$1 raised out of $250,000

Weight Company, An Acting Company, Corp, a tech company is cooking up, an Italian American Serve. Utilizing Smart Hot Vending Machines.



I want to introduce my Culinary Vending. It is a WCAACC’s Culinary Works of 2022, served hot. The Vending Machines are twenty-four hours a day with Contactless Ordering, App Ordering. The Serve is Italian American Entrees, Classics, Favorites, Packed.

WCAACC Smart Vending is to Vend all the Starter Line Accessories and Food. Vending Machines that Serve quality Food, stuff people want.

The Order is a quick serve, in minutes you can be eating and back to your day. There is also Delivery.

The Italian American Pick Up and Take Out Machines are Contactless, Smart, Hot, with Screens of Games and Company Updates and trend that create its own look. With Games at the location a Restaurant is around the corner. 


I want the quality, the community interaction, the Games on the screens, live, Virtual until there is Standing Room and of course good food, be apart of the culture.

Ordering by App, its quick and easy. All quick options but Breadsticks, Pastas and Italian American Favorites.


2019 WCAACC’s first Studio Dollar

2020 WCAACC changed in focus to tech manufacturing, Italian American Food influences are growing with taking a center stage

The actual “sold to me” plan from DMVI Vending Machines makes my idea a success. 

2022 Hearing about Final Product, a show that brings products to finish

Culinary Theresa Bies

Theresa Bias, the Chef, is an amazing Culinary Creator, making it a Good product, an asked for product. Holding the goods, taking WC to Restaurant this next year, which is always a dream, a sure thing, eventually. Theresa’s Creations are a great influence.


WC designing the Company’s Product, the manufacturing teams also have the right names and experience that have skill and motto, are moving us all forward.

2024 WC Going Public, allowing WCAACC Smart Vending to stand on its own.


The Smart Vending Maintenance to WCAACC Italian American Vending is approximately forty grand usd for one set up and then I start working deals from there, I want a Chicago location Soley for Weight Company, An Acting  Company, Corp to show a stepping stone, to sign, and why not its a great area.  Atlanta locations to introduced Vending, then Denver, Atlantic City, of course New York, Bridgeport, and Los Angeles and then Collaborate Kitchens and Restaurants, leaving the WC Smart Vending to Stand.

Starting a project that has been more heart felt than dispensed until Vending so I am so excited about it. It is a baby and for everyone. There is a Children’s Subscription and Awareness I plan on keeping the growth of this project going. Backers are contributing to a feeding influence on the currently growing community in safe and fun ways. The simple act of bringing the food to be, the restaurant goals is a relatable community interaction.


Backer Rewards are such a great experience, offering Access to the WCAACC App for App Orders, Etc, a WCAACC Designer Food Gourmet Bag (9″W x 13″H x 6.5″D) that has a zipper to be added to WCAACC a KickStarter Limited Edition WCAACC Bag (13W x 18H in).  The Food Gourmet Limited Edition having its own accessories, matching hot and cold packs, lidded mugs(Stainless steel, 4.75”Hx3.75” Rimx2.75Base, Capacity 16oz, Weight approx. 27lbs per case, plus lid),  sized for two orders of WCAACC Entrées and Breadsticks. 

A WCAACC Tiny (Children’s Book Bag 8W x 5H x 1D in.) or big ugly tote. Small Electronic Incentives, like matching Earbuds (1.89″w x 1.97″h), Watch (W22 Case Diameter 41), Electronic Wallet /Notebook and Pen (0.375″D x 4.375″W x 3.50″H) , acrylic gadgets, dice set (3.50″ W x 5″ H x 1″ D), the big lunches and everyone have a incentive packed setting.


I have thought about fulfillment, I have always used my own label printer, there are set labels, all the same price to the requested area or for the requested project, I have seen and helped out on projects in the same office that have label printers with a set pricing per the weight that allows for fulfillment of projects with packages of different weight totals. Its easy, I have done it myself.


In brief, already rehearsed early challenges are made easy by Manufactures with such an expansive amount dedication, which I was looking for. Getting the products ready to package, label and ship. The Vending Machines Running, and to do it all again and again.

There are a lot of time constraints that with organizing will become easy, that’s how this Kickstarter began, easy.