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The pleasure of swimming, diving, free permanent air provider and lifesaver of swimmers, divers, sailors and drowned person.



Enjoyment and Safety. Fun and entertainment, learn to swim, swim, dive and even play in the water. Safety in swimming and diving is fun without limits and without fear as well. Fun and entertainment while saving air while you are underwater without limits and without oxygen equipment and without costs too.

Enjoy hanging out, fishing and photographing all this underwater. With Waterlife we can easily save the life of a person struggling with drowning. WaterLife is the true companion when traveling across waters or seas. All this and more WaterLife could have if we had it.

WaterLife, the ultimate solution to avoid drowning and suffocation in water. Provides the answer to the person who is scared and needing help!

WaterLife teaches you to swim and saves your life from drowning and suffocation, and can be used while sailing as well.

After research, study and experimentation, we were able to create the most comfortable and safest WaterLife device for life in the water. Finally, we were able to solve many problems related to this topic.

The WaterLife Device

WaterLife is the ultimate device that has the safety features every human needs to deal with water in pool, lakes, rivers and seas.

  Features of WaterLifee

  • Teaches you to swim more safely if you do not know how to swim!
  • It gives you plenty of time if you want to stay in the water at a depth of 4 feet or more with enough air to breathe
  • You can relax, play or exercise calmly in the water
  • The WaterLife will not allow drowning and suffocation if all of its components are worn
  • The WaterLife will save your life if the boat sinks or has an accident on the surface of the water
  • The WaterLife allows you to photograph the behavior of fish or others quietly in the water
  • WaterLife lets you see, track and catch fish while you are in the water
  • WaterLife lets you catch lobsters while you are in the water
  • WaterLife lets you explore and photograph the beaches freely and quietly
  • WaterLife lets you search for lost items in the water

All these advantages are due to the fact that WaterLife provides the air necessary for a person to breathe, regardless of whether his head is under or above water; it also provides freedom of movement of the head in the water and in all directions, and the eyes do not always have to be facing down.

 The WaterLife is very comfortable for diving for the following reasons:

  • Providing longer amount of breathing air.
  • Expelling carbon dioxide from the device and not accumulating inside it.
  • Freedom of movement of the head inside and out of the water, as well as freedom of movement in all directions while providing the same amount of necessary air for breathing.
  • You can dive into the water 4 feet or more, as required.
  • Updates and development were done on both devices for snorkel: Full face snorkel mask & Traditional snorkel set. 

 WaterLife device

The device consists of the following:

1. Inhalation device:

This device secures the inhalation of air with the necessary amount for the body when it is inside the water, and is inhaled through the nose or mouth or both.

2. Exhalation device:

To avoid the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas in the exhalation tube, it has been replaced by an exhaust valve for this gas to expel outside of the device.

3. Device holder:

It is the device that holds the inhalation tube, the device floats on the surface of the water that holds the inhalation tube and works to secure the air permanently.

4. The connecting tube:

It is a tube that connects the inhalation device with the diving gadgets.

5. Diving gadgets:

We have two types of snorkel gadgets.

Full face snorkel mask and traditional snorkel set:

  • Full face snorkel mask: The mask covers the face and is connected to the inhalation tube and exhalation valve. This device has anti-fog capability in the transparent mask.
  • Traditional snorkel set: A snorkel with Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. 

Assembly and installation

This device was designed to be assembled and installed in less than a minute, as it is assembled quickly and with absolute ease, and it is a small size, light and portable.

How is WaterLife designed with its many benefits?

We have thought seriously when designing the WaterLife device after we encountered many problems such as suffocation when we were trying to learn to swim and dive in the water. After we learned to swim and dive, we found that the diving period was very short, no more than two minutes. Of course, this was very upsetting to us, in addition to fear, we had limited opportunity to get into the water or take the boat for fear of drowning. When we were going swimming or sailing, we had to think about how to secure oxygen equipment, costs, weights and many other things that make us anxious about securing our outings or our trip at sea.

It took us a long time to think and work hard to solve this problem, and we started experimenting and testing for a full two years, and finally we came up with the best solution to avoid all the problems of life in water safely, as much as possible and at the lowest costs, and we made sure that the WaterLife device is accessible to all people who want to enjoy life in the water safely. Thus, we finally came up with a design for the WaterLife.

 Development and prototyping

The WaterLife prototype was made. It was very successful, and as we mentioned earlier, it took a long time, more than two years before we perfected the current model, and this is the device that will enable us to live inside the water for the time we want without fear of running out of an air supply that we need to breathe.

It provides a larger amount of breathing air and gets rid of the accumulation of harmful carbon dioxide.

The tests

WaterLife has been tested more than two years, in the pool, lake and sea, starting with learning to swim and diving to searching the beaches for personal items lost underwater.

First of all, we tested how to learn to swim quietly without fear of suffocation, then we tested the life inside the water with a WaterLife, one hour, then two hours, then several hours, the results were amazing.

I tried to sit in an underwater chair after I weighed it so I wouldn’t float. We worked it out, after that I sat for an hour to do the experiment and it was so amazing. I can now sit underwater relaxing for several hours, and the underwater relaxation session was an amazing feeling. I experienced how I could live underwater as if my body had regained the memories that could have been of my prenatal life! Because the feeling was different, I hadn’t experienced it in normal life! When I made sure I could stay in the water without worrying or fear of running out of air supply, I decided to do a different exercise from regular swimming in order to discover the benefits and the differences, it was great. After that I decided to explore the beaches from within the water this time. I did it quietly. I photographed the fish while I was close to them and quietly learned their behavior too. I tested how to quietly search for all the special things lost along the shores of the lake. I decided to fish this time while I’m underwater! After that, the WaterLife became a wonderful companion that I could not dispense with on all my cruises in the sea by boat without fear even if the boat crashes into the sea, so I stay safe with the WaterLife at sea, and also, even if I travel by ship, I will take the WaterLife with me the whole time. In anticipation of any emergency I now have a source to provide air to stay alive. Finally, I invite you to conduct your own tests so that you can discover them for yourself and fully enjoy the fun and safe features of the WaterLife.

Please be advised that:

These videos are realistic, natural and no-frills, captured during tests and are not intended for advertisement or promotion, but rather real photography illustrating the use of WaterLife to learn to swim, search for lost objects, explore and photograph in the water, catch fish or other sea creatures, or rescue a drowning person. … complete freedom of movement as you can see in these videos. 


Inhalation device:

  • Air securing length (4 feet -1.3 m), (6 feet -2 m) diameter 1 inch
  • Device holder (diameter: 25 cm –thickness: 10 cm).
  • Diving device (Suitable for all ages after ten years). 

For the next steps

We are now looking for your support through the Kickstarter to produce a WaterLife device after prototyping and tests which have been successfully designed. Your finanicial support and encouragement will help push us forward to produce a WaterLife device in order to enjoy a long life inside the water.

Your support will help us secure the tools and necessary materials to produce the WaterLife device as well as obtaining the certificate and producing the first batch of the WaterLife device.