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SafeBuddy sanitizes and makes all your delivery packages and personal items safe to use.


The SafeBuddy box is a new generation disinfection box, which will help make your home super safe from all types of germs, viruses and bacteria. After several months of testing, our team made the decision to combine two modern technologies – UVC light and touch-free technology! The result is a product that is very useful, needed and safe for everyday use!

Today, the COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly. Not only does it spread through human interaction but also by touching objects which were previously touched by an infected person. Coming into contact with such objects can increase the risk of spreading the virus or bringing it into your own home.

SafeBuddy is great to use at home. By placing the box at your front door, it can be used to disinfect all types of delivery packages or any bags you bring home yourself.

SafeBuddy is used to disinfect all boxes and packets delivered to your home or office. Using the touch-free sensor, packages can be left inside the box. When you are ready to open the package, just activate the touch-free sensor and in just 3 minutes, your package will be disinfected.

We highly recommend using the SafeBuddy box to disinfect packages which you bring home yourself, as well as for personal items like keys, wallets and cell phones.

As an additional option we added a touch-free hand sanitizer, which is a very important component of proper hand hygiene, as germs and bacteria can remain on your hands while your products are being sterilized.

The SafeBuddy box is super safe; the disinfection function is only activated when the doors are closed. SafeBuddy is the first ever sanitation box that completely understands the behavior of viruses and is the perfect tool to help protect yourself and your family from coming in contact with contaminated items. The SafeBuddy box should be placed at your front door for easy access, it should be connected to electricity power source. SafeBuddy can withstand all types of weather and climates. It is also waterproof.

Instructions for Use

The box can be placed at any convenient place within your home. We recommend placing the box in front of the entrance door where you receive packages (delivery boxes). The box is made of waterproof and dust-proof material; therefore, you can place the box wherever you choose.

The box can be placed directly on a solid and even surface, such as hall in front of the door. It can be placed on a wooden, metal or any other stand, or simply on any surface where it can operate without intermission.

Box details

The box has a high-class waterproof and dust-proof solid case. It is visually imaginative.

SafeBuddy has three sensory zones: the first zone is the door opening sensor through which a delivery boy places the package; the second zone is the area where disinfection is activated within the box, and the third zone is the other side of the box, from which the package is received.

It is also possible to withdraw the package from the first door. The box was designed with two doors to let you decide which of the doors you want to use.

The sensors installed in the box are of highest quality and are water-resistant. In case of dust infiltration (which is quite unlikely) sensors can be easily cleaned at home.

As for the specific details of the box, the box is assembled with Infrared Photoelectric Sensor, which guarantees the solidity of the technical feature. The Sensor operates in two directions: a) it opens the box when sensors are touched and b) it deactivates the disinfection feature when any of the doors open, which is the most important security function.

The box has two levels of security – a special ON/OFF button located on the box and a disinfection lock mechanism that shuts off with the opening of any door, which makes the product safe and high-end solution for safety challenges.

UVC Technology

UV technology has been actively used in the medical field for more than 10 years. Initially, it was used only by medical institutions, hospitals, laboratories, but due to the coefficient of its positive effect it became actively used on a consumer level, which is a good tool in fighting against viruses and bacteria.

Our team combined UV Light system and touch-free technology which resulted in this effective and user-friendly product.

With UV light and special reflective systems within the box, the rays reach all blind spots and eliminate 99.9999% of virus and bacteria. We also took the maximum disinfection time to avoid all potential risks. UV disinfection has two components: the impact of the rays and the intensity of their impact. We maximized both components by using high-end durable technological bulbs.  Moreover, we used correct approach in the product engineering planning, which turned it into useful product.

There are 3 major things that make UVC technology useful and, at the same time, important for safety:

1. UV light bulbs should be the highest quality with 360 degree disinfection  (EGTS ) and they need to be tested and certified by licensed laboratories.

2. UV lights should come in contact with every area of the item placed inside the box – no blind spots should be missed.

3. UV lights turn off automatically if the doors are not closed or if someone tries to open them manually.

Quality and safety

During the disinfection process, the SafeBuddy’s doors lock automatically and a special system turns the machine off, if the doors are being opened manually. Because UV light can be harmful for your eyes and skin if they are not used properly, we take safety seriously.

The SafeBuddy has two-factory safety authorizations, so it is easy for users to ensure that the machine is off when they need it to be off.

UVC light bulb quality, together with safety, was a top priority for our project. This is why we take seriously the main component of our project – high-quality UVC lights!

Meet the team

For more information you can visit our webpage – www.safebuddybox.com

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