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An Aztec mythology themed 2D Metroidvania/Puzzle adventure where you combine your abilities to move through different areas.


Torto: Cursed Divine is a Metroidvania/Puzzle adventure where you need to confront the Gods of an Island to break a curse that prevents you from escaping. In your quest, you need to make good use of your abilities to move through different areas, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and face the Gods in Boss battles that intensify progressively.

There are 7 areas in the island that you can explore and clear in the order you like. Find secrets hidden in the island to expand your Hp or attack power as well as hidden characters that provide information about the curse that affected the island and those living on it.

This short but challenging game is the result of a Game jam in Akihabara, Japan. A concept inspired by games like Klonoa, Ninja Gaiden and making Puzzle levels for a Megaman Mod. The ideas and puzzles evolved becoming very entertaining to just explore and figure your way deep into the island.

  The game is now available on Steam and with your help we can add so much more to the experience after the campaign.

I am Torto Racoon, a Game Developer that created very small games for Smartphone that take place in a universe I’ve been writing since High School, inspired by the mythology of my home country (Mexico) and influenced by the Shinto ideologies of Japan (the country where I live).

I started my carrier making puzzle levels in Megaman Mods and basic programing hoping to release a game that many people can enjoy and (why not) rage at times from time to time.

All design, story, level design, coding are made by yours truly with love. I am also incharge of the PR and marketing of all my work, so if you reach out it is most likely that I will be the one responding.