$1 raised out of $400,000
Start date
May 11, 2022
Close date
Jul 10, 2022

The project consist to renew a watermill in order to produce green energy and rent buildings.


Short Summary

We are two french friends that would like to create a company. We live near Paris and our project is to renew a watermill in order to create green energy but also to create a green area for customers, tourists and people from Paris willing to have a peacefull week-end or vacation.

This area could also be used for mariages, seminars, famaly meetings, team building…

Due to COVID pandemic, we realized that many people have more and more interest in this kind of area, especialy now telework became an habits.

We are two project managers in aeraunautics, with more than ten years background, so management of business plan is our everyday work.

What We Need & What You Get

We truly believe in our project, we made some studies, talked with many people and adviser and we always get a positive feedback.

The estimation of the require found are around 400 000€, to build this nice area.

Mainly the costs are due to the installation of the hydraulic generator. This produced energy can be used to power the buildings but alos can be sell, this will garanty to our business model a kind of passive and recurent income.


Everybody can participate to our campaign. Depending of the participation, we will garanty, if the project go ahead, some rewards :

– invitation to the inaugural cocktail

– free weekend/year for 10 years

– free week/year for for 10 years

For all others contributors, we will send a gift (painted picture, mug,…)

Other Ways You Can Help

As we said, everybody can help, not only by contributing with money, but also talking about this to your friends, investors….all kind of help is welcome.