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Run up to 4 Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson and Turing RK1 compute modules together. Build a homelab, learn Kubernetes, self-host apps.


 The Turing Pi 2 is a 4-node mini ITX cluster board that runs Raspberry Pi CM4 or Nvidia Jetson compute modules in any combination. It’s like a data center server rack but compact, noiseless, and highly energy-efficient. It’s perfect for building your own Homelab, self-hosting, running the cloud-native stack (e.g. Kubernetes), and machine learning 24/7. The use cases are limited only by your needs and imagination.

The Turing Pi 2 supports Raspberry Pi 4 and Turing RK1 compute modules for general compute and Nvidia Jetson compute modules for machine learning tasks. Please see the full list of all supported compute modules below. 

Raspberry Pi CM4, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Turing Pi CM adapters

Turing Pi RK1 compute module specs

You can run all supported compute modules in any combination.

With 2 mini PCI-e ports, Turing Pi 2 allows connecting 3rd party extension boards. Modules can be used to add new hardware features, interfaces, sensors, interface converters, wireless modules, and even a cellular modem.

Hop down a Kubernetes ecosystem

Nowadays, online services are deployed via cloud-native apps and microservice architectures. The Turing Pi 2 is a Kubernetes-ready platform that allows you to build robust cloud-native applications and develop a proof-of-concept prototype before you get bombarded by cloud bills. With the Turing Pi 2, you can seamlessly learn open-source tools such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Docker, and Serverless with a cluster-level configuration, the same way as you would in a real data center environment.

Kubernetes, Docker, K3s, Longhorn, Prometheus, Grafana, Minio, MicroK8s, K0s

Homelab, self-hosted

You can host thousands of web services, such as home-assistant, media streaming services, gaming servers, office packages, messengers, and more! Imagine: you can run smart home apps, photo galleries, working docs, and Minecraft servers on your own devices and share them with your friends and co-workers. You get seamless experiences similar to those of the paid cloud services, but everything you do and store stays entirely private.

Self-hosted Dashboard

Data science

From heavy big data analysis to deploying machine learning apps at the edge, the Turing Pi 2 can handle it all.  Nvidia offers a whole variety of Jetson compute modules that are compatible with the Turing Pi 2 cluster board. 

Horovod, Tensor flow, Jupiter notebook, PyTorch, Caffe, MXnet

To speed up your workflow each cluster board is equipped with a microcontroller for remote board management. The open-source firmware features a command-line interface that allows you to easily bootstrap the Turing Pi 2 cluster with OS images and Kubernetes distros.

Turing Pi 2 CLI

You can manage the cluster remotely, giving you the control you need to reboot, access the serial console, flash OS images, and manage Over The Air updates for each node. 

Turing Pi 2 Firmware

Since the Turing Pi 2 is a highly resource-intensive project in both hardware and firmware aspects, we have identified some milestone features that we really want to implement, but can do it only if we have enough funding. 

I/O Shield

When we reach the $500k mark we will develop a custom I/O shield for the Turing Pi 2 board. We will offer to include this in the package before shipping. 

Turing Pi custom case

When we reach the $1m mark we will develop a custom mini ITX case for the Turing Pi 2 cluster board. 

Turing Pi Compute Module

Reaching the $1.5m mark will allow us to bring Turing Pi RK1 compute modules to the market sooner and will give us a better position to source the Rockchip RK3588 SoC. 

Below are shipping estimates for a single Turing Pi board with 4 Raspberry Pi CM4 adapter boards for some geographical areas.

 Please note that these are estimates and the actual costs of shipping could change based on various circumstances. We will provide custom-friendly shipping to the USA, Canada, the EU, and Australia.

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