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The lightest weight ergonomic work pants, designed for the toughest outdoor environments onsite and offsite



The lightest weight, ergonomic work pants, designed for bodies activating in the toughest outdoor environments, onsite and offsite. 

The ‘Industrial Athlete Pants’ were created in collaboration with three Hong Kong “Steel Fixers”, the workers responsible for installing the foundations of every major building across Asia. This profession is known for being the most physically demanding construction work. Their names are Kawei, Em Pong and Stone. Their invaluable knowledge in testing and refining the TMS.SITE design is shown below in their expressions and body language while working.


Our pants have been though a 3 month wear testing process, on site and off site. 

Our ‘Industrial Athlete Pants’ are the most considered work pants for workmen. The design is formed from the direct industry critiques of the Steel Fixers, who have extensively wear tested TMS.SITE 3.0, both onsite and offsite in Hong Kong. The Steel Fixers have become dear friends and are now a part of our design team. The result is incredibly well engineered, rugged product.


 We have received many questions regarding how to purchase more than one pair of pants. You can follow these instructions:

  • 1. Calculate the total amount for your order and then add your shipping amount.
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  • 3. Screenshot your confirmed pledge and email us at TMS@tmssite.net with your name and what style did you pick. 


Designed for Hot & Humid Work Environments – 

#Ultralight #QuickDry #MoistureWicking #DynamicStretch #HighlyFunctional #Breathable 


Updated and refined from Ultralight 2.0 to include new pocketing system.

Right thigh pockets carry tools, Left thigh pocket has 3D zipper hardware. 


Same design as Ultralight 3.0 in #AllBlack Version

Designed for Hot & Humid Work Environments

#Ultralight #Quick Dry #Moisture Wicking #Dynamic Stretch #HighlyFunctional #Breathable


Suitable For All Seasons, Both Onsite And Offsite Terrains 

#WaterRepellent #DynamicStretch # HighlyFunctional #Breathable #HeavyDuty 

 ALL SEASONS PRO in Dark Khaki and Black color-ways 


Highly maneuverable and functionally designed shorts with knee pockets for tough outdoor environments

#Ultralight #Quick Dry #Moisture Wicking #Dynamic Stretch #HighlyFunctional #Breathable

I founded TMS.SITE after earning a Bachelor of Arts in HONG KONG (4 years), a Masters in Menswear at the Royal College of Art in LONDON (2 years), and working for AITOR THROUP, TOOGOOD and ASOS (2 years). 

My goal with TMS.SITE is to incorporate dynamic patterning and ergonomic design into the clothing design process. By altering existing designs, TMS.SITE aims create the next evolution in workwear globally.

TMS.SITE is not only a workwear brand. We aim to elevate “the worker” and reevaluate their perception within society. To start, TMS.SITE has named these “heavy-duty” workers “Industrial Athletes”. We can reduce the social divide between blue-collar workmen and white-collar workers with our “Industrial Athlete Pant Project”, in starting to tell the stories of Hong Kong local Steel Fixers.

Weight Comparison – (Left) TMS.SITE Ultralight 3.0 VS (Right) Competitor’s lightest workwear pants.

We found in our wear tests that even though our designs are lighter, they still retained comparable durability with competitor’s heavy pants. 

No extra fabric on reverse side of knee joints, allowing you to move effortlessly. 

Each pants will come with a pair of bionic designed EVA 3.0 Knee Pads, developed by the TMS.SITE team. 

#SuperLightweight #Washable #Removable #Protective

The 3.0 Knee Pads cannot be felt when standing, but when you kneeling down provide good protection. 

You can adjust the waist and leg size by yourself

28″ (adjustable to 26.5″), 30″, 32″, 34″, 36″ waist sizes


Washing Instructions

– Standard Detergent Safe

– Normal 40 Degree (104 Fahrenheit) Machine Wash 

– 150 Degree Celsius (302 Fahrenheit) Ironing


 If our campaign is successful and you have backed our project, we will follow up at the end of the campaign to collect your shipping information and sizing. Your order will then be shipped to you once we receive the product from our factory. 

We estimated the product will be shipped to your door in November 2022, the lastest Dec. 


This is the first project I adapted ergonomic design and sportwear design into workwear. You will see the first original idea of the Industrial Athletes Pants being tested on the worksite by Bricklayer Mervyn in London, 2019.

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“Do not underestimate the worker, and do not underestimate workwear” TMS.SITE