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New Era To Tells Time From Gorgeous & Glittery Artwork On The Wrist





I am Brian AU, Founder & CEO of BRAVURA (GGPW), also the Innovator of Gem Gold Sintering Technology (GGST), and based in Hong Kong. 

I have developed a new approach to making the Watch Dial, which overall quality could be comparable with the Enamel Dial. For more than a decade of R&D, many process improvements and experiments have been done to ensure GGST Dial’s Quality could sustain an extremely long time, even everlasting. I named this Approach “GGST”.




New Era To Tell Time From Gorgeous & Glittering Artwork On The Wrist 



Marie-Laure Cérède, Cartier’s Watch Design Chief

On Bridging The Past And The Future.


“………In the future watches won’t be an instrument to read the time, because we can read the time everywhere. And a jewelry watch will be predominantly defined by its aesthetics, ……”.  

“……. is an innovative way of thinking of time. Because it’s easy to think of another way to wear a watch, by making a pendant or a brooch. But to have a new way of reading the time on the wrist is much more difficult, …….” says Marie-Laure Cérède, the Timepieces Creation Director at Cartier.

Date: 2021.10.1
Written By: JX Su (SJX)
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Legends Of Tomorrow

“………… Very important. I think we’re entering a new era of watch-making,”  Marie-Laure Cérède explains. “The use of watches are no longer the same as before, they’re more than tools to simply tell the time. Nowadays, you can tell the time everywhere, so we need to propose something special ……….”.

by Pressreader 
01 May 2021





An Innovative Way To Tell Time


Certainly, I do agree with the words Miss Marie-Laure Cérède in the interviews say, thus this was the reason why I had started the R&D on GGST more than a decade ago, and made the GGPW come TRUE today.


Unprecedented Giraffe – GGPW 1

  • Unprecedented Gold Giraffe pattern on black gemstone dial made by GGST, 
  • Swiss Sellita precise mechanical movement, Caliber Number SW210-1,
  • Watch Case SS316L, in W. 41mm X H. 8mm, 
  • Double-sided non-reflective sapphire glass, 
  • Steel heated blue hour and minute Hands, 
  • Double-locked Butterfly Buckle SS316L,
  • Polished Bezel,
  • Alligator leather strap in black.


$28,800 HKD (45% off)

$15,840 HKD  


So I thought Timepieces must have something which the smart products can never be done, otherwise, if they just have the function to tell time only, but without spectacular aesthetic factors, timepieces will hard to survive being under the inundation of smart products.


Unprecedented Giraffe – GGPW 2

  • Unprecedented Gold Giraffe pattern on black gemstone dial made by GGST, 
  • Swiss Sellita precise mechanical movement, Caliber Number SW210-1,
  • Watch case SS316L, in W. 41mm X H. 8mm, 
  • Double-sided non-reflective sapphire glass, 
  • Steel heated blue hour and minute Hands, 
  • Double-locked Butterfly Buckle SS316,
  • Bezel w. White Zircons,
  • Stingray leather strap in black.


$29,800 HKD (45% off)

$16,390 HKD 





Unprecedented Giraffe – GGPW in assemble

GGPW Assembly – This is the first time to demonstrate to the public the assembly of the Unprecedented Giraffe GGST Dial with Calibre into the watch case, and attach the other high-end watch components, such as Case Cover, Alligator Leather Strap, and double-locked Butterfly Buckle together.






Aesthetic In Horology – Enameling


Despite the mechanical construction of the Calibre being one kind of aesthetic, obviously, only mechanical aesthetics and better designs are not enough anymore.
Because Watch Dials are the first thing your eyes capture when looking at a timepiece, regardless of the price of the watch, most dials start as a disc of raw metal that is then painted by a machine. But if talk about aesthetics to paint dials in Haute horology, for watch collectors only one approach is imminent: the process of enameling.

The reason we have to homage to this ancient technique is the fact enamel has zero space for mistakes, the smallest flaws can result in broken or bubbled dials that need to be scrapped or redone. Furthermore, they draw their inspiration from the fields of art, history, and culture. Finished and refined by the Manufacture’s artisans, these small works of art bear witness to cosmopolitan creativity. Enameling is the most beautiful way to connect Haute horology and art.



