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Board Game Battle Arena set in a Parallel Fantasy Open World of the Silk Road Era ready for 1-4 players



Welcome Dark World Stone Keeper.

We are so excited to introduce our first board game developed by DOPANDA GE.

World Adventure: Ancient Runes is a 1-4 player turn-based strategic fantasy board game. In this game, you’ll compete against other Dark World Stone Keepers while collecting as many as Ancient Runes.

First player who has succeeded acquiring number of Ancient Runes will be the winner. Along the way, you must withstand monsters and other heroes which appeal to your attack, heal, buff, and de-buff skills.

In this episode, you will be brought into The Silk Road, which has some similarities with our current world besides its own supranatural and fantasy approach. This world bustles around Europe and Asia which were famous with valuable goods, such as silk, medicines, spices, metals, and foods.

Our game is inspired by other fantastic board game such as Merchant & Marauders, Scythe, and Zombicide. The storyline is influenced by novels and console games such as Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Grimgar, Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, and Final Fantasy.

(All Art is a prototype – subject to change)


World Adventure: Ancient Runes gameplay is adapted from MMORPG which enables battle and co-op among players.

Basically, each player will have their turns taken to explore The Silk Road and its surroundings. Firstly, you are required to select different heroes, such as rich and charismatic Merchant, devious and agile Bandit, or strong and fearless Monster Hunter. Then you must decide which caravan type and set power ability to excel the character’s strength and ease their way to win the game.

Along the quest, you’ll be able to collect supplies, do trading, recruit soldiers, gather support, upgrade caravan, and build their own kingdom. Progressively, you’ll require to battle the monsters, assault bandits, and conquer Legendary Monsters. Therefore, active players will have advantage to gain the Ancient Runes and progressively win the game.

Please read through below rulebook for more in-depth gameplay overview:

(Its a Prototype – subject to change)

Kickstarter Demo Version at Tabletopia

Click to Play it on Tabletopia

Video Tutorial (Coming Soon) 

Game Features

  • Appealing Theme with Meeple Artwork.

Multiple modern world heroes are summoned as Dark World Stone Keepers. Through Meeple Artwork, we strive our best to design custom artworks. It has one-of-a-kind mechanism which hero could be attached to various caravan and pets. All of these come in laser-cut finishing and great quality material.

  • Free Play.

Privilege to build what kind of player you are. Win the game by being yourself!

  • Custom Game Plan.

Start the game by choosing hero, caravan, and soldiers. Then infuse different skills to thrive Explorer, Charisma, or Leadership. Earn money to upgrade your caravan, purchase items, or strengthen your soldiers.

  • Multi In-Game Concept (America Games and Euro Games).

Be a Monster Hunter or Bandit if you prefer more challenges which will give you more gains. Be a Merchant or Warlord if you prefer winning the game through trading and vast business.

  • Rival or Semi Co-op.

World Adventure: Ancient Runes could be played by 2-4 people in a competitive or semi-cooperative mode that requires teamwork and strategy.

  •  Solo Mode 

World Adventure: Ancient Runes could be played in Solo Mode, with some achievements that you can share with other players. This mode also gives you some practices before taking a battle with other players.

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Why the Target Funding is USD 89.000

We want to give a special price for our backers. To get a special price we need to produce a minimum of 1.500 units of this game at Longpack Manufacture. To cover all operational cost of our project we must save the money just like this calculation:

Minimum Target Funding: 1.500 unit x MSRP (USD 85) = USD 127.500

Yeah sure, it’s still a deficit of USD 38.500, we must cover it with our resources.

Why not sell this product at a Retailer

We are an Indie Company, and we know that our project can’t be alive without the help of our backers. If this game is funded, it means we own a lot from our backers. To give this game a more valuable asset for our backers in the future market, we have a commitment not to sell this product to the Retailer. With this policy, our backers can have an exclusive item of our product with high value, another person who wants our product in the future can only get this from you as our backers who have given us a lot of support into this project.

 MSRP (In US Dollar)

  • World Adventure: Core Game (USD 80)
  • 5 Additional Hero and Base Meeple (USD 4)
  • Special Edition King Leviathan Card, Hero and Base Meeple (USD 1)

Total MSRP (USD 85)

Pledge (In US Dollar)

Dopanda GE base in Singapore, but we must pay all the manufacturing, shipping, and pledge manager cost in US Dollar, so our Pledge price are based on US Dollar.

  • Special Price (First 7 Days Only) = USD 59 (Save USD 26)
  • Kickstarter Pledge = USD 69 (Save USD 16)

Shipping and Timeline

Custom and Duty-Free Shipping

Dopanda GE will disburse the taxes and duties for all backers in US, EU, Canada, and Australia.

Shipping will be charged post-campaign in pledge manager – Backerkit.

Estimated Shipping Rates by country (in US Dollar)

We use Funagain Logistic – Global Fulfillment as our partner to deliver the product, this is the estimated cost that we got from the company:

  •  EU Zone 1: France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  •  EU Zone 2: UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria
  •  EU Zone 3: Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden
  •  EU Zone 4: Greece, Iceland, Finland, Coatia, Romania, Non-listed Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Norway
  •  APAC Zone 1: Hong Kong, Macao
  •  APAC Zone 2: Taiwan
  •  APAC Zone 3: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore
  •  APAC Zone 4: Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Indonesia
  • Can’t Ship to North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Congo, Haiti, Sudan, Syria, Afganistan, Brazil, Libya, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia,

Monthly timeline

  •  Backerkit Opens: November 2020
  •  Product Development Completed: December 2020 – February 2021
  •  Backerkit Closes & Shipping Charged: March 2021
  •  Factory Production: April-July 2021
  •  Final Address Change Due: August 2021
  •  Kickstarter Fulfilment: November 2021

Additional Information

Dopanda GE (Games and Entertainment), is an indie-games production team which has taken two animals form as Dog and Panda. The reason behind this naming is Dog and Panda represent adorable, loyal, and devoted creatures.

We established to convey the hobbies and talents of all the members. With a team vision of sharing joy and love to each other, we are delighted to create family-friendly games that sustain the relationship of its member in a tabletop game. In addition, we are also developing light novel for each World Adventure series. We believe light novel is the steppingstone to fantasy world which assist each individual to gain instincts and abilities.

We look forward to reaching out and share the product progress with our backers every 2 weeks. Updates will be still shared given any circumstances. We oblige to be transparent along the project campaign and provide game product with value and quality.

Come and join us at The Silk Road as a journey start and conquer the Ancient Runes. Any suggestions, comments, questions about this project, feel free to write in comment columns.

Chief Designer

Blue Leviatan, is a gamer who plays various genres. He prefers strategy, RPG, MOBA, action, and simulation games. He is enchanted in music, sports, arts, well-versed in science and economic education. He is also an Accounting Lecturer, Financial Consultant, Internal Audit book Author, Boardgames Designer, and Light Novel Writer as per current time. He is an individual who appreciate his life by sharing the joy and fun with surrounding people. His golden rule of life is to love each other unconditionally.


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As an individual, he is hardworking, genuine, and outgoing. He likes to meet new people across all ages and listens to their stories, opinions on certain things. He believes that it will enrich his life and remind him to feel grateful on what he has now, such as stable career, loving family, and faithful friends. Being happy means we should be appreciative on what we are capable of physically and mentally, and all of it gifted from the above God.

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