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A cartoon about a boy named George who wakes up one day and gets sucked into an infinite abyss.


A little concept art for you

THE CARTOON….well one of them: This is Void! A cartoon about a boy, George, wakes up one day and gets sucked into an infinite abyss. While traveling through the void George meets Lumin, a quirky glowing counterpart, who decides to help George try to get out of the void…even though he’s never been able to do it himself.

 My goal: To start an animation company that will rival others in wonderful visual experiences! To give a quality of all animation that is better than the standard, to push the limits of animation, and create new ideas and ways of doing things that will astonish the world. 

Say hey to Lumin!

   After a bit more research and lot’s of planning I’d like to work full time on animation and art. Each episode will cost 10,000-25,000 to make. Since 2013 I’ve been working on this cartoon and I think it’s time I go all in. I have scripts, voice actors on standby, and the equipment to animate all of it. Now all I need is time and money, which will give me enough funding for the first season of my show (10 episodes) and animate full time. The money will also help speed up the animation process by adding animators to the project. In addition to all of that I also have created a plan to create a self sustained funding that will allow me to keep animating full time. Ideally this will hopefully give me the ability to not have to ask for donations again and get the start to my animation company I’ve been looking for. If funded it’s more than possible to both get this cartoon and my business going and get it to the world!

Everybody meet George!

Q and A

   Q: How many animators are there?
   A: Just me (Bryan) and until we get funding we can’t hire the others

   Q: Do you have scripts prepared?
   A: We have season one of two cartoons ready to roll…keep in mind it’s just been me writing as well

   Q: How many cartoons are planned so far?
   A: 5 full length cartoons, 1 movie, and 5 mini series

   Q: How will you be investing
   A: I will be using half the money to fund cartoon operations, 1/4 will go to investments to start a portfolio with a 5% growth rate annually, and the last 1/4 will go to working on future projects while in operation

   Q: $450,000 is a lot of money why so much?
   A: While my main goal is to animate my first cartoon, it’s also to get my business running, while in school I studied starting a business and up until now I’ve self funded until today.

   Q: Why not keep self funding your cartoon?
   A: The answer is cost and time, animating the cartoon and working a regular job takes time. While it’s possible to get started this way, finishing it will be a different story.

   Q: How successful will you’re cartoons be?
   A: I’ve been perfecting the stories since 2013 I can confidently say that as soon as they are out in the world they will go toe to toe with the big studios

   Q: Where will the cartoons be?
   A: Full length for now will be on YouTube in the beginning but we’re working on getting a website set up as well

   Q: Do you have a business plan
   A: We do and by we I mean I do I will be posting some work for our cartoon on here and Instagram as to generate buzz about the project! So come back or follow us for any updates and remember if you donate anything given helps us get closer to our goal so thank you!