New Kind Of Aesthetic From Bravura – GGST


Bravura is at the appropriate timing to debut our first icon “UNPRECEDENTED GIRAFFE”, and to introduce our TWO acronyms “GGST” and “GGPW” to the world by the title of Silver Winner of MUSE Design Awards 2021






We started to develop the GGST in 2008, and many samples and experiments have been done in the past decade to ensure the ability and quality of GGST’s process complied with all expectations.
Besides the enameling, GGST is one of the new ways to connect Haute horology and art in the future.




Silver Winner Of Muse Design Awards 2021 – Unprecedented Giraffe


This is our Honour to win the Silver Winner of Muse Design Awards 2021 in the Category of Watch.     




This Statuette is gorgeous and heavy, to empower us with the strength to create this new era. 





This Certificate is significant and meaningful to Bravura (GGPW).






The Acronym Of GGST And GGPW



“GGST” is the abbreviation of Gem Gold Sintering Technology, it contained several professional knowledge, such as Gemology, Metallurgy, Artistry, Chemistry, and Welding. It’s different than any methodology being used today; thus the appearance and characteristics of the GGST Dials are entirely different than others in the market.



“GGPW” is the abbreviation of Gem with Gold Pattern Watch. It’s assembled with a gorgeous and glittery artistry GGST Dial, Swiss-made Watch Calibre, and high-end watch components.




Materials Used In The GGST Process



Dial :


The GGST has used the black gem as a watch dial, not raw metal as usual. Only the flawless gem plate can be used for GGST process after meticulous cutting and polishing.






Pattern :


Gold as the pattern’s main raw material will be smelted into Special Gold Alloys (SGA) in accordance with the secret recipe for GGST process.

SGA has various colors and will be sintered onto gemstone plates to achieve Gold Pattern as close as the original artwork.



Image :


Only stunning artworks will be selected to design the GGST Dials. All selected artists are invited to participate in designing their own GGST Dial from selected artworks to convert to GGST process.




This cosmopolitan collaboration will make the GGST Dials more meaningful and unique.





R&D Process



This unprecedented project began in 2008. The Challenges during the R&D process of the GGST are as follows: 

1) Fused metal onto a nonmetal surface.

2) This technique can able to sinter exquisite imagery on gem plates.



3) Gold will never peel off from the gem plate surface.





Debut GGPW To The World



Before launching the GGPW to the world, we must overcome and refine most of the concerned quality problems,



Up to now, after more than a decade of working process improvements, quality observations, and product Experiments. The conclusion has been proved the production process has a stable ability and is controllable.



The GGST Dial has the characteristics and the Everlasting Quality of an enamel dial.




GGST Dial Has Everlasting Quality As Enamel Dial


You can imagine the raw materials of GGST Dial (Gem) and Pattern (Gold) are existing underneath the earth for more than thousands of years. So there is doubtless no quality defection of the precious raw material in the coming decades.  I can confirm the gold stuck on the gem dial was not glued. Our Special Gold Alloy (SGA) was “SINTERED” onto the gem dial, and its “SINTERING INTERFACE” between Gold and Gem will never be aged, thus no possibility could occur any peel-off effect on the Gold patterns.



Since Enamel dials were around the end of the 17th century with the advent of the pocket watch, between this period, there was nothing that can be compared with it.



But today after more than 300 years, GGST is the only Approach that can be comparable with enameling, from the raw materials, and the intricate 2D miniature artworks would live on the gem dial inside of the watch case, which shows a new kind of aesthetic and quality to the world.






Compare with Enamel Dial


Today’s most expensive timepieces must be equipped with an Enamel Dial and mechanical movement.

For more than THREE HUNDRED YEARS from the end of the 17th century to the present, only GGST Dial has similar characteristics to Enamel Dial, except for the pattern structure and appearance.

The similar characteristics are as follows: 

1)  GGST can able to produced intricate 2D miniature patterns
2)  The Gold used to make the pattern will never discolor
3)  The gem material of the dial will never fade
4)  The interface will enhance Gold and Gem adhesive strength, and will never age to peel off           affecting the Gold pattern. 
5)  The GGST Dial’s Quality could last decades and even everlasting.




