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Dec 06, 2020
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Jan 05, 2021

3D Puffy Pawpad Socks


Art by Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay

Hello from the ToeBeanies Team, Danielle & Justin! We are so happy you visited our Kickstarter! ToeBeanies was founded in September of 2019. We’re South Florida crafters and cosplayers who met through our shared interest in comic and anime conventions. Danielle is a full-time content creator and cosplayer, with the help of Justin of course. ToeBeanies came into existence when Danielle made some paw pad socks out of EVA foam for her photoshoots. Many fans were asking where to get a pair of their own. That’s when we had this idea of handcrafting these little paw pad socks as a side hobby. We polished up our method, upgraded to a much better quality foam and started up a little shop!

We never could’ve predicted how popular they would become! It floored us how quickly they received so much support, and to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming. Practically overnight ToeBeanies grew from selling a few handmade pairs for fun on the side in our kitchen, to batches of a couple hundred as Justin’s full-time job! Our lives have been controlled by the beans ever since. Since Danielle is a full-time content creator, most of the work fell on Justin’s shoulders to keep up with the demand. That demand quickly became impossible to satisfy. After having amassed a social media following of nearly 40,000 bean enthusiasts, we realized making a few pairs for fun by ourselves wasn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Every release, which was a months worth of work, sold out in just minutes each time. We quickly began researching how to make these available on a larger scale. With several thousand people logging on for a release, and only a handful of socks available it quickly turned into a chaotic and often disappointing time for most involved. Releases were no longer fun, being met with so many e-mails expressing frustration… we had to find a way to fix this and fast! In addition to the incredible demand COVID-19 surged in our state so asking for help was no longer a safe option.

It’s now been about a year since we first began the long process of having these manufactured. We recently received a prototype that we’ve approved for production! It was no simple task getting here. We were advised to contact a lawyer on how to protect our idea during the manufacturing process since we had no prior experience in that industry. We crunched a ton of numbers and knew that we would be investing basically our life savings into a specialty item. Our patent attorney extensively researched our project to be sure that this was indeed our idea and that there was nothing like this on the market that we were infringing on. These steps alone, before ever even speaking to a manufacturer, cost us tens of thousands of dollars! We’re proud to say that ToeBeanies has a trademark application submitted and is currently patent pending!

We’re not looking to get back the fees and charges we spent on the intellectual property protections in our set goal. Our Kickstarter goal covers the costs we’ve spent (and are estimated to spend) on just the production of the socks and other rewards. This goal includes the costs molding, production materials, freight, assembly, packaging and sourcing our manufacturers. Every dollar we’ve made so far from ToeBeanies has been reinvested into the brand and is included in a breakdown below.

What improvements to ToeBeanies will this campaign bring? 

For starters, we had to re-design ToeBeanies from the ground up for this campaign. We’re offering our brand new versions of ToeBeanies that we hope to fund through Kickstarter with your help. These socks greatly improve and expand on our original product. Until now, all of our paws were hand-sculpted, cut and molded at a very small scale (not to mention at a slow pace). With manufacturing we should be able to virtually eliminate the imperfections, issues and time limitations that come with handcrafting a product.

These brand new paws have been digitally modelled in high-resolution for molding. This process gives the surface a gorgeous luster, that is far more consistent in texture. Our new manufacturer will bring a ton of improvements to the table. Their expertise will enhance the softness, squishiness, and texture of our paws using an improved chemical composition. We’ve performed our own squish tests on the samples they have sent us and our new paws are noticeably softer! You can see for yourselves in our squish test video below. Additionally, they will be die-cut which will dramatically reduce the imperfections from human error that comes with hand-cutting. Lastly, with new access to proper machinery, paw pad colors will be more consistent than our original hand-mixed foam! 

After testing at least a dozen samples sent to us, we’ve selected our own sock manufacturer. Previously, we were buying socks in bulk which often left us with limited options. Often times “thigh highs” that are sold in bulk barely stretch past the knee. This led to us settling for inconsistencies in our old version. These issues will be a thing of the past with our new ToeBeanies! We’re now able to specify the exact measurements we want and are thrilled to finally bring our backers TRUE THIGH HIGH LENGTH socks! Our brand new design has a maximum stretch of 24″ at the cuff (measured by circumference around the leg) and measure 28″ long unstretched which is a major step up from the originals. They should fit a wider range of legs more comfortably this time around.

 How about a squish test? Our original handmade ToeBeanies (left) vs the new version we will be making (right). (Disregard the grey color as it is a sample) The new ones are noticeably more squishy!

Check out the near-flawless, lustrous surface of our new ToeBeanies! Our paws are made from a self-skinning expanding foam. That means they’re not only comfortable, but have a high impact resistance. In this demonstration, the foam quickly bounces back to it’s original shape after pressing a fingernail into it.

Old (left) vs new (right), The surface of the new model has a beautiful new sheen!

