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Live and enjoy experiences with the people you admire

UFAN – Ultimate fan experiences

Live, enjoy, interact and share experiences with your favorite singers, high-level athletes, writers, politicians, youtubers or influencers. These experiences will be available on your phone with Augmented Reality (AR).

UFAN revolutionizes, creating a new way to interact with your idols. Take a photo, record a video, play minigames with your idols. Enjoy live experiences like a record release, as if your favorite group or singer were in your own home….

We all have admiration for public characters who inspire us, in which we rely to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, only a very small group of us will have the possibility to approach them, take a photo or share a game with them.

Wehave found a new path using innovation and technology, thanks to Augmented Reality

You will be able to take photos and record videos with your idols, and latter share them on social media. Experiences will always react to your actions and detect how far you are from the character, so you will have a sense of constant interaction.

Some experiences will include minigames where you will be able to compete or collaborate with the characters in the experience.

We will build special experiences involving one or more famous characters that will guide you through a story where you will participate to achieve your goal.

Writers will present their work through experiences; they could even read you the parts of their book that you choose.

Singers will present their new singles and you will be able to enjoy them as if they were actually presenting it inthe living room of your house.

We will stream live from our studio, so that all attendees will be able to watch it from home and through our platforms they will be able to make their own requests live or deliver their messages to their favorite singer.

Messages, conferences, fashion shows, promotions… You will be able to enjoy all kinds of live stream events


There will be experiences that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want and with the people you want.


Some of our experiences will take you to a park or somewhere in your city so you can enjoy them with other people at the same time.

For example, scape room games where each track will take you to a different location.


Some of our experiences will take you to a park or somewhere in your city so you can enjoy them with other people at the same time.

For example, scape room games where each track will take you to a different location.

In a studio, we will have an array of 50 high resolution cameras (2k or 4k), these cameras will be synchronized so that all engage at the same time during recording. These cameras not only record the images but also give us image depth information, all this data generated by the cameras, will be saved in a super storage unit.

Once the recording is done, we will use 20 processing units that will be running an artificial intelligence software, developed by us that will analyze all the recording data of the 50 cameras, as well as the depth data obtained and create a single image with all that information. Once this process is finished, we will repeat it, as many times as we need to so that we can refine the result and assure the highest possible quality.

When we get the expected result, we will start building the experiences with the different recordings made, detect the position of the people who participate in the experience and make the model respond to the user’s actions to create an interactive experience and make us feel that the character himself speaks to us and interacts directly with us. For example, if we are far away it will ask us to come closer to take a picture, if we approach it will pose to take the picture with us, depending on the experience you can participate in minigames with it, etc.

With the financing obtained we will be able to acquire and evolve our hardware, buy the 50 high quality cameras, both in image and depth. We will integrate these cameras with all of our developed structure and software to achieve the highest quality of the recordings.

We will also purchase the first image licenses of some of the most influential characters to be able to perform the experiences with them.

Once we obtained them, we will start with the script and pre-production of the experiences, make the recordings, generate the models through our artificial intelligence software and work on the realization of the experiences.

Finally, we will share them with the public.

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