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Start date
Dec 16, 2020
Close date
Jan 15, 2021

This project is to design and develop an application to
assist the global issue of cleaning. and provide a game to win Prizes


YicMasks Live Environmental Game For Prizes

This project was inspired by our current pandemic, after several months and many walks we have started to notice a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

It’s not just the pandemic but now its becoming a Maskdemic. Everywhere we go it seems like the streets, sidewalks and parks have been littered with used masks.

We started to wonder who exactly is in charge of picking up these potentially infected masks that we are forced to wear? 

How long does the virus live on the material if the individual that was wearing the improperly disposed of mask was in fact infected with COVID-19?

This is where the idea for YicMasks app came alive. 

How do we incentivize citizens to do their part by simply disposing of their masks responsibly while in our great outdoors and public areas ?

The answer to that is difficult, we all live on this planet, it is all of our responsibility to keep it clean for our children when we are gone. 

Today the world sits at roughly 7.8 Billion people and 62.5 Million cases of COVID-19, Now imagine if every person threw one mask on the ground. 

The application is designed to allow users to download the app for a one-time fee 

  • $1.00 – For application download, then free to use with ads but restricted to the free member tier

In App Subscriptions

Bronze – $2.00

  • Ad Free
  • Access to First tier

Silver – $5.00

  • Ad Free
  • Access to all tiers

Gold – $10.00

  • Ad Free
  • Access to all tiers
  • 10 Minute Competitive advantage to our Geo-Caching Treasure Map released monthly (Details coming soon)

The Point System

To earn a point towards your journey to the leaderboards and claiming your prizes each month require 3 things.

  • Take a walk to find the littered masks
  • Take a picture within the app of the mask to report it
  • Provide the location of the masks reported so we can get them cleaned up 


  • If you’re disposing of your own mask responsibly, simply take a picture proof of placing it into the appropriate bin – Limited to once per day 

                            + 1 Point

After Submitting Your Picture

Your location will be sent to our team of moderator to ensure no foul play, then sent to the collection team to organize an optimized route to collect. 

By doing this it reduces the amount of trips and emissions caused by trucks and cleaning crews. 

Note; If there are 15 masks on the ground in one condensed area and the user reports said masks, they would still only receive +1 point towards the Score Board.

The point of this is to bring awareness to masks that may have been missed, as well promoting a healthy lifestyle by encouraging everyone to get out there for a walk during these tough times.

The Location Services

With the location services you can connect with your Facebook and Google account to compete with your friends . 

  • How long and consistent your walks are
  • How many times you have reported and or responsibly disposed of your masks
  • How you rank on the leader boards
  • How your friends rank

That being said the app will not work unless you have location services allowed while using the app, we need to ensure everyone is doing their part and being proactive.

By reporting the location , we can provide this information to professionals who can then be prepared with the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the job!

How The Game Works

The prizes will be spread out to provide as many people the chance to win instead of only a handful of large winnings. With this project we aim to change the way society thinks. 

For example how does lotto max and 649 get to 50+ million so fast?

Consumers go to work to earn money then purchase a ticket with that money and if wanting an advantage one would purchase another ticket for the same draw. 

With our ideal you make one subscription fee and in order to have a competitive advantage you are required to get active and do some good for the environment and yourself.

The prize amounts will be viewable live from the mobile app, with more subscriptions comes many more moderate rewards giving everyone a much higher chance to win frequently.

Winning a single $100.00 prize a year would pay for that years subscription plus dinner.

The Shop

Integrated within the app, users will be able to purchase face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, earbuds, clothing and other swag at very reasonable prices. Users can also use their winning in their wallet if they don’t cash out to purchase these items including their following month subscription, As well as donate to a cause.

 Technical specifications

  • Both the adult and children’s masks include adjustable straps.
  • Mask fabric: 100% polyester, elastic straps: 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
  • Masks are Latex-free.
  • Before wearing any fabric face mask for the first time, remove the filter and wash the mask.
  • Always remove filter before washing the mask.
  • Wash by hand or in a washing machine. If using a washing