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Dec 30, 2020
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Feb 28, 2021

Yardbird wing bar and grill is a family friendly restaurant focused on serving fresh, never frozen wings.

The Yardbird Family Photo Credit: Aj Briones
Yardbird Hen Basket (Buffalo) Photo Credit: Aj Briones


We are Armando and Ashley Briones co-owners of Yardbird Wing Bar and Grill. 

We are Yardbird Wing Bar and Grill…..or at least going to be! Yardbird is the passion project shared between this dynamic wing slinger duo. I ,like many youth, started out as a wing cook for a popular chain wing joint. Working in this fast paced, people oriented field appealed to my love of cooking for others and making them smile through food. Armando, whose background lies in business, knew that with my cooking skills and knowledge of the inner working of restaurants we could be successful.

Yardbird Hen Basket (Lemon Pepper) Photo Credit: Aj Briones

THEN COVID CAME..…as all of you are aware this pandemic has been hitting the restaurant scene hard. Where there were opportunities before the outbreak , they have now quickly dwindled or come to a halt. We find ourselves having a hard time securing a loan to move forward with our store front due to COVID restrictions. We are currently operating out of our home with limited equipment and space. Despite this we are still making a banging product. We have rave reviews from our community whom we serve from home. Both of us still work full-time jobs in conjunction with running our food service from home on the weekends. We are absolutely working our tail feathers off to keep this project afloat. 

Working from home, especially cooking from home, has its limitations. Or should I say many limitations. We need a real space to effectively make and serve our killer products. Our wings are fresh, never frozen and all our sauces are homemade.  We  guarantee that ALL of our meat products including the burgers are prepared Halal. Yardbird also offers vegetarian items and gluten-free breading for our boneless wings. We want our food and atmosphere to be as inclusive as possible.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the fried dough with homemade seasonal berry puree. So delicious, it’s a carnival for your mouth. 

Yardbird Mozzarella Sticks Photo Credit: Aj Briones

After moving from East Austin to Lakeway we recognized there was a need for a fun family friendly eatery that serves delicious food in an inclusive environment. Our restaurant would be unique in the fact that we strive to serve fresh, local ingredients from our own community. We want to support local businesses and vendors by directly using goods from our fellow producers. 

We have been making moves with our restaurant since this summer and are hoping to open our doors to the community Spring 2021. In order to do this we need all the support we can get. Our family has made huge sacrifices in order to get this project up and running. Our family, children, and community have already been overwhelmingly supportive. We know success is right around the corner. Please know that by helping our family, you will have helped make a life long dream become real. 

Thank you for your love and support.

The Yardbird Family