage just because they spent more money.

The world of Alyssia, home of the Titans, lives and breathes from the power which emanates from the Titan’s ancient bodies. Spread across Alyssia, the Titans’ mere presence empowers the land surrounding them – sprouting wildlife, fauna, and giving life to the land as a whole. 

Titan Concept

Some Titans live alongside the citizens of Alyssia, generously gifting their power for the betterment of the land. Others are tithes – conduits being drained to allow cities to flourish whilst other parts of the world become corrupt.

Alyssia seeks defenders. Will you answer its call?

The current version of combat you will experience in the Kickstarter demo client is not at all what we plan to have at launch. Something was briefly whipped up to create and test systems like Damage, Health, Healing, Death, Respawn and PVP. We were also hindered by implementing some of the systems we wanted by our need for a full time animator, that’s one of the driving forces of this Kickstarter, among others. It’s priority was lowered for a while as optimization and other Server systems were focused on, but we will be getting back to it very soon.

Combat is broken down into 3 styles, Melee, Ranged and Magic. By default no style will have any advantages over another, however players may tailor their gear choices to gain an advantage against some styles or builds.

Within each combat style there are 2 skills the player can level up, one for power and the other one for accuracy.

  • Melee has Dexterity & Strength.
  • Ranged has Precision & Ranged.
  • Magic has Focus & Sorcery.

The power skill dictates what your maximum hit with the respective style will be, and the accuracy skill will determine the random distribution of your damage rolls, as well as determine if your hit succeeded or not. Most weapon requirements will be locked behind accuracy skill level requirements, but some weapons are locked behind a power level requirement or even a combination of both. Damage dealt or ability success rates also get affected by your stats and gear, so a fireball spell in full melee tank gear might not grant high DPS values.

Players can choose to level these skills independently of each other through their choice of combat stance they choose including the weapons they use. Daggers and swords will be more efficient at training Dexterity, where hammers and battle axes will be better for training Strength. Players may choose to level power before accuracy to deal higher damage, or some may level accuracy to unlock better weapons faster. You could also use a dagger and only level Strength.

Then there’s the Vitality and Defence Skills which play a part in all combat styles. Vitality determines your maximum health and is trained passively as you train your other combat skill. Defence is the primary stat requirement for what gear you can wear, and helps reduce damage taken, and is trained based on what combat stance you choose.

A player’s combat level is visible to everyone, it has no combat significance other than symbolizing to you and other players how strong you are, starting from level 1 to level 100. Every combat skill goes into our formula to determine your combat level. Your combat level may also determine the enemies you can attack in certain PVP areas. To give players a more unique choice, we will be adding an XP-Lock feature. Players will be able to prevent XP gains in the combat skills of their choice to maintain their unique accounts as they wish.

There’s a misconception that we don’t want many abilities in the game. What we actually don’t want is having too many abilities usable at the same time like most other MMORPG’s. We will have a lot of abilities but only a few are active at once. This means that each ability the player decides to activate has a large impact on what kind of build they choose. Players planning to kill a lot of low level creatures for resources may choose to activate an AOE (Area of Effect) elemental ability to speed up the process. A player planning on raiding with friends may choose a group buff ability, or a player planning on entering in 1 on 1 PVP may choose a stun ability.

Players will have access to a total of 5 different abilities, 2 weapon bound attack options (left click and a right click), 2 general abilities and 1 utility ability.

The weapon bound attacks are your Left and Right click and each weapon will come with a unique difference to other weapons, although your left click will be your typical auto attack which can be held down for repeated attacks, your right click will be heavily dependent on what weapon or weapons you have equipped, in case of dual wielding. A battleaxe might have a powerful ground slam, a bow might have a multi shot or a charge shot, and a sword may have a quick lunge forward, or a parry with a shield equipped. Players can change weapons mid fight to gain new weapon attack abilities.

The 2 general abilities can be anything. Do you want to throw fireballs while in melee tank gear? Sure, why not? Want to charge headfirst into a pack of enemies with your glass cannon mage build? Be my guest. Obtaining these skills is primarily done through leveling your combat skills, but can also be locked behind content such as gear, quest or minigame requirements.

The utility skill will cover skills like dodge rolls, short range teleports or phases, or even gear specific abilities like blocking with shields.

Casting these general abilities is not free, each ability will require a combination of energy or secondary resources such as glyphs or runes.

The Energy System is basically like mana or stamina, but it counts for everything combat related. There’s no cooldowns on the typical abilities but there will be on a select few abilities. The Energy System is a fast depleting resource with fast regeneration over time. Various abilities will drain it but it may recover pretty fast. Certain abilities may cost a secondary ingredient. This gives you the freedom of choice on what to use, it makes the action based combat fast paced and adds more action to it. This also means the abilities you have activated may play a pretty big role, and the choice on your build can affect the outcome of your goal.

The value of these secondary resources will be decided through the player driven economy. Players will have to weigh the cost of these resources vs the gains from using them. Players might use the most expensive abilities for PVP, but opt out of using abilities on easy Slayer tasks and just use their left / right click attacks. There will be different level versions for the abilities so it won’t be a “stun or no stun” situation but more a “how much are you willing to use to gain the most out of it”. Keep in mind these secondary ingredients will all be obtainable in-game.

