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A global, safe space, transformational platform to restore connection to humanity and eliminate the fear of intimacy and vulnerability.



XXO CONNECT is a global, safe space, personal growth, transformational and wellness platform created to restore and accelerate human connection and curve the culture back to connection over convenience while eliminating the fear of intimacy and vulnerability.


XXO CONNECT subscription includes full-access to our global transformational growth platform built on FOUR CORE values including:

CONNECTION | One-on-one video with other XXO CONNECT community members around the world. Providing a safe space to share in vulnerable conversation without having to choose who to share in this experience with. 

LOVE | Kids Network of Family connection for children and teens to discuss relationships, body-image, self-love, self-worth, trauma, depression, adversity, eating disorders, shame, abuse, disabilities, and other subjects in a judgement free, safe space.

TRANSFORMATION | Training and curriculum from our XXO CONNECT team on subjects of self-love, self-worth, mindset, body-image, chronic illness, disability and accessibility, trauma, adversity, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, relationships, meditation, forgiveness, sexuality, plant-medicine, courage and confidence, energy, frequency, vibration, fitness and so much more!

MAGIC | LIVE Masterclasses from our XXO CONNECT team and other featured guests from around the globe.



A video library of transformational and educational videos by our XXO CONNECT team on subjects of self-love, self-worth, mindset, body-image, chronic illness, disability and accessibility, trauma, adversity, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, relationships, meditation, forgiveness, sexuality, plant-medicine, courage and confidence, energy, frequency, vibration, fitness and so much more! You are able to favorite subjects to later share in one on one video conversation with other XXO CONNECT community members.


Share in one on one conversations with other XXO CONNECT community members all around the world. This is a safe space to become vulnerable with one another. XXO CONNECT has created the place to enjoy deeper conversations with random other community members, providing a way to discuss your favorite transformational video topics, and learning more about yourself and each other and a place to be seen and heard without the fear of judgement.


Join our XXO Kids Network that promotes healthy thoughts, feelings and relationships for children, talking about self-love, self-worth, and just loving yourself by building that confidence.


Spiritual practices in mind, body and soul.

Chantel Soumis | Co-Founder

Chantel Soumis, CEO and Creative Director of Stardust Creative is on a mission to help organizations smash through sales and marketing expectations on a shoestring budget. With a personal history rich in resourcefulness and creativity, Chantel’s hunger for crafty, innovative processes is poured into all the cracks in her life, including career as a business owner, family as a mother, daughter, and wife, as well as in her personal health struggles with a half-dozen auto-immune diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis and disability. You’ll be inspired by her story and enchanted by her enthusiasm.

 Trained in digital marketing by some of the brightest minds in the industry, Chantel brings unwavering optimism to clients across the globe. She’s built a following of +80k on LinkedIn as a brand thought leader and a voice for diversity and inclusion as an advocate for the differently-abled community. Chantel has worked in collaboration with LinkedIn and Facebook as well as many Fortune 500 clients and has received international honors such as The Universal Women’s Network Woman of Inspiration for Diversity & Inclusion in 2019 and Brava Magazine’s Woman to Watch in 2020.

 Just three months after launching her business, she enjoyed over $1M in revenue generating opportunities, emphasizing the power social media and the impact a strong personal brand can have. 

LinkedIn | BRAVA Magazine | Thrive Global | Instagram | chantelsoumis.com | LLS Woman of the Year | XXO PODCAST 

Ismene Cole | Co-Founder

Ismene Cole is a transformational coach and integrative counsellor, with over 10 years experience helping a wide group of people from young adults to highly successful business owners that are high-pressure, high stress. Prior to working as a therapist and coach, she worked in the mental health, social care and education sectors.

 Ismene has developed a rich and deep blended approach of spirituality, wellness, psychology and coaching to enable people to thrive within their careers and their personal life so that they can achieve their goals, dreams, ambitions, joyfully and share their gifts with the world. She works from an integrated model of holistic success, with connection at the core of all of her work.

 She is passionate about the transformative power of deep connection with self, and the positive ripple effect within the world when we extend this connection to others, communities and the wider world.

 Being relational beings, she works from the premise that we are wired for deep connection and believes at the core of most of our problems, both individually and societally is a lack of deep connection and love. Throughout her career she has worked with many issues that are related to relational wounding such as addiction, abuse, relationship break-downs and difficulties,  burn-out, low self-worth and confidence, anxiety and depression and seen the transformational effect of healing, reparative relationships.

 Her passion in life is to create help others create a positive impact, sustainable growth and transcend internal limits, patterns and beliefs that are hindering meeting their heart’s desires.

 Ismene runs programs, retreats and events. 