High-End Calibre


This Unprecedented Giraffe – GGPW is assembled with precise Swiss-made Calibre – Sellita W210-1 with luxurious decoration.





Manual winding – 3 hands

Hours, minutes, and sweep center seconds

Manual winding

Stop second device

28’800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)

19 jewels

Typical power reserve: 45 hours

with luxurious decoration :

Bridges with Geneva stripes
Snailed bevels
Main plate with circular graining
Snailed crown-wheel
Snailed ratchet
Snailed barrel
engravings, blued screws, rhodium plated




The Visions Of Bravura 


This Unprecedented Giraffe – GGPW is not only just a design, it is used an Innovative Approach to produce the traditional product indeed. Bravura could explore new territory for the world watch enthusiasts to set the new agenda for ” Tells time from gorgeous and glittering artwork on your wrist”.



We are the Silver Winner of MUSE DESIGN AWARDS 2021. And BRAVURA could be able to create a signature brand and use GGST Approach with bridging the cosmopolitan Artists in collaboration to create stunning artistic Haute Timepieces.



BRAVURA – “Unprecedented Giraffe” made its debut on the horology world stage in 2022 and will be the first mass-production timepiece manufactured by the Bravura brand.

We have a strategy to sustain the Timepieces to connect with the younger and older generation.  We have some main elements here: artistry, sustainability, affordability, and uniqueness, use the appropriate GGPW to bring the young Generation interested into purchase Timepieces instead of electronic products.



Limited Edition – Unprecedented Giraffe


The production will be started after reaching 500 pieces, but the total Limited Edition Quantity will be depended on how many backers supported this Project finally.





The Unbelievable Extra Long Warranty


Every GGPW is equipped with a hand-made gorgeous and glittery artistry GGST Dial. It’s powered by precise Swiss Calibre and assembled with high-end watch components.

After various technical improvements of GGST and overall process controls have been passed the relevant tests in the last decade, we are proud to offer the extremely long period warranty to our products as follows:

1)  All GGPW has 5 years quality warranty from the date purchased but excluded man-made            damaged and wearable parts, such as leather watch strap.

2)   10 years of quality guarantee for GGST Dial.




Development & Delivery Itinerary


2008               – Decided to create a breakthrough in the watch business
2009               – Started up the R&D of Gemstone Gold Sintering Technology (GGST)
2010                – Numerous Experiments have been done to prove GGST could become reality.
2011                 – GGST can ability to manufacture exquisite patterns was confirmed
2012                – The first watch made by GGST was successfully completed, and been named                                       Gemstone w/ Gold Pattern Watch (GGPW)
2012                – Started the overall Quality defect Survey
2013                – Improved GGST craftmanship to conform to the complicated watch movements
2014 to 2017 – Observation of any Quality defects that occurred to the gem dials and Gold                                           patterns during the normal daily use 
2018                 – Started to create the competition entry of this Unprecedented Giraffe’s GGPW
2020                 – After years of observations and experiments, confirmed no quality defects of                                      the exquisite Gold Patterns on Gem dials 
2020.10           – Participated in the MUSE Design Awards 2021 with the title GEMSTONE W/                                          GOLD PATTERNED WATCH (GGPW)
2021.4              – This GGPW – Unprecedented Giraffe has been won the Silver Winner of MUSE                                      Design Awards 2021
2022.04           – Start up the crowd Funding at Indiegogo

2022.06           – Start production
2023.02           – Start to deliver the GGPW- Unprecedented Giraffe to all backers 




Support This Project


We are making an impact and to be a pioneer with this GGST to explore new territory and the ability to set the Agenda for style-conscious consumers everywhere. 




If you are believed in the professional insight of the MUSE Design Awards 2021 judge panel or have the same perception as the watch industry magnate.




Or if you want to possess this first GGPW with this Unprecedented Giraffe. You would have the same unexpected Feeling and joyous as those persons to own the first pocket watch with an enamel dial at the end of the 17th Century. Please grip the opportunity to back up this rare Project – “New Era To Tells Time From Gorgeous And Glittery Artwork On Your Wrist”, and bring this “Unprecedented Giraffe” become to reality together.






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