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Dec 30, 2020
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Jan 29, 2021

Explores the tales of Western vampire, part two of a 2-deck series on Geung Si (East) and Vampires (West). Printed by USPCC.


HypieLab is back with our fourth Kickstarter project and we are sparing no effort to once again instil fun and kooky ideas to our serious dabble in playing cards. 

The Vampire Playing Cards explores a slice of the western vampire. Vampires are regularly represented in literature and paintings as well as popular culture including appearances in movies, opera, animations and TV dramas. Throw in elements of myths, urban legends, modern vampire fiction and add a big spoonful of manga-styled characters will give you our latest offering.

The Vampire Playing Cards is the part two of a 2-deck series on vampires east and west. This series will feature familiar western vampires and to the peculiar epoch that makes up a substantial part of our childhood memories, one that entertained and scared us at the same time.

  • Designed by Sin Yee Lam & Produced by HypieLab Company (@hypiedeck), a design studio based in Hong Kong.
  • Fully custom pips & courts.
  • Bicycle edition cards printed by The United States Playing Card Company
  • Vampire Premium & Special tuck cases made of premium quality paper stock. Hot foil stamped.

Vampire The Blood
Vampire The Darkness
Vampire The Secret
Vampire The Torpor

The Vampire Collection comes in Three Editions – The Basic, Premium, Special & Go.  

Bicycle branded tuckcase. Printed by USPCC. Made in USA. 

The cards and tuckcase will be printed with superior gold metallic ink.

The Premium Edition of both decks come with a custom design foiled tuck case and special foiled laser-cut deck sleeve. 

  • Cards printed with gold cold foil on card back and card face
  • Special hot foil stamping on premium black cloth paper with multilayered embossing.
  • Gilded with gold shimmering foil on the edge of the deck
  • Comes with a custom designed gold foil seal 

In our previous project Geung Si, the Talisman deck is greatly welcomed by our Backers. The Vampire The Secret is going to be a domino-sized deck which is designed for travel use. The stripe-like dimensions was adapted to spread out the cards in confined spaces. Click here for photos of the Talisman deck. 

Printed with gold hot foil stamping on tuckcase, this makes Vampire The Secret deck a truly collectible and lightweight to carry on the go.

This is our second attempt at trying out coin design and production. On one face would be the our Vampire mascot and on the other, the signature Bat. The coins will be 2” or roughly 50mm in diameters, a nice, comfortable size and will have smooth edges.

We have including what we think are the 6 best finishes has to offer for you to choose. The finishes are Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Satin Gold & Black Nickel, on coins die struck out of a base brass material.

The Vampire case and coin display are limited, custom designed, laser-engraved acrylic cases for displaying the Vampire decks and coins. The cases are made from 5mm acrylic sheets which are very transparent and sturdy. The lid has four pairs of neodymium magnets to confirm each corner attached precisely to the case.

Backer’s name can be engraved on the lid on request. (Free of charge!) We will ask for this in the survey after the campaign ends.

laser engraved

Free die-cut laser stickers for all Backers

As a small token of our appreciation for your support for Vampire Playing Cards, we will be giving each of you a sticker as part of your rewards. The free sticker will be die-cut laser stickers.

To be announced.