Photo of our original ToeBeanies. New manufactured pairs vary slightly in appearance.
  • We have two ToeBeanies styles available in this campaign. (With the exception of our limited handcrafted pairs slots) We cannot offer more paw pad colors and shapes due to the minimum order quantity of our manufacturer. Is this something we want to offer in the future? Yes, we would love to offer additional paw pad colors and shapes. However, due to restrictions from our manufacturer that is not an option for this campaign. Please let us know which colors or shapes you would like to see from us in future though so we can plan what to come out with next!

  •  We will be using BackerKit for this campaign. Backerkit is a tool that creators use to efficiently manage the fulfillment of campaign pledges. This is how we will be collecting shipping costs. It also allows you to add additional items to your order at the end of the campaign, and select your color variables. It is very important that you fill out the BackerKit survey as soon as possible to ensure you will receive your ToeBeanies rewards! Backerkit surveys go out when the campaign ends, so please check your e-mail at that time! It can take up to 48 hours to receive your survey e-mail once the campaign ends. 

  • All production times, as well as any delays will be posted to our updates tab!

  • Our goal represents what we’ve already invested in production so far, as well as the remainder of predicted expenses. This excludes what we’ve spent on IP protections. 

  • Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing operation. This means you will not be charged unless our goal is met, and only when the campaign ends will you be charged. You will have 7 days following the end of this campaign to fix any incorrect payment information and you’ll be notified by Kickstarter if there is an error. 

  • You can increase, decrease, or cancel your pledge at any time while the campaign is active.

  • It takes approximately 2 weeks once the campaign ends for funds to process and be sent to us.

  • If there is excess stock once this campaign ends, it will be available in our shop for purchase at retail price. 

  • Product colors may vary slightly from prototype images to finished product.

  • Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at Info@ToeBeanies.com if you have any questions not in our FAQ! 

  • All prices in our graphics and charts are in USD 

Below is a visual chart of our available rewards and their bundles. Keep in mind that you will be able to add more items to your order via our BackerKit survey once the campaign has ended. (for example, if you’re buying our gold tier socks, but also wanted the regular socks as well you will be able to add them onto your order once the campaign is over) This is also how we will know if you chose the black or the white style. 

Please reference our shipping chart further down the page as these prices do not include the shipping. 

*Prices shown are for our Kickstarter only. Retail prices may vary.*

ToeBeanies are the original 3D foam puffy paw pad socks on the market! We spent over a year developing the perfect balance of squishiness and durability for you, our backers, in the final product. We’ve been working closely with our manufacturers to ensure these socks are as close to our specifications as possible. 

The paws themselves measure approximately 3 inches wide by 3 inches long and are made out of an incredibly soft and high quality polyurethane foam. They will squish but bounce right back to their original shape after stepping on them and should not cause any discomfort when worn or walked on. 

**Note, we do not recommend wearing ToeBeanies inside of shoes. To make sure your ToeBeanies last as long as possible be sure to wear on clean floors! For those who want to frequently wear their ToeBeanies, we recommend the black socks. Avoid wearing on surfaces such as cement and other rough material.**

We currently have both black and white versions available. Each pair will come fully assembled with adorably squishy pink kitten paw pads, ready to wear! 

Socks themselves are one size, extra long thigh highs. 

Made from 75% cotton, 23% Polyester, 2% Elastane. They measure roughly 28″ unstretched in length. Socks have a maximum stretch up to 24″ at the top cuff, 21″ around the mid thigh, and 18″ mid-calf (measured in circumference around leg)

**In the future we want to manufacture more colors and styles but due to the minimum order requirements per paw color, we are only able to offer a limted variety to start with. Additional colors and shapes could be available in the future depending on the success of this Kickstarter **

Fully assembled prototypes direct from our manufacturer.

This 1.5 inch hard enamel pin brought to life by NaysPinClub bolsters unique, screen printed details and marking. Each pin is handmade, filled and inspected with love. It features a double clasp rubber backing for a more secure attachment as well as raised metal on the back to show off the Toebeanies and NaysPinClub logos so you always remember where it came from. You can check out NaysPinClub here on her Instagram

Featuring the ToeBeanies team’s own real-life cat Arthas sporting his very own pair of ToeBeanies. Our cat has overseen all ToeBeanies production over the past year operating out of our home, and his beans were the direct reference for the beans on ToeBeanies socks today!

This pin was designed specially for our Kickstarter backers and only a limited amount have been made. If we have excess after the campaign, the remainder may be available for special events but once they are gone they are gone forever! All backers on pin tiers are guaranteed to receive an A-grade pin. 

All pins will be A-grade quality.
Arthas oversees all production over at ToeBeanies headquarters!

Backers of any physical reward tier will receive this die-cut sticker for free. The sticker features the real life cat of the ToeBeanies team, Arthas. The artwork was done by NaysPinClub and it is the same artwork featured on our enamel pin. 

Thank you NaysPinClub for collaborating with us!!!

We still wanted to offer something unique and handcrafted for those who really love ToeBeanies. We’re offering 100 ToeBeanies in as Kickstarter a exclusive with shiny metallic gold beans. These paws will be hand brushed for that extra shine. A lot of care goes into making a pair of these socks, they’ll look like metal, but feel just as soft and squishy as our regular ToeBeanies. This handcrafted version will only be available to our Kickstarter backers, and won’t be made again once they’re gone!  

