$61 raised out of $100,000

Veterans search everywhere for information, employment, benefits, news, etc. VET-X will be the one stop shop for the Veteran’s needs.


The VET-X App primary focus is providing a marketplace for information, education, support and business in a central app downloadable to a mobile device for any current military, veteran, or patriot. Veterans are a 9-billion-dollar market per year and current services whether they be a non-profit, governmental, or business related are seeking to engage with those veterans. The VET-X app addresses the lack of a centrally located marketplace that can provide news, education, information and business in one location which is easily accessible to the veteran. Veterans and patriots that support veterans will be able to support each other in ways not currently available on any other App in the marketplace. VET-X seeks to provide a viable marketplace for businesses and those seeking to frequent veteran owned businesses. VET-X seeks to connect organizations that provide information to veterans seeking that information. VET-X seeks to provide non-profit organizations more visibility to the veterans they serve. VET-X seeks to create better visibility between government services that each veteran can access. VET-X seeks to create a community where all of these can be found easily accessible.

VET-X is owned and operated by veterans for veterans. Mission First, People Always! VET-X takes a proactive approach at solving a problem for veterans that is often discussed but rarely solved. Access to information, access to educational resources, access to financial resources, access to disability information, access mental health services, but most importantly the ability to shoot, move, and communicate in a community that wants to support each other but rarely knows where they can do that. VET-X is uniquely positioned to provide the vehicles that is badly needed for this community while creating massive opportunity in a 9 billion dollar a year marketplace that is virtually recession proof.

VET-X success is based around strategic partnerships with investors and stakeholders. Stakeholders in this sense are non-profits, businesses, governmental agencies, and veterans. Each of these stakeholders is already seeking each other but VET-X provides the bridge.