$75 raised out of $164,700

Creating all new vibration plate machine that features push up bars and vibrating seats. Ideal to reduce belly fat and gym work out.


Focus of this project is to build a prototype of World’s first Vibration plate that features a seat and push ups bars all in one.

I and my team want to bring to you an innovative product that promises to meet all your work out needs. As the world economies are growing more and more people are becoming fitness conscious. Revenue numbers for fitness industry are beyond your imagination. Moreover, the pandemic has given a push to in home work out activities. making a massive way for equipment like vibration machines. Vibrations can fasten the weight loss process while building stamina, making you sweat hard, and strengthening you muscles. You can do more than 50 exercises using the vibration machine. Set out your goals and achieve them. 

Note: The video that you see in this project is of another product by us. Below are pictures of the prototype that we are developing.  

Who are you dealing with?

My team has more than a decade long experience in the healthcare & fitness industry. We are partners with China’s leading manufacturer of healthcare & fitness equipment. We are a global brand with presence in North America, Asia, and Europe. Recently we established our foot in the American market by launching our products on Amazon USA. 

  • You can check our offerings here : https://www.amazon.com/EILISON-Powerful-Vibration-Exercise-Machine/dp/B07YWGW62H
  • Also, check our website: https://eilisonglobal.com/
  • Do check here what we have already created and selling across world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhIs2W3UzQw&feature=youtu.be

 Who are our suppliers?

Our partnership with manufacturers have lead us to successfully offer fitness & healthcare equipment to Asian markets. Now, we want to take our innovation to next level by creating a mold for world’s first vibration plate that features push up bars & a seat. You might find vibration plate elsewhere but the one with push up bars and seat hasn’t been created. 

Our Plan

We have already utilized the knowledge of our product designers, 3D artists, graphic designers in creating a graphical vision (Please see image below). We have an already established logistics network that ships internationally (America, Asia, Europe). Here is our plan:

1. Manufacturing a mold for a product is very expensive. We aim to us the funding money to create the mold. With our already established manufacturing units in Asia we will be highly efficient generating maximum value from each dollar spent.

2. Once the mold is ready, we will be launching it on Amazon via our own company page (https://eilisonglobal.com/). Through our wide network we will be making the product available to customers in Asia, America, and Europe.

3.  We have the capacity and ability to mass produce in our manufacturing unit located in China. Through our already established logistics network we will be shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers across world. If a need is felt, we can take the fulfillment in our own hands as well. 

For any queries, feel free to contact us at CUSTOMERCARE@EILISONGLOBAL.COM

 Where will we be using your funds?

Majority of the funds will be allocated in manufacturing. Manufacturing a mold for a product is very expensive and that is where we will be using most of the funds. We haven’t received any funding prior to this campaign.

Our team

We have a team spread across world. My name is Tanmay and I am located in Vancouver managing our North America business. Winkle Dhar (winkle.dhar@gmail.com) is our Marketing Head. Our manufacturing, R&D team is headed by our Chinese partner Sharon Chen. Apart from that we have professionals who handle Sales and Customer experience. You can contact us at customercare@eilisonglobal.com.

Current State

Here are some of the designs and technical drawings that our product designers have created.

Vibration Plate Machine with seat and push up bars
We are adding push bars as well