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It has huge storage and is functional like a bag, but it just looks like a simple jacket.


Wearable bag

Hello. We are Mikle Corporation.

We have been growing profitably for 17 years since we founded our IT venture in 2005, despite the fact that we are an insane company that prioritizes family over work. Also, we have never had an office until now. Therefore, we have used all kinds of places as workplaces, including our home, co-working spaces, cafes, and travel destinations. Of course, we have always carried our work tools such as computers, AC adapters, cables, and WIFI routers with us.

We have now developed a “Wearable bag” that can hold all the items necessary for work. It is designed to look like a bag, with plenty of storage capacity and functionality, yet it looks like a simple jacket.

▼Simple and unisex design. Matches casual clothes like T-shirts and jeans.

Unisex design

▼Available in 2 colors.  (Black and beige)

To prevent computer theft when you leave your seat at a café

When you are working in a cafe and need to leave the restroom, you can put your computer in your back pocket and go to the restroom without it.

▼I thought it was hard to convey in words, so I made a video.

Overweight baggage problems at the airport

When baggage is overweight, clear the problem by moving the heavy computer to the back pocket.

Want to go out to a café empty-handed without a bag. (but still want to bring a PC)

▼ Go to a neighborhood café empty-handed with a PC and peripherals in your pocket.

No need to worry when you forget your bag.

▼No need for plastic bags for small purchases at convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. 

There are five pockets on the inside for a laptop computer and all cables, and two pockets on the outside for a handkerchief and other small items.

This eliminates the need for a bag and allows you to go out empty-handed.

▼ Large mesh pocket on the inside back side can hold a 13-inch PC and A4-size files. (Pocket size: W28 cm x D36 cm) 

▼ Pockets on the left and right inside the front can hold even an 11-inch tablet.

AC adapter, cables, Wi-Fi router, etc. can all be stored.

(Pocket size: W18.5 – 21 cm x W24 – 26 cm *Varies according to SML size)

▼ Zippered pockets on both sides of the inside (upper) front body. Valuables such as passports can be safely stored.

▼ Pockets on both sides of the outside. For holding hands or small items such as handkerchiefs. 

The “Wearable bag” has a deep, large slit in the back. This is not mere design. Simply attaching a large pocket to the back would not look good when a hard object like a laptop is placed in the pocket, as the rectangular shape would emerge as if a cutting board had been inserted into the back pocket.

 ▼ Both of pictures below have a 13″ computer in the back.

The large slit in the back allows the fabric to open to the left and right, concealing the shape of the object placed in the back pocket. It is as if there is nothing in the pocket, and the silhouette is maintained without any deformation.

When carrying a heavy PC or other items on your back, you can put your arms through the inner straps to stabilize and comfortably carry the load as if you were carrying a backpack.

▼ Straps like a backpack or rucksack

▼ Side release buckle for smooth on/off

▼Despite its storage capacity, the “Wearable Bag” has a simple and minimal design that eliminates the chest pockets and left and right flap pockets normally found on jackets.

▼ In order not to spoil the minimal design, all button holes have been eliminated and snap buttons have been adopted. In addition, the color of the stitching on the buttons is different from that of the outer fabric, which adds a subtle accent.

The main fabric is “FORMOZA© Twill”.

It is smooth to the touch and has a refined luster and three-dimensional twill.

It can be hand-washed or machine-washed in a net. It is easy care as it does not wrinkle easily.

▼ Its wool-like texture gives it a luxurious feel, yet it is washable and wrinkle-resistant. 

 Size chart


  • Main: 100% Polyester
  • Lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Mesh pocket: 100% Polyester
  • Sleeve Lining: 100% Cupro

Care instructions

  • Use a net bag when machine wash.
  • Iron through a pressing cloth.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Early birds:

  • x1 Wearable bag
  • Limited offer (20)
  • 40% OFF

Kickstarter price:

  • x1 Wearable bag $270
  • Limited offer (130)
  • 10% OFF

MAY 2022 Launch on Kickstarter

JUN 2022 Start production 

AUG 2022 Production ends

SEP 2022 Ship rewards

How did we, as an IT venture, end up making jackets? I would like to talk a little more specifically about how we got there.

