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Life’s messy. Say goodbye to spills, stains, and stress with the first Spillproof and Washable Rug






Tumble’s low pile rug features a non-toxic water-based coating that is similar to those commonly used in medical and outdoor clothing. This technology causes liquids to bead up on the surface so you can simply wipe them away with a towel! The spillproof coating cannot be seen or felt at all and the rug’s surface is incredibly soft to the touch.


Stains too tough to wipe away? Have no fear! Tumble is machine washable at all sizes (yep, even our largest 8’ x 10’ size). Simply pull the rug off the pad, throw it in the washer, and before you know it’ll be as good as new! The durable construction can withstand countless washes with no discoloration or fading.


All Tumble rugs come with a cushioned non-slip rug pad. The rug pad features a ¼ inch thick foam layer (similar to that found in comfy sneakers) sandwiched between two layers of latex-free rubberized material. Perfect for playing with your kids, long hours in the kitchen, or even your morning yoga.


Tumble rugs are non-toxic and have been rigorously tested to certify that they are free of harmful chemicals. The rug’s low pile surface does not collect pet hair or dust, while the pad’s rubberized surface stands up to pet claws and doesn’t allow liquids to ever seep in. The pad consists of multiple puzzle pieces (similar to a children’s play mat) so individual pieces can be removed and easily cleaned.





























If I order now, when and how can I select my design?

At the top of the Indiegogo page, you can order now by clicking “Get this Perk” on your desired rug size. After checking out, you will receive a link via email within a few days to select your exact rug design. Do not worry, designs will not sell out.


How can I see larger photos of the designs?

High resolution images of our Rug Collection can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/tumblelaunchcollection


How do I contact the Tumble team?

You can reach us any time at info@tumbleliving.com.  For design related questions, contact design@tumbleliving.com. In addition, we will offer live Facebook chat during the first 48 hours (Oct 27-28). Please look for the Facebook Messenger icon.


Does the rug come with a rug pad? 

Yes! Each of our rugs comes with a 1/4 inch thick non-slip foam pad included. Tumble rugs must be used with a Tumble rug pad only and cannot be used with other rug pads. 


Can I return my rug?

Yes, we are offering a 30-Day Risk Free Trial. If within the first 30 days of receiving delivery of your new Tumble rug you’re not completely satisfied—for any reason—you may return it for a full refund. Tumble will cover shipping costs on all returns.


Is my order guaranteed?

Yes, your order is 100% guaranteed to ship by Tumble


Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping within the Continental US. See separate FAQ on Hawaii & Alaska.


Do you offer International shipping?

Unfortunately, we are not offering shipping outside of the US at this time.


What size rugs do you offer? 

All of our designs are available in four sizes:  8×10′, 5×7′, 3x 5′, and a Runner (2.5x 7′).


Do all rug sizes fit into a washing machine? 

Yes, all of our rugs are machine washable and can fit in a standard washer. Our Runner (2.5x 7′) and 3x 5′ can fit in a 2.2 cubic foot washer while our 5x 7′ and 8x 10′ can fit into a 3.8 cubic foot washer.


Is every design offered in every size? 

Yes, all of our designs are available in each of the four sizes.

What makes a Tumble spillproof? And is it Safe? 

Our rugs are coated with a water-based solution that is commonly used in medical and outdoor clothing. This coating helps separate the oils, stains, or liquids from the fabric, preventing any absorption. Tumble rugs are free of harmful chemicals such as PFCs (including PFOA and PFOS, which are commonly found in waterproof coatings), VOCs, formaldehyde, formamide, and latex.


Because Tumble is completely spillproof, does it still feel and look like a normal rug?

The spillproof coating is not visible and cannot be felt either. Our rug’s surface is very soft to the touch.


Are Tumble rugs free of harmful chemicals?

Our rugs are non-toxic and rigorously tested to the US safety standards at a CPSC approved testing laboratory. Tumble rugs are free of harmful chemicals such as PFCs (including PFOA and PFOS, which are commonly found in waterproof coatings), VOCs, formaldehyde, formamide, and latex.


How do I clean my rug pad? Is it machine washable too? 

