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Sep 12, 2020
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The Multi Function Button Box reduces the need for mouse inputs in games such as DCS World and Flight Simulator. Great for VR!


The Multi Function Button Box gives you a clear advantage in the skies. Designed with VR in mind it reduces the need for mouse inputs in flight simulators such as DCS World. Featuring the most used functions from the F/A-18C Hornet UFC (Up Front Controller) and the characteristic DCS (Data Control Switch) from the F-16C Viper the Multi Function Button Box lets you focus on flying. 

 The Multi Function Button Box features:

  • 40 programmable buttons and switches
  • Gear- and hook-handle
  • Jettison button
  • Seven light knobs
  • Two rotary encoders with push function for the radios

The Multi Function Button Box includes the most used features from most western aircraft. The panel replicates almost all of the UFC from the F/A-18C Hornet and also features the characteristic Data Control Switch from the F-16C Viper. All buttons can be assigned to any function in the simulator. The Multi Function Button Box works great with the A-10C Warthog and is a perfect addition to any aircraft with a keypad in the cockpit, such as the KA-50 Black Shark, the JF-17 Thunder, the F-14B Tomcat or the AV-8B Harrier. Or why not use it as an input device for the flight computer in a civilian aircraft? 

The two rotary encoders works perfectly with any rotary buttons. Ideally you set them up to work with the aircraft’s radios for quick and easy preset change. They also feature a push function to check your current frequency.

The seven rotary switches can be assigned to any axis in the simulator, such as lights, flaps or even sight adjustments in vintage warplanes like the P-51D Mustang.

The Multi Function Button Box also features two latching handles, perfect for commands like landing gear and arresting hook.   

 The Multi Function Button Box is designed with VR in mind. This means that all the buttons are easy to find even in VR. A distinct click lets you hear when you push a button. We also include some self adhesive silicone buttons to let you mark the buttons you like, for example the no 5 key. 

The Multi Function Button Box works as a regular joystick or input device. All you have to do is plug in the USB cable and you are good to go. Due to the large number of inputs, Windows will identify the box as two separate game devices. All you have to do is to assign the functions you want in the simulator

The Multi Function Button Box will work with any simulator that lets you assign buttons to a game device. When we designed the button box we had DCS World in mind, but it will work just as well in X-plane 11 or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Multi Function Button Box utilizes the same footprint as the widely used Warthog Throttle from Thrustmaster. This means that it will fit any mount or stand on the market developed for the Warthog Throttle. 

This Kickstarter campaign also features a few perks that includes various mounts from the well-renowned manufacturer Monstertech. Check out the Table mount and the Throttle add on. Se the mounting solutions on  our website.


  •  Length: Base plate 272 mm (10.7″), Box 242 mm (9.5″)
  •  Width: 153 mm (6″)
  •  Box height: 45 mm (1.8″) (buttons and switches not included in measurement)
  •  Weight: 1,8 kg  

The Multi Function Button Box is made from an all metal body with a sturdy base plate made of 3 mm steel. all buttons and switches are selected to last a long time. The box will probably outlive your passion for flight sims.

Of course the Multi Function Button Box is CE Certified, a certification that guarantees that it’s safe to use.  

Just like the Multi Function Button Box the all of the team are made in Sweden. Most of us are dedicated sim flyers with a burning passion for aviation. We aim to take your flying to the next level.  

We want this as much as you do! After flying with the Multi Function Button Box for some time we know that it’s really a game changer. And let’s be honest. We all want a fair fight in the air. So, the more people that can get their hands on a Multi Function Button Box from Total Control, the better. For all simmers out there! 

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