In 2005, we founded a company without an office because we wanted to work freely. We worked with mobile computers packed in our backpacks from a time when there were no tetherable smartphones and we could not even use a power supply at a cafe.

Time flies and in 2022, after the Corona Disaster, you can  see more and more people working in cafes and other places outside of the office.

But even after 17 years, I still feel the same uneasiness. It is the moment when I stand up to use the restroom in a cafe. Is it safe to leave my PC on the table? Should I bother to bring my bag? But taking my bag to the restroom is also somewhat suspicious. Nor would I put a wire lock on it every time I go to the café. And I have to leave some of my baggage behind or someone will take my seat.

Casually put your PC in a jacket, put it on and go to the restroom.

Then it is fine. It is normal.

But, of course, we couldn’t find such a product at that time.

We have more than 5 million users, and if information is leaked due to PC theft, it would be a big problem. This jacket is an analog solution to that problem. We need to be able to put in my 13-inch MacBookAir and all my accessories.

And the prototype was ready. It was done successfully, but when I put my PC in the back pocket, it was pulled back, and I was really concerned about it losing its shape and wrinkling. We wanted to make a product that would not only be functional, but also have a beautiful outfit. After many attempts at prototyping, we came up with a jacket with a structure similar to backpacks.

Finally, we came up with something that we were satisfied with. A jacket that functionally is a “bag” but looks like a “jacket” was born.

When things return to normal, I want to go on more and more trips. The large back pocket must come in handy when your baggage is overweighted when boarding LCC flights. It will also be useful when you go to a café near your home to work on your PC.

The design is unisex. The collar has been eliminated to prevent it from becoming too formal, making it easy to match with casual styles such as T-shirts.

We hope that “Wearable bag” will become an essential item as teleworking becomes more and more common.  

 In such a technologically advanced world, why can’t many people change the way they work?

Especially now that we are in COVID-19, offices are not going away even though everyone should be thinking that commuting to work and crowding the office should be avoided as much as possible.

Shouldn’t there be more effort to stop the morning trains and traffic jams, which are unpleasant regardless of COVID-19 in the first place?

Please Imagine.

After spending an uncomfortable time in traffic jams and crowded trains, would you rather work at your usual office desk? Or move to a nice cafe on your bike and work on the comfortable terrace while drinking a delicious latte and listening to your favorite music?

We would like to see a world where each person can pursue the best way to work more.

And we want to create a future where everyone can work more freely and happily.

I believe this project has born to realize such a future.

(For updates on the project, the product development process, and behind-the-scenes production, please follow us on Instagram @RAKKU_DESIGN )

Shintaro Yataki (@shintaro_yataki)
Freelancer specializing in content creation and web marketing.

He himself often works and studies at cafes, so he is also active as an Instagrammer who posts information on “cafes that are ideal for work and study”.

We both share the same philosophy, and when we asked him to be a model for this project, he readily said yes.

Tsukasa Nakagawa (@tsukaka118)


He has a unique background, having moved to Tokyo to become a comedian with Jun of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2, and then became a photographer after many twists and turns. Since then, he has been active in a wide range of fields from fashion to lifestyle, including photographs for magazines and hotel advertisements.

This time, he cooperated with us not as a photographer but as a model. Thank you very much for accepting my unreasonable request.

Akito Yamada (@akitonzjp)

Entrepreneur and video creator.

Born and raised in New Zealand. After he worked for a major Japanese IT company, setting up his own business in 2018. In 2022, he will launch “Dubai Support Center” to provide support for incorporation in Dubai.

In this project, he not only modeled for us, but also took on the translation work for the international market, using his bilingual abilities!

Kitamura Wataru (@wataru51)

Mikle Inc

An IT company that has practiced office-less and remote work for 17 years since its establishment in 2005. Despite the company’s insane policy of prioritizing its members’ families over work, it has been profitable and has been growing ever since its establishment.

FeedWind“, a website widget, is used by over 150,000 sites worldwide and has 700 million impressions per month.

This project is the first attempt at crowdfunding from the perspective of apparel to promote a working style that does not depend on time and place.