Our rug pad is not machine washable, however it is very easy to clean.  Our rug pad is made of a few puzzle pieces that are approx. 2 x 3ft in size. Each piece has a rubberized, non-porous top ensuring that liquids cannot seep in. The pieces themselves can be removed easily and cleaned with a washcloth and warm, soapy water.


What is the rug made of? 

The rug is made of 100% polyester chenille with a water-based spillproof protective barrier and a polyester knit backing.


What is the rug pad made of? 

The rug pad is made of a combination of non-toxic EVA foam (material used in sneakers) and thermoplastic resin (a non-toxic latex-free and rubber-free material), which prevents the rug from slipping.


How thick is the rug pad? 

Our rug pad is 1/4 inch thick (thicker than most other rug pads in the market) which provides for a soft, cushy feel.


Will the rug and pad fit underneath my doorway?

Yes, our ¼ inch thick rug and pad fits comfortably underneath most standard doorways, which are ½ to  ¾ inches high.


Is Tumble pet-friendly? 

Yes! Tumble rugs were designed to be pet-friendly. Our rug’s low pile surface prevents the collection of dust and pet hair. In addition, you can easily clean your rug by removing from the pad and putting them in your washing machine while our rug pad comes in individual pieces that can be wiped down with soap and water. 


How will Tumble rugs hold up to cat’s claws?

As cat owners/lovers ourselves, we have found that cats are attracted to rugs with a high pile or rough fibers like jute. Our rugs are made with a high quality polyester chenille that has a very low pile height and is soft to the touch. Our rug pad’s rubberized top prevents damage from pets’ scratching. 


Will the rug pad damage or discolor my floor? 

Our rug pad is rubber-free and latex-free. It is safe for use on LVP, Laminate, and hardwood floors and will not discolor any of these surfaces.


Can you vacuum a Tumble rug? 

Yes, however we recommend vacuuming on the lowest setting.

Can you use Tumble with autonomous robot vacuums such as Roomba or Robovac? We’ve tested our product and have not found any issues with using autonomous robot vacuums such as Roomba or Robovac; however, these vacuums are, in fact, known to damage things lying around your home (including rugs).


How many washes should the rug last? 

There is no limit to the number of washes; however, as with any washable product, excessive washing with harsh detergents may begin to damage the polyester fibers.


Can you use Tumble on a carpet? 

Tumble rugs are best suited for hard surfaces. While you may be able to use a Tumble on a low pile, firm carpet, we recommend doing so on hard surfaces for the best results.


How are you able to fit a rug inside a washing machine? 

Every order includes a Tumble Rug and a Tumble Rug Pad. The rug is heavy enough to lay flat on the pad while being light enough to comfortably fit in a standard washer and dryer. 

The rug features four corner pockets, allowing the pad to tuck directly into the rug – holding the rug in place and preventing the corners from curling. The pad’s grippy top provides additional support to keep the rug in place.


How does the Tumble rug attach to the Tumble Rug Pad?  

Tumble rugs are nearly 40% heavier than other washable rugs, which, together with the rug pad’s grippy, rubberized top, helps to keep the rug in place. In addition, Tumble has true corner pockets: each of the rug’s corners is tucked under the rug pad.


How much is shipping to Hawaii and Alaska?

We are still finalizing exact shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska; however, we expect that an 8 x 10’ will cost ~$120, 5 x 7’ ~$100, and the 3 x 5’ and Runner ~$80. After purchase, we will send you an email with exact shipping costs. 


I ordered my rug and I haven’t received an email to select my design. What should I do? 

Emails to collect design selections will typically be sent within 3-10 days of purchase. If after 14 days you have not received an email, please contact us at info@tumbleliving.com. There is no need to worry, as design quantities will not be limited. 


What is your return policy?

You can return for any reason within 30 days. 


To receive a full refund, the original item MUST be in new condition and returned without:

  • Signs of wear, washing, or improper care
  • Damage or stains
  • Pet hair or fur
  • Dirt or grass stains


Note: Returned item(s) must be shipped back in the original packaging or similar packaging that will prevent item(s) from damage while in transport. 


How many rugs can I order?

You can order multiple rugs within one order. If you order multiple times (separate orders), Tumble has the right to limit the quantity purchased.