$34 raised out of $60,000

Visions by Soko is the subsidiary art gallery and shop of Solutionsbysoko.com


As an up-and-coming artist myself, I want to build a platform that enables artists worldwide to not only get their name and work out in the public eye, but also make some money. Unlike deviantart.com, there will be no “upgrade” subscription service for members. The idea is simple. If you sell art or merch on the platform, you pay the platform 15% of each sale. When you sell other people’s merch or art, you earn 15% of the sale. The rest of the 85% belongs to the artist who created the work. Every artist enjoys their work and makes money from it. The 15% per sale is also yours if you don’t want to post and just want to sell art. You pay a one-time fee of $100 to post for life if all you wish to do is share your art. As soon as I reach a financial goal that has yet to be determined, I intend to remove the posting fee permanently.

Together let’s accomplish our dreams!