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Dec 19, 2020
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Jan 18, 2021

Treat’M™ builds upon the 12,000 year old canine-human relationship through enhanced positive reinforcement.


My wife and I are blessed with two amazing, loving and mostly obedient dogs 😉  We have tried  traditional kibble reward training but have found it to be cumbersome, slobbery, teethy, and calorie rich.  We needed a better approach and created Treat’M™.

Treat’M™ seeks to provide dog owners precise treating and audible reward to bring out the best behaviors. We plan to use Treat’M™ in the future to overcome challenges  of administering supplements and medicines.  This too will further enhance the human-canine relationship.

Our inspirational two best friends

Treat’M™ will strengthen the human-canine relationship and it is our goal to make our device available to as many households as possible. Dogs provide humans with unconditional love and deserve our very best.  K9 heroes that protect us deserve our very best.  Treat’M™ provides us with the very best opportunity to connect with our canine.  Treat’M™ does this by helping us to communicate in a way that strengthens our bond and deepens our trust.   Treat’M™ allows humans to provide basic home obedience from which our PACK will only  get stronger.

The magic of micro-dose positive reward

Why Treat’M™? Treat’M™ is a positive reward training device.  Positive reward training is highly  important in strengthening our bond with our dogs. Dogs are wired to gain our attention and win our affection.  Negative and positive reinforcement are but two training methodologies.  Both can be effective in guiding positive behaviors.  However, negative reinforcement like shocking your dog or otherwise punishing your dog tends to unravel and deteriorate a trusting human-canine bond. Treat’M™ through positive reinforcement strengthens the human-canine relationship and builds trust.

Treat’M™ also solves the human dexterity problem of trying to immediately administer a treat when your dogs behavior is desired and maintain control of your dog at the same time. Treat’M™  is held in one hand, providing an edible reward, and also provides an  audible click to reinforce the desired behavior. Treat’M™ enhances training and helps us built a trusting loving relationship with our dog 

Treat’M the micro-dosing treat device (Kickstarter model will be matte finished for better grip)

So if your PACK consist of you and your dog or many dogs,  Treat’M™ will provide a clean and simple means to instill proper domestic behaviors for a rewarding, trusting, and loving pack!