The paws themselves measure approximately 3 inches wide by 3 inches long and are made out of an incredibly soft and high quality polyurethane foam. They will squish but bounce right back to their original shape after stepping on them and should not cause any discomfort when worn or walked on.

If you are pledging at this tier, but also wanted some standard pink pairs as well, you will be able to add additional pairs as add on items through the BackerKit process once this campaign ends. This tier automatically includes our enamel pin. 

Our molds are brushed by hand for a perfect metallic finish, while still being pillow soft to the touch!
These handmade exclusives come on extra-long thigh high socks!

This campaign is scheduled to run for 4 weeks. Backers will have access to special discounts for pledging early through our earlybird tiers! Once the campaign has ended we’ll have a clear idea of how many units we need to order from our manufacturer. We are basing our goal on the projected costs of the minimum order requirements by our manufacturer. 

Production time will vary depending on how many socks need to be produced. All updates on production times and shipping will be posted on our updates tab! We want to get these socks to our backers as quickly as possible while also being transparent and realistic about the entire process. We’ve set our goal to have these finish production and begin shipment sometime in march to account for any potential delays due to manufacturing errors or COVID-19 related issues. We are optimistic that we’ll be ahead of schedule.  

Shipping charges will be calculated AFTER the campaign ends via BackerKit surveys. This is also how you will select your variant, and add-on items. We have more information about the BackerKit process, as well as estimated shipping prices under our shipping section below.

Our products are non-refundable once our campaign has ended. Items will not ship until postage has been paid. You can change your pledge amount, or cancel at any point before the campaign ends. We are shipping through USPS and tracking will be sent with every order. If there’s ever a problem with your order, such as it being lost or damaged in the mail. please e-mail us at Orders@ToeBeanies.com. We always work with our customers to fix any issues that arise. (within reason!)

We’ve broken our expenses down into segments below. Most of these expenses we already paid up-front over the past year in order to even reach a stage where we had a prototype ready for production. We would be so confident in our product without seeing and feeling the final product first for ourselves. Our goal is to cover the expenses up to this point, and the remaining expenses for production and distribution. 

Expenses up to this point were covered by the proceeds of ToeBeanies sales over the past year. Successfully funding this project would also help us work towards offering more colors, styles and sizes that we have been unable to up the this point. We already have even bigger plans for 2021 and are very excited to share those with all of you very soon!

**Note: some of these expenses are estimated such as the freight, taxes and fees. 

Other expenses we’ve spent such as intellectual property protections, business registration etc are NOT Included in our goal. This chart does not include shipping from us to you.**

Please reference this chart for an estimate of shipping costs. All shipping is calculated by weight once the campaign ends. Do NOT add additional funds for shipping to your initial pledge! 

You will not be charged until the campaign has ended. Until then you may change, or cancel your pledge at any time. If your shipping address changes during the campaign, you will have the opportunity to change that information. If your card is declined, Kickstarter will notify you by e-mail and you’ll have 7 days to fix the error without forfeiting your pledge.

We never expected in a million years that we would ever be here. This has been such a rewarding project for us and we’ve learned so much. We could not have gotten this far without the massive amount of support you’ve given us over the past year. So many huge decisions, expenses, tears, sweat, and yes even blood a couple of times (it’s hard cutting these things out by hand! Just ask Justin who has ruined a few pairs this way). We grew so much faster than we could manage and we’re so thankful for your patience with us as we grew. 

We are looking forward to many more years filled with new ToeBeanies styles, colors, sizes, and even other products. It really means so much to us that you’ve always had our backs and stuck this out with us. Your kindness and understanding during this process means so much to us both. We are so happy to finally be able to offer a pair of our socks to everyone who wanted one. Again, thank you so much for sticking it out with us even during times of frustration! 

 Here’s a clip from one of our very first releases, (NOTE, these are our OLD models and foam) we’ve come so far! Once this project is funded we plan on adding more shapes and colors to our store to reflect our original range of products we made by hand!

…and finally here is a photo from our latest handmade release! One year of progress!


  • Final product may vary slightly from prototype displayed. Several images used on this page are from our original handmade design that our prototype was based off of. 
  • This Kickstarter, and our shop (after the campaign) are the only two places to get our patent pending ToeBeanies puffy paw pad socks. We have NOT licensed our product to be sold under any other name or for sale through any other vendor. Please beware of knock off imitations, or scam advertisements as many have been brought to our attention since introducing ToeBeanies. Our paws are a soft and durable high-quality foam. Please don’t be fooled by low quality knock-offs or imitators preying on small artists like us.
  • For international orders, we are not responsible for any customs charges, taxes or fees upon delivery to your country. 
  • Our products are non-refundable. If you have an issue with your shipment please e-mail us at Orders@ToeBeanies.com so we can work with you in finding a solution. 
  • Our products are distributed from a facility where both dogs and cats are present. If you have an allergy associated with these pets please consider this before pledging. (all socks are sealed in plastic before arriving to us)