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A social network for carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc … and the people who need them


HRH isn’t a spectacular project, it isn’t a wonderful project, it is a useful project , a social network that connects electricians, plumbers and other experts in the maintenance and improvement of houses and buildings, among themselves and with their customers, where opinions, photos, etc are shared. It will save time and money for people, I think  this project can help many people every day.

HRH has two users zone:

– Specialists: electricians, plumbers, bricklayers etc.

– Customers: companies or individuals who need specialists


– App valid in Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone

– Social media registration

– Users will be able to value services or products, connect with other social networks    and contact each other.

– Free with advertising or premium subscription without advertising

– No commissions

– The website and app will share information

– Multilingual

Telling our story:

This is a big business opportunity, HRH is designed to make any kind of repair you need to do at home easier. I have always heard complaints, difficulties and problems from customers and specialists that occur when they need to do a home repair, schedules, contact new specialists, lack of information about people coming into their house etc.

I have observed that most of these problems could be solved with more information and better communication, you will no longer have to ask a friend to give you the number of an electrician you will no have to look for fragmented information in  social networks about the painter who comes to your house, using HRH you can find out everything that interests you easily .

– Start campaign in December and it will  last two months .

– Website and app is going to be developed by professionals and their advances will be communicated .

Funds: 21 % tax ; 5 % processing charge ; 5% Kickstarter commission ; 47% website and app  development ; 22% marketing.