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Imagine an App capable of translating the complex needs of an individual
who is powerless to care for themselves.


Meet VIF, your advanced care plan, and the documentation support app. It stores up-to-date, and real-time medical information and knowledge, making it a more effective and less labor-intensive care plan suited best for family and at home caregivers.

It makes it easier for the caregivers to cater to their special-need ones, whether they are with them or not.

Imagine a scenario where an autistic son is being rushed into a hospital and all he needs is just 3 minutes to get the right specification for his medical care, or else he dies. If the hospital doesn’t keep digital records of her patients, what then happens?

To lose a loved one is a painful fate to accept. Most times, fatal incidence can be prevented. All it requires is just a defining moment of breakthrough.

At VIF, we are the leading innovator of care planning software. According to research, there are one billion people worldwide with special needs, we are concerned about them and we made a quest to proffer a lasting solution to make documentation and caregiving easier for family and caregivers.

A nurse with experience in Long Term Care and the group-home setting is part of our caring team. This experience gave her a greater understanding of the difficulties (and conflicts) that come with planning and providing care for an individual.

She is also the devoted and exhausted mother of an autistic son. This mother and nurse also devoted the last five years of her dementia-stricken mother’s life to full-time at-home care.

Our team’s diverse healthcare, technology, and education expertise understands your challenges and struggles to plan and care for the most important focus of your life: your cherished family member.

Founded by a mother’s inspiration gained from a lifetime of insight and experience, our team’s diverse healthcare, technology, and education expertise understands your challenges and struggles to plan and care for the most important focus of your life: your cherished family member.

VIF has made it easier for the caregivers and the support network to watch over their loved ones with special needs from afar, without nagging over their shoulders every time.

There has never been any other caregiving app with a combined feature of the 3-level users; features for the caregiver, the individual being cared for, and the first responders (the administrator in an organization; police, fire department, and so on).

There has never been any other support/caregiver app with a combined feature of the 3-level users;

  • Features for the caregiver
  • Individuals being cared for (people with special needs or disabilities such as physical, intellectual genetic, or disabilities caused by a debilitating disease)
  • The first responders (the administrator in an organization; hospital, police, fire department, and so on).

Caregiver features, aside from being useful for people with special needs, also work for the athletes. Caregivers include the support network such as family members, coaches (for athletes), friends, physicians, and other support network personnel.

Their support network (coaches) can analyze and monitor their condition/ progress, and give recommendations on how to get better in form of text, chat, notes, speech, and sharing of documents and media.

VIF provides a means of information, data, and media sharing, just like any other private social network but with data storage and documentation ability.

As an organization (a hospital for instance), you can use VIF to plan your caregiving script according to your users’ needs. These scripts and questions can easily be customized by the account administrator in an organization. At your option, users can hide scripts that may not be applicable to the ones (with special needs) they are caring for.

The script comes with questions and likely answers (the responses) as a list of suggestions.

The care-planning script feature gives the ability to save the history of a user’s responses. There are questions that need to be answered daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Users can type the answers and whenever texts feel boring to type, users have the option to use the speech-to-text feature of the app. This will also increase the rate of data entry.

Users can further explain or elaborate on their answers using the audio or video features of the app. Users can as well record audio that is automatically shared with their support network via the VIF app.

VIF gives alerts (reminders) and demands answers to the script questions through push notifications. Answers to the script questions are recorded for medical analysis. This is to ensure the account data is kept up to date.

Simply select the care plan you will like to update. Just like multiple-choice questions, each question comes with its own preset answers, which will make the updating easy and swift.

With my VIF care app, users can contact family and friends from their support network.

VIF provided an automated and easily customizable emergency evacuation guideline for assisting the individual being cared for.

This is recorded audio by the caregiver. It is to be played by the individual being cared for when they are separated from their loved ones during any type of crisis or heightened event.

VIF allows users to store information neatly in an easily accessible folder.

With this feature, users can easily upload their own podcasts to their VIF community. The podcast will be linked to the VIF account for users to listen to while accessing the app.

VIF keenly takes into consideration the data security and privacy of its users. Literally, it is a mobile filing cabinet that keeps the secrets of its users airtight. From personal data and information, and essential documents to photos and videos— VIF ensures that all these are accessible to the right and authorized handlers. This way, users do not have to worry about their data or special personal details and documents getting mishandled or being scattered everywhere.

VIF is highly secure, keeping all the user data and information protected from intruders and malicious users. VIF uses a HIPAA-compliant database in the cloud to store data, which is accessed via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Your support network can communicate and stay in touch from anywhere; there should be no location barrier. VIF employs the revolutionary concept of cloud computing to give users the freedom to interact from any location in the world, provided they are connected to the internet. Cloud computing makes it easier for the support network and all the other parties to collaborate irrespective of their locations and enables real-time operations.

VIF allows caregivers to tweak data to ensure their specific needs and requirements are met. With filter and view functionalities, caregivers can attend to their loved one’s needs in a special way.

VIF care can be a great ‘kit’ for athletes. With an abundance of features that come with the VIF care app, Coaches and instructors can make use of the VIF care app to monitor the progress of their clients whenever they are away from them. With the VIF care app, the coaches and instructors can set up a connection of support network of fellow coaches and instructors in the neighborhood who can help the athletes in case of emergency or urgency.

According to findings, people with special needs are already at the count of 1 billion and even more. Apart from athletes, people with special needs are those with disabilities such as physical, genetic, or caused by a debilitating disease.

Looking after a loved one with special needs is a demanding task. Events of the world sometimes demand that we won’t be there for them every time. With the VIF care app at work, you can easily be in touch with your loved ones and get help for them from the support network of family and friends whenever necessary.

VIF can be great leverage for organizations such as a hospital to keep up-to-date records and documentation of their patients. Some medical situations require an immediate response. Going through bulky files in search of a particular patient’s records might be stressful and time-consuming. With VIF, which serves as a digital storage for medical records, you can get things done in minutes.

With the face-scanning feature, the medical record of any patient can easily be accessible.

VIF Corporation’s flagship app, VIF, provides a one-stop solution for caregivers to access critical information on the people they care for.

In addition to storing up-to-date medical information, our app stores information that is unique to each individual’s needs, allowing them to live the fullest life possible. It enables caregivers to provide pinpoint care with the information they need at their fingertips. There is no app on the market that more directly targets improved caregiving services by providing caregivers with the real-time information and knowledge they need.

While there are no apps currently on the market focused on addressing the unique needs of caregivers, there are several medical services focused on care and special needs service providers.

Holly Doherty CEO and VIF founder is a passionate advocate for parents needing help navigating the challenges of documenting their child’s unique care needs, for their ongoing medical and life changes.

Holly was determined to find a better way to manage athlete care with modern tools. Holly assembled a team of top software development engineers to develop a highly effective suite of software products to revolutionize care-at-home observation and documentation of individuals with special needs.

  • To provide caregivers the necessary tools to serve the unique needs of the developmentally disabled community to help them achieve the most full, happy, and normal life possible. Simply put, we want caregivers’ lives to be easier, and the lives of the people they care for to be better.

We want to bring VIF care to the rest of the world.

Well-being begins at home, outside of the clinic or hospital setting. We want to help you better care for yourself and those you love by connecting the dots between data storage and transmission, connection, and caregiving.

In order to materialize the VIF care app into reality and bring it to the rest of the world, we need a total sum of $250,000 and we believe with your undivided support and backing, we are capable of raising more than we planned.

You will receive the VIF care plan subscription at a (very) reduced price if you participate in our crowdfunding campaign before our public debut.

Minimal downside risk, if any.