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Türk A.S Rocket Group was established in February 2018 …

 There is a team of 3 people at the base …

Türk A.S Rocket Group, which has been working on many issues for our country, participated in the competition with a two-stage rocket controlled from a single main computer in order to try different systems as a first in the competition. At the same time, it used a controlled mechanical stage separation system from the main computer without using any ignition system. Although Türk A.S Rocket Group went to the United States before the date of the competition to complete its preparations comfortably, it was able to take all its luggage 1 day before the competition due to the misfortune of the luggage delay. After this stressful process, the delivery of a part of the rocket body as a broken skeleton and a trapezoid caused a separate demoralization. The team had to deal with these problems in a very short time left for the final ground tests before assembly and launch. In this process, late delivery of rocket engines to the competition created a separate stress on the team. After completing the assembly and ground tests of the rocket as a result of a work day and night for 3 days, the team successfully passed the safety check before the launch and got the right to launch. The main criterion of the competition is to move a 4.5 kg payload to an altitude of 7.6 km. One of the most critical points of the competition is the location and fixability of this payload. This was one of the most critical points for the team during the assembly process. The payload can be fixed. Because any play during take-off may cause the rocket not to get out of the ramp or to go sideways after exiting. Although a solid study was tried to be done on this subject during the assembly, the required care could not be fully paid due to the limited time and workload. This issue has been a question mark for the entire team before shooting. When the time came to shoot, the rocket came off the ramp very successfully, but then it was inclined. 

When the shot time came, the rocket came off a very successful ramp, but then it was inclined. The separation system was broken, unable to withstand this bending moment. The main computer, which understands by opening the parachutes, has enabled the parachutes to land somewhere since they were in emergency. In the post-flight evaluations made with the competition jury, error analyzes were made and these conclusions were reached. Another point that attracted the attention of the jury in the presentations made before the flight was that the only team that came to the competition without any launch attempts was the Türk A.S Rocket Group. It was stated to the team members that coming from various countries such as Ankara and İzmir without being able to make a launch attempt in the competition is a major deficiency.

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