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Sep 02, 2020
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Oct 02, 2020

A new kind of trivia game app; we call it Impulse Playing!


All trivia game Apps are pretty much the same; you open an app and spend minutes/hours in the game answering question after question. We all live busy lives, let’s play a quick and challenging game that takes only seconds. 

We call this IMPULSE PLAYING – Players receive a notification in their mobile device every x amount of time inviting them to a quick game of trivia; they have an opportunity to accept and answer the same single trivia question that has been sent to hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of other players. If player accepts  the challenge, they are charged a game fee and presented with the question and multiple choice answers, the player with the correct answer and the fastest time answering is the winner. The winner will take home a cash price. The player competes against many other players in a quick, one question trivia game; everyone has the same chance of winning, but who will be the one with the knowledge and speed skills that can brag about beating thousands others???