Instagram | ismenecole.com | Facebook | LinkedIn | XXO PODCAST | Guided Meditation 

Lecia Fox | Co-Founder

Lecia Fox is a Spiritual Life and Women’s Health Coach. With an extensive background in fitness, fashion and freedom exploration, she is forever enthusiastic for the modalities that guide each individual home to their own inner liberation. Her mission is to radically de-mystify Spiritual Practices for you and guide you home to connection within your body. By incorporating movement, breathwork, meditation and empowered journaling, Lecia facilitates transformation for her clients and community. Lecia has been featured on multiple podcasts, facilitated mindfulness retreats and sisterhood circles and hosted live events all over southern California. Lecia curated the Spir[F]it Academy for women READY and WILLING to dive deep into Self Intimacy, connection and ownership. She believes EVERYONE is capable of healing when paired with a willingness to do the inner work and a sprinkle of belief. Keep an eye out for her upcoming podcast: Living Liberated!

Instagram | Facebook | XXO PODCAST | Spiritual Fit and Wellness Podcast | Elevation Conversation | Woke Babe

Walter Thorne | Co-Founder

Walter Thorne brings 32 years of sales experience to the Albany Business Review, where he has been the Ad Director since Dec 2019. He manages a talented team that is responsible for implementing strategies to connect decision makers with decision influencers.

 Walter brings a unique personal perspective to today’s environment. His immediate family is half black and half white, his 6 children are black and bi-racial, his black father dedicated his life to law enforcement, and his black mom to education. His sister is a principal at an inner-city school in NJ. It is with that lens he has unfiltered conversations about race relations.

 Internal and external clients need leadership that encompasses and embodies the lived experiences they encounter daily. Walter’s passion is to give back to the community by coaching and mentoring professionals in today’s unrest. Educating and helping organizations are among his top priorities. Walter combines a unique perspective of empathy, accountability, awareness, and structural changes that will propel your organization to new levels in an uncertain time.

 Walter’s top priorities are his children. Connecting to his children during marriage, during divorce and post-divorce have been some of the toughest times and toughest lessons of his life. Knowing what fathers are going through navigating these seasons of their life are a passion of his. Sharing it with them and their families is his purpose.

LinkedIn |  bizjournals | Alaant Influencers

Jason Lebowitz | Founder

Connection over convenience is a way of life for Jason Lebowitz. In today’s digital world, there’s never been a better time to deliver your message. But we’ve lost sight of what that message is. A cultural shift in digital relationships has broken down the connectors to intimacy, vulnerability and integrity. We’ve lost connection. 

 In 2013, Jason began in a start-up position within Buick and GMC to create a local, digital marketing presence and enhance the online shopping experience. While consumers value time, they also value video. It quickly became apparent; dealerships were treating internet leads as just that. Leads. On the other side were CUSTOMERS, real human beings. Best practice was to respond with generic templates. Jason didn’t want to sell. He wanted to bring value. His approach was to become matchmakers instead of FedEx. And so his personal branding went completely against the grain with industry standards to create a cultural shift. Individual, Personalized videos. Six years later, his team reached 10,000 unique, personalized videos, creating relationships through deeper connections.

 Jason’s curiosity with relationships and dating, in an online dating culture where connection, self-worth, vulnerability and intimacy have been lost within a digitally superficial, artificial environment, XXO was created out of sheer necessity. The desire to remove distraction from ourselves and deepen the relationship we first have with self and then others. What started as an offline matchmaking service and podcast has evolved into safe space for personal growth, transformation and need to curve the culture back to connection over convenience. 

LinkedIn | Instagram | Apple: XXO Podcast | Spotify: XXO Podcast | STITCHER: XXO Podcast | YouTube Channel: XXO CONNECT 


With our purpose and values of Connection, Love, Transformation and Magic, we have chosen to create a different path of building our platform. This is why we have chosen Kickstarter. We wish to be clear on our message and intentions:

  1. XXO has chosen Kickstarter for their funding and support. Using traditional Venture Capital (VC Investors) would allow outside influence and compromise control of our company, purpose, message, and values.
  2. XXO CONNECT app and platform will not include the industry standard Google and Facebook Login options. It will only include an internal XXO CONNECT login. This is to eliminate user information access to these outside companies, keeping a safe space not only with it’s members but their information as well.
  3. XXO Members will receive an ad-free experience from within the platform.
  4. XXO does not wish to become a public company.
  5. XXO does not wish to be purchased or acquired by another company.

For those who stand for XXO, our purpose, and pushing the human race forward, we THANK YOU!



We have worked very closely with a top mobile app development company globally to take our app and platform concept and create a safe, fully functional experience for our community members. In order to deliver the positive experience we would expect from using the XXO CONNECT app and platform ourselves, we needed to ensure the functionality of each feature including:

  •  A way to separate the Kids Network from other members and to provide a parental consent in order for children to access this feature
  • Create an ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) Compliant website
  • Random video feature with other community members without a viewable profile
  • A system to internally store the transformational video library
  • Graphic Designs
  • IOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Full Functional Website Development
  • API Development
  • Admin Panel Development
  • App Deployment of app stores
  • Initial Marketing on launch to ensure a positive user video conversation experience

FULL VERSION (OF ALL VIDEOS AS SEEN ABOVE) WITH CAPTIONS ADDED. Make sure your organization is a safe space for all abilities and backgrounds to thrive.

                                 THANK YOU!


                                          Chantel, Ismene, Lecia, Walter and Jason