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Portable Backyard Rope Tow System for skiers and snowboarders.


Hi, I am Will Mayo, and together with my business partner Kyle Roy,  we make up Towpro Lifts LLC. It has been our personal mission for the last 3 years to bring a product like this to the market, to help serve the backyard terrain parks and sledding hills of the world. For too long people have been hiking their yard for every single lap and countless individuals have been stuck tinkering with tractors and car rims to make their own version of this. I knew there was a better way to avoid the headaches and maintenance of the rusty old do it yourself system and now its finally here to help you focus on the task at hand: Snowboarding and Skiing.

Pro Snowboarder Tim Humphreys riding up a Towpro during a big air show with fireworks

The path to get here was not easy, it involved years of R&D and expensive prototypes, but we have done it, we have a system we can back that is safe and easy enough for the anyones of the world to use. It can be dismantled from one location, transported and deployed again in a matter of hours not days.

the Drive Unit for the Towpro Backyard Model

Everything in the system fits with room to spare in your pick up truck or even your small SUV.  The only question left to answer is ‘where do you get your power from?’ If you have a 7.5kW or bigger generator then you can run this unit literally anywhere you can physically move it to: backcountry rope tows are now possible! If you don’t have a generator handy you can run the system through the same plug that your clothes dryer or your electric stove runs off (200-240V @ 20amps).

Professional Skier Will Wesson and his Backyard Rope Tow System

we will need you to answer the following questions after making your pledge so be on the lookout for an email form us.

  • length of run
  • power supply available
  • any accessories you might want added to your order

If this sounds like something you want then make your pledge today. This exclusive Kickstarter deal is only available for a limited time and number of orders. If you are lucky enough to have secured your spot,  we will work with you over email to get your production details and shipping information and logistics squared away well ahead of the new year. If you are one of the first 20 backers, then we will do our best to ensure that you will be riding your own back yard rope tow before Dec 25th 2020.

The BACKYARD model is a scaled down version of our already popular Resort Ready portable rope tow system:

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqHrEoHY-fw&t=9s

Lost Valley Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ6TGYukGjk

If you have more questions or would like a resort ready model, please feel free to email us at Info@Towpro-Lifts.com or check out our website at www.Towpro-Lifts.com