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Pan Pacifica continues the Year One storyline for Torg Eternity!


Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Sourcebook – 40,00€

The Pan Pacifica Sourcebook details a cosm of corporate intrigue and ruthless competition, where a handshake upfront often distracts just long enough to land a knife in the back. Direct power is too visible, so soft control is exerted through social means such as universal basic income and apps on the ubiquitous Zuzu smartphone.  Well-placed character assassinations in the media are often a prelude to the more direct violence of corporate assassins and Kanawa security forces. The cosm extends from glittering nightclubs where corporate spies mingle with status-seeking executives and thrill-seeking GeneMods, to remote island laboratories where new threats are crafted.

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Sourcebook Deluxe Edition – 70,00€

The PanPacifica Sourcebook in a deluxe leatherette, gold-embossed cover.

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Sourcebook Limited Edition130,00€

The PanPacifica Sourcebook in a hand-bound real leather, gold-embossed cover.

Torg Eternity – Delphi Missions: PanPacifica – 30,00€

Delphi Missions: Pan-Pacifica is part of a series of adventures designed to enhance any Torg Eternity campaign. Each of the ten adventures inside is suitable for an evening of play and may be dropped into an existing story or played on its own. This product contains adventures for Alpha and Beta Clearance Storm Knights written by returning Torg icons, including John Terra, Tracy Sizemore, and Brian Reeves. Industry names like Leamon Crafton, Jr., Sean Roberson, and Nathan Smith join in to add their own spins to the corporate intrigue of Pan-Pacifica!

Inside You’ll Find:

  • An adventure designed for solo play.
  • A mission winning the PR war by exposing deep fakes.
  • The colossal sea monster known as Bakekujira.
  • A motorcycle gang used as test subjects for GeneMods

New foes to battle and challenges to face!

Torg Eternity – Operation: Soft Sell Adventure – 35,00€

Operation: Soft Sell is an adventure that has the character taking the role of Agents of Operation: Eris. Before they can be found by the Delphi Council, the characters are recruited as Agents to gain the confidence of and access to the inner circle of the former Kanawa CEO, Ryuchi Kanawa.

The Agents will have to work closely with the Kanawa brother and assume the guise of Stormers as they gather information on what he is planning while on the run from Pan-Pacifica authorities. As Ryuchi’s chosen confidants, the Agents will go on a journey that takes them across Pan-Pacifica earning them a reputation that brings them at odds with fellow Storm Knights!

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Seven Acts that not only cover Pan-Pacifica, but Malagwa, a new Cosm that threatens to invade Core Earth.
  • New rules for the Drama Deck as the characters are deep in cover and must assume the role of Stormers.
  • Choices that will not only determine the fate of the characters but also of more than one Cosm.

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica GM Screen and Archetypes – 30,00€

The Pan Pacifica GM screen is a sturdy three-panel depicting several viewpoints of a Storm Knight heist just as things are about to get rough, really rough. But you do not have to worry, on the other side of the screen is the information you need to smoothly run your next Pan Pacifica adventure. Are the Storm Knights doing the heist? They should probably worry.

The archetypes span a variety of themes and play styles. Mysticism and martial arts with the Priest of Palan, GeneMods with the Feline Transhumanist, the clandestine corporate warfare of a Heist Mastermind, the more direct approach of the Corporate Assassin, and more. Players can jump right into the Pan Pacifica action with any of these archetypes.

 Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Possibility Tokens – 20,00€

The package contains twenty high-quality acrylic tokens for keeping track of Possibilities in play. The tokens have full-color illustrations of Reiko and Ryuchi Kanawa, xenogospog, storm knights and foes in Pan Pacifica.

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Booster Deck – 15,00€

A deck of all-new drama and cosm cards themed specifically to Pan Pacifica.  40 new drama cards and 10 new cosm cards reinforce the clandestine, frenetic nature of adventures in Pan Pacifica.

Torg Eternity – Operation: Soft Sell Soundtrack – 20,00€

Composer Ralf Kurtsiefer’s music brings an extra dimension to adventure in Pan Pacifica, covering gunfights, betrayal, the piratical mini-cosm of Malagwa, electric samurai battle, and even a reality storm! Set the perfect mood for your next Pan Pacifica session with this music.

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Map Pack 1 – 15,00€

A sturdy, foldable, 34″x22″ dry-erase sheet with two full-color maps (Downtown Street and Island Assault, one on each side) designed by Alida Saxon for use with your Pan-Pacifica adventures!

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Map Pack 2 – 15,00€

A sturdy, foldable, 34″x22″ dry-erase sheet with two full-color maps (Lab and Railway Station, one on each side) designed by Alida Saxon for use with your Pan-Pacifica adventures!

Torg Eternity – Pan Pacifica Dice Tray – 20,00€

This is a beautiful foldable neoprene dice-rolling tray with snaps to keep the tray flat, folded or pinched at the corners as you know it from our previous Torg kickstarters.

Torg Eternity – Corporate Assets – PanPacifica Tokens – 15,00€

mockup coming

Torg Eternity – Agents and Operatives – PanPacifica Tokens – 15,00€

mockup coming

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