There will be world bosses, instanced style raids, dungeons & Slayer. Find some friends or strangers around the tavern or towns and venture out to defeat the gnarly foes. Some of which may not be fully dependent on “Equipment” but also skill based. Jump from platform to platform while dodging the bosses attacks, escape his hazardous toxic smoke in time or plan around the bosses placement to focus his own attacks on an objective. 

Slayer is planned to be the center of multiple skills, combining and making various skills necessary around it. Players can choose a Bounty from a bounty board system in taverns or town centers. The player can then pick a bounty class which determines the difficulty of said bounty and upon completion the player gains rewards & reputation. The higher the class the more complex your fight or mechanics will become, yet also more rewarding. This may include requiring specific skills or items such as special food to lure the enemy or crafting untradeable weapons or armours to counter the enemy. Ready your puzzle solving skills as you track the enemies location or other mechanic based foes or minigame-type bosses, including grouping up to slay them with friends or strangers who may become your friends over time! Enough said, it’s time to get that reputation up and use your Bounty Tokens on some unique loot!

The world of Alyssia will have designated PVP areas for those who choose to fight one another. These areas will be high risk as items are dropped on death. The Brawling Arena is available for those who feel the need to duke it out and will include a staking system. Certain Minigames will contain safe-PVP mechanics where items are kept on death.

AUD $850,000 – Mounts

Mounts in the world of Alyssia will be different than other games. Your mount will require attention and upkeep, and not something you can simply summon and desummon at will.

AUD $1,350,000 – Console Support

Pending approval from console platforms – we would love to work on console support post launch, with cross-platform play.

AUD $1,600,000 – New Skills & Abilities

Carpentry, Sailing & Summoning are some of the skills we are planning for the future of TitanReach. If we hit this goal, we will have the resources to bring some of these skills to the game.

The specific rewards received from the Kickstarter are exclusive and only obtainable now; Badges, Titles, Cosmetics, *Pet Skins, *Pets. For example, this means the specific Title “Dawnbringer”, the “Kickstarter Backer!” Badge or the specific *Pet Skin unlocked for those *Pets will only be gained if you are part of the Kickstarter. All Items from the Kickstarter such as Badges, Titles, Cosmetics, Pet Skins and Pets are untradeable.

Reserve Player Name

The Username must follow our name restrictions, 4 to 16 alphanumerical, with a maximum of 1 space, no special symbols. First come first serve once the name reserve goes live post KS. There will be a date/time after the KS (TBD) where the reservations will go live into a database.

Additional Character Creation Options

Players will gain access to additional cosmetics while creating their character. Several pieces in each category will become available. These are your gearless clothes and not equipped cosmetics. There may be a way to change your clothes in-game post character creation.

Game Time & Lifetime Subscription

Monthly Game time is valued at around AUD $11 monthly, which is roughly $8 USD. (subject to change)

Lifetime subscription will give your account permanent subscription for free, this is non-transferable once used. If your account gets banned due to violating the games ToS there is no refund. The Gift Lifetime Subscription can be gifted to a friend, family or a lucky stranger where the same rules apply. Rules are subject to change. There may be a use-by date.

Alpha & Beta Access

Will be sent out closer to their dates. Currently the dates for the Alpha & Beta are not public. Access Codes will be granted, these are a 1 time use and are transferable if not used. If your account gets banned due to violating the games ToS there is no refund.

Title vs Elite Title

All Titles obtained through the Kickstarter are exclusive and won’t be obtainable in the future. Elite titles will stand out with different colors. Elite titles will be a lot harder to obtain in-game. Player’s will be able to display their titles above their name, and the guild’s name will be displayable beneath their name.

Player Badges

The badges can be toggled & displayed within the “Player Inspect” window. Various Achievements or Milestones throughout TitanReach may unlock badges along other rewards. Did you just achieve a unique or hidden achievement and want to show it off? You’ll be able to do it!

Access to Development Client Builds

You will gain access to the developers client build, these are new every few days to week. You will be able to login throughout the whole development process and have the same access as the other developers on the team. You may also be invited to join our dev voice chats during play or test sessions. There may be days where the client or server is down, we cannot guarantee a 24/7 online status. You will be required to sign an NDA and will not be allowed to stream the game, distribute the client or allow someone else to use your account. You will also be limited with how much information you can share. Violating the NDA may lose you access to this reward.

* = Pets

These Pets are purely cosmetic and do not give any advantage in the game. The Pets connected to the “Pet Skins” themselves can still be obtained by others such as the “Dog” or “Cat”. However the Pet Skin for the Pets will be exclusive to the Kickstarter Backers.

The Pet Rewards in higher tiers are also unique to Kickstarter Backers and won’t be obtainable in-game or later.

**Design a Weapon & [Weapon Name] Forger:

Collaborate with our 3D Artists to create a weapon of your choice in any of the combat styles. The weapons look and name will have to fit the world and theme of TitanReach and will have to be approved by the dev team. You will gain a unique in-game Elite Title for everyone to know you created that weapon. If you created a sword called “Slicey Dicey” you will gain the Elite Title “Slicey Dicey Forger”.

***Unique & Custom Pet / Cosmetic:

Collaborate with our 3D Artists to create a unique Pet including animations. Give your Pet a name and you’ll be the only person in TitanReach with this pet! Same for the cosmetic outfit, this will be a full outfit without any stats, you will have your own unique outfit designed for you based on the concept and collaboration you have with our 3D Artists. The design and name of these unique Pets & Cosmetics will have to fit the world and theme of TitanReach and will have to be approved by the dev team.

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