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A video-based dating app.


They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but is that really true when it comes to dating apps/websites? How can someone truly capture who another really is just by their photos – You don’t know how their voice sounds like, how they act like, what their personality is like, and sometimes, even what they look like because pictures can truly be deceiving.

Over a year ago I asked myself, “Why is everyone just doing the same old thing with dating services, and why isn’t there a lot of originality in people when it comes to them either?” On dating apps and websites, we want to make ourselves look good in order to find our potential soulmate or partner, and how are we doing that exactly? By trying to come up with some witty bio that ends up being what 70% of other people use…or trying to get the “perfect angle” for that cover photo. It’s just not enough. People tend to be creative in nature, but when you pressure them with trying to explain who/how they are with just words on a page and pictures on a profile, it tends to put a nail in their creative process. Sometimes all you need is another method of showing others who you truly are as a person.

So I started thinking…video has been an ever-progressing platform in the world of social media and advertising, and is used in order to captivate an audience by showcasing the best qualities of a product to peak interest and leave them wanting more. I would find myself so fascinated by how many movies I’ve watched over the years that I would have otherwise never watched had I not been hooked by their trailer, turning my indifference into over-the-top excitement for a movie I couldn’t wait to see in just a matter of seconds.

Then it hit me – Why not create a platform in which that same goal can be accomplished in the world of dating?

That’s where Trailr comes in. With Trailr, a user can have anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to promote their most valuable asset – Themselves. Whatever they choose to do in that allotted time is up to them (so long as it abides by our guidelines). Do you want to show people how awesome your lyrical skills are by rapping about why they should date you? Go ahead. Do you want to just look at the camera, do a 360, and show people how good you look? Well, there’s an interest for people in just that as well! 

The point is: Trailr is a game-changer. Our whole motto is “Be Creative. Be You.” That’s all we look for. It’s your job to show people why you’re worth dating, and all we’re doing is providing you an awesome platform in which you can do just that. So get your thinking cap on, activate your creative side, kick all of those other dating platforms to the curb, and join Trailr. You won’t be disappointed.


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After putting in over 1,100 hours into the development of Trailr, we have made it so that our application will be free to use and will include a free membership for everyone that signs up (no credit card information required to sign up), however, in order to make money, we plan on introducing a Premium Membership option in which the Premium Member will have access to the following:

  • Unlimited ability to ‘like’ profiles (“I’m Interested” option) per day versus only 15 ‘likes’ per day on a free membership account.
  • Ability to view who’s interested in you.
  • Ability to go back to users that you ‘disliked’ (“Not Interested” option) previously so that you can review those profiles again and see if maybe you’ll reconsider your interest in someone from before.
  • And more options to come as we progress!

We also plan on introducing a paid option for users to ‘advertise’ their profiles to other users within a 20-25 mi/km radius for a certain amount of time (30 minutes to 3 hours), which will, in turn, put that profile as one of the first profiles to show up for other users so long as they match others’ filter specifications. 


We will not sell our users’ data to third parties. With Trailr, you can be confident knowing that we won’t be giving out your personal information to companies or individuals looking to profit, solicit, and try to spam you with meaningless and annoying things.


A few days after our Kickstarter campaign ends and is successful, we will go into a Beta Testing phase in which we will take approximately 1,000 individuals from the U.S., 1,000 from Canada, and 500-1,000 from Serbia and allow them to test out our service and give as much feedback as possible as to what they think about our product. After the Beta Testing phase and receiving all of the feedback from our Beta Testers, we will make any necessary changes and prepare for the full launch of Trailr (expected to fully launch by the end of December 2020/Beginning of January 2021).

**Please note that if you make a donation that specifies that you will become an automatic Beta Tester, or a donation in which you end up winning the chance to become one, you will need to reside in either of the 3 countries listed (U.S., Canada, Serbia), be 18 years of age or older, and have either an Android OS phone or an Apple iOS phone in order to download our app. If you do not meet the requirements above, then you will not be allowed to become a Beta Tester.



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