$1 raised out of $50,000

Create a New Line of Glass & Copper Sunshiners® called, “Touch”.


 Sunshiners® are 100% handmade in our West Palm Beach studio.  Each piece is distinct, handcrafted from copper and glass in a unique style, with a rich color design, transforming sunlight into vibrant colorful reflections.  The result is a one of a kind, stunning piece of art, promising to delight you every time it catches your eye. Enchant your space by hanging this beautiful piece of art in your garden, porch or a window where it can catch the light.  We welcome you to take a look and hope that you too will experience a little happiness that’s more than surface deep.

We are looking to expand and create a new product line called “Touch”.   This new product line would be different than our current collections because “Touch” is being designed with our new custom in-house glass.

“Touch” came about almost from day one of our business!   We started out at local Art and Craft Shows speaking to each and every customer.   Customers would come to show after show and would explain how Sunshiners® touched their lives.   After COVID began and shows were all cancelled,  our online presence grew and the same thing would happen – but instead of in person, we would get phone calls, emails and text messages.  We were shocked how much our Sunshiners® brought customers happiness and peace.  We decided to make “Touch” in honor of all our customers and their stories!

We are so passionate about this project, especially now, when our world seems to be turning upside down, we are able to connect and “Touch”.