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UNI is the streaming app for independent musicians to bring in revenue, value, and a committed fan base.


Bored Entertainment; The Catalyst for Creators. 

At Bored, this motto means, giving back the power to the individual creator. We don’t value our individualistic creations as much as we do our ability to fit in the confines of that 9-5 job or a university. America is heading towards an era of renaissance. We believe Bored Entertainment will be there to facilitate this, starting with the music industry. 

Both co-founders are musicians and they understand the real life struggle of living gig by gig or session by session. Although we do it gladly for the art, there are always problems that need to be solved, in order to improve our well-being.

The 21st century problem of the independent artist is lack of revenue/return from intellectual property. It doesn’t matter how much literal sweat and tears we put into our music, we are still only getting .003/stream and having to compete for exposure on platforms dominated by label signed artists.

It isn’t hard to see the problem with platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. I’m sure the first article when you search streaming payouts to artist will be a negative response to how little they payout.

The top two reasons they aren’t able to payout more is because:

  • Major Label Licensing
  • Foundational Business Model

When Spotify first came out, it was a saving grace to major labels struggling to catch up with the Napster experience in 2000. Spotify jumped on the opportunity to license giving up 52% of their revenue (something that could have been used to pay the other artists on the platform). Every other platform has followed suite giving up major percentages for licensing deals. 

2008 NYT Article

When Spotify tried to undercut labels in 2008 by going directly to the artist, these labels threatened to take their licensing away.

If we look at Spotify’s original business model, we see again why they can’t/won’t change their structure to give more to artists.

Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) wanted to provide millions of music content to millions of people across the globe. Their objective never was to give money or value back to the artist, and therein lies the problem they were never meant to solve!

We believe there still will be a place for these companies even when UNI is at the same level of development.

UNI will, only have independent artists (they own their masters/intellectual property) on our platform, and do NO deals/licensing with label companies. 

We are building a business model that allows us to:

  •  Payout .03/stream to the artist while providing other avenues of income for the artist though the app.
  •  Provide EQUAL exposure opportunity for each artist.
  • Build a strong, long term fan base for each artist

We have a structure concept in place to bring the “artist to fan” connectivity experience into the digital realm. 

Each user will feel like they know their artist personally without actual direct contact by combining both current digital connectivity tools to the old record store experience.

This is important to the artist because if you are being discovered by a fan, you want your first impression to stick. Us independent artists don’t have the funding of a major label so these initial interactions are vital to our fan base growth.

We also have a structure in place to strengthen the bond between fans. The real strength of a fan base for the artist is when fans can come together and build their love and faith for their artist together!

It’s like having a meal together, no matter the differences, at the end of the day, we all need to eat!

UNI is in the process of designing, and planning the infrastructure for hosting & developing.