$9 raised out of $153,000
Start date
Dec 29, 2020
Close date
Jan 28, 2021

An app that will automate some of the simple ways to keep your eyeballs off your phone and reclaim your time. Welcome back Alice!


The idea for this app came about courtesy of the JRE and a talk between Joe Rogan and Prof Adam Alter. There are simple ways to make our screens less addictive, but they tend to be blanket solutions.

So… Why not make those settings easier to reach, as well as have the ability to opt out of some of the apps we need for work and productivity being impacted by the settings.

The roadmap for the project is:

– MVP: a simple function that would randomly re-arrange the app icons on your screen at set intervals to keep you from falling down the rabbit hole of Skinner boxes.

– First optional upgrade: Grayscale function which would allow users from grayscaling app screens

– More options to come, depending on the development possibilities

This project is set up to develop the MVP, potentially the first container based on the funding scope. In the case of a successfully funded project, the MVP would be free for anyone to use, provided the hardware specs are met. Everyone should be allowed a chance to reclaim their time!