$1 raised out of $158,562

Touch-less promotional equipment for Covid safe events.


      Thank you for taking  an interest in PromoQuip’s new project. We have been helping businesses stand out in the crowded market place for almost 20 years. A family owned builder of high quality promotional equipment, our team is made up of brilliant young people who enjoy doing a quality job. They are driven to excel at everything they do. 

     Our marketing is North America and, in some cases, beyond. Our background is in large scale interactive equipment used to connect with prospective customers. Mainly in trade shows, show rooms and similar venues. Custom plinko boards, prize wheels, and other related equipment, have been our mainstay. Do you have a unique idea in mind? Something really cool that you’d like to have built for your business? Give us a call and we’ll make it happen for you.

     In the meantime, as an event based business, we have been severely impacted by the Covid Pandemic. Instead of giving up, we have scraped and scrapped to stay in the fight. One way of hanging in there is by pivoting into new products and services. This project focuses on “touch-less” versions of our current models that can be used safely in events. By using computer controlled LED lighting, we’ll simulate the dropping of a plinko chip or the spinning of a prize wheel. We’ve built a couple of projects that extend in this direction but we’ve had to outsource the programming and electronics to third parties. 

     Fortunately, we now have a team that has been working to learn coding and electronics. For months, since we came back from the Covid shut-down, They have been doggedly studying every day to learn the art/science of programming. But they have gone as far as they can on their own. We need to get them some formal guidance and education. We want to keep PromoQuip’s new direction moving forward and do to that, we need to keep all of PromoQuip moving forward.

     With a good start on the project, we have a leg up on getting it done and making it a successful product line. We’re targeting a launch of the new line for the end of March. This will give us time to finish the working prototype we have begun, design and have produced printed circuit boards ( one of the Team’s new skills they’re learning) and get finished items ready for the website. In the meantime, we will continue  training with tutor’s and studying on our own to hone the skills. Ultimately, we will be able to create new fun, safe and effective marketing and promotions tools that none of our competitors are making.

     Budget-wise, we anticipate a total need of $158,562.00 which includes training, tutoring, materials and operational expense for 3 months, Salaries during the 3 months, Tax reserve, a 15% buffer and Kick starter fees. We anticipate that as a result of this new program, we will add up to 4 new jobs in the year following the product launch. 

      We hope you’ll join in turning lemons into some tasty lemonade..