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Jun 07, 2022
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Jun 24, 2022

Uixoo Hi16 fits all AirPods, provides an extra power supply, protects your AirPods from anti-lost


Uixoo Hi16 is a wearable intelligent power supply designed for AirPods with a neck-mounted design. It provides AirPods with intelligent charging, drop-proofness, longer battery life, and easier call answering. It is also the world’s first earphone strap that can charge all versions of AirPods.

Designed for All AirPods

Desire to Improve

As we all know, AirPods, as one of the best accessories of Apple’s, leads the trend of wireless Bluetooth headsets. AirPods are comfortable and expressive to wear—however, AirPods are still not perfect enough for all users, and that’s why we come out with the idea of Hi16.

To Be Your Style

By combining stylish appearance with sustainable materials, we give you the best experience you need. No matter for watching videos, going for a run, playing games, or commuting to work, Hi16 will be a fabulous assistant to your AirPods. Fashion and functionality have never been more in sync with the Hi16. Who wouldn’t want their AirPods integrated into their lifestyle, better yet?

Intelligent Charging

Under repeated trying, we innovatively adopted the internal three contacts design. The AirPods charging port can be set by connecting the built-in pure copper shrapnel. Then, just quickly insert into any AirPods, plug, then charge. Intelligent intermittent charging technology ensures that the Airpods batteries are always in the best working condition.

Fit all AirPods

Safety in Charge

With integrated intelligent identification and charging protection system, short-circuit will never happen with your AirPods. High-efficiency batteries combined with low-power chips provide a reliable guarantee for long endurance. Our patented technology ensures that AirPods only capture electricity when insufficient power is detected. The extended batteries do show a remarkable improvement in overall battery life.

High Compatibility Design

We empower conscious consumers to buy quality over quantity . That’s why we source our materials responsibly and design timeless silhouettes. The Hi16 charging port comprises five lightweight, flexible, super stretch materials. Up to 64 combined tests to ensure smooth connector extraction and stability every time. The unique component design allows the AirPods to attach securely without dropping or throwing them out once connected to the Hi16. Connect then charge, and you are all set.

Not Falling

Extended Battery Life

Poor battery life is the number one complaint from AirPods users. Hi16 perfectly prolongs the service time of AirPods. Hil6 allows you to charge while listening! Fully loaded, the Hi16 gives you up to 18 hours of total listening time! And charging AirPods in the Hi16 for just 5 minutes generates around an hour of listening time. Don’t limit yourself to what you can do on your AirPods.

With-in Reach & Super Light Weight

We pride ourselves on being incredibly thoughtful. At your desk and need a call? You may need the AirPods charging case to reboot the AirPods first, which is not cool. Once with Hi16, you can freely put the AirPods on and off. They’re just at your fingertips when you need them. Hi16 weights just 32grams (1.1oz)-it’s so lightweight that you’ll hardly feel it. Hi16 balances everything for your all-day convenience.

Technical Innovations in Comfort

We refined the details of comfort, creating a new class of straps with a customizable fit that forms exceptional comfort for skin touch. The memory cable combines high elastic memory titanium wire and liquid silica gel. It is convenient to fold and store when traveling, easy to wrap, and skin-friendly. It’s also sweatproof to go anywhere you want to wear it.

Patent Design

We have been working on developing Hi16 for nearly 24 months. Hi16 undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process. As a result, our products look AND feel good. We constantly source innovations and develop new materials to create Hi16 that is lightweight, durable, and comes with that perfect fit for everyone.

*Patented product, no infringement allowed*

Details about Hi16

What’s in the Box?

Eco-friendly Packaging

We redesigned the packaging by using all materials eco-friendly and recycled. It does cost us a bit more time to do it this way. Good things take time. We imbue every stage of our making process with this eco-conscious spirit, from designing to curating materials responsibly to shipping.

Design History

Trial Production

Quality Control

Uixoo is a flagship brand of Shenzhen Huinn Innovation Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2016 in Shenzhen, the world’s creative capital. Huinn is a technology and innovation-based company integrating R&D, design, production, and sales of hardware products in the fields of innovative electronics and artificial intelligence.

All of our products carry independent intellectual property rights. Huinn united more than 30 core technical members from Berkeley, Tsinghua, the University of Science and Technology of China, and other top universities.

We adhere to the innovative concept based on user needs, combine it with high-end technology, and balance the best mass production method. We insist on providing consumers with high-quality Chinese-made products.