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I need your support to move the Cottage Food to the restaurant!

Me and Mom ♡

From Kitchen to Restuarant

Your pledge will help us Bring new taste to Los-Angeles. 

 Vegan Brand is a small kitchen with a big heart founded by my mom Mariana. She believes that food is a language that can unite people, open the deepest and warmest feelings, and with the help of food you can convey any emotions.

Our Mission

Tenpie, Meatless Puffilo, Chick’n Cheese patties with French Fries and our favorite Pelmeshki

Vegan Brand‘s goal is to give America a new taste and to show that natural healthy food can be immensely delicious and unimaginably excellent.
  When people taste delicious food, smiles appear on their faces, and their souls become warmer, which is why delicious food is so important.

The Food

  The Vegan brand is food that you want to eat over and over again. Each dish has a unique history of creation. In each of them, my mother put love, which makes the taste exceptional, creating a new spectrum of emotions and feelings. 

I want to help my mom open a restaurant. So that she can create her magical dishes and continuing to awaken something wonderful in people!  That’s why your help is so important to me!

Meatless Cheburek, Potmush, Zrazzi and Lavash Kotlet

 Important things

Restaurant Vegan Brand will be the place you want to come back to get unique positive emotions. 

Now is a difficult time for restaurants, but that doesn’t mean we should give up what we love! The Vegan Brand is strictly following the rules of work during the COVID-19. After the opening, you can enjoy the vegan brand food for take-out. For complete safety, you can always pay for your order online and use No-Contact delivery and No-Contact Pick-Up!

 What do people think about Vegan Brand? 

«One of my coworkers always orders with me from Vegan Brand as well, and he’s definitely a meat eater and loves this place as well.»
     –Ceisal Smith

     «Thank you and everyone at Vegan Brand for the amazing food » -Alan

     «I need my favorite food from my favorite restaurant for my kids! Can I place an order?» -Ched

     «The food was incredibly delicious and the desserts… so good. Thank you for everything.» -David

     «Completely worth the wait. I’ll recommend your business.» – Mario


     «I order from this place about 1 or 2 times a week. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite vegan restaurants and everything I’ve had from them has been fantastic!»- Ceisal Smith

     « … Thanks for the great food.» –Aids/Punk-77-82

     «An absolute dream. Found by chance searching for late night vegan food while visiting my sister. Ordered the pizza and sweetie puffs. it fed myself, 2 other adults and a kid for dinner and breakfast the next morning! We even got a free gift dessert which is SO SMART bc I will def be ordering a lot more next time. Absolutely delicious, so fresh and flavorful. I can’t stop thinking about it. Seriously, I’m back in my state, it’s 11pm and I’m writing this review WISHING I could be eating this right now. Will 100% be ordering from them again next time I’m in town.» –Princess Duke

What your Pledge will contribute to

  • The deposit and first month’s rent for the restaurant
  • Interior fabrication
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Equipment
  • Interior supplies
  • Exterior signage


We appreciate you!

Some of our rewards.

Vegan Hero t-shirt
Napoleon, Armenian Jazva Coffee, Puff Pizza, Sweet Puffs, Fruit Puffs, Cream-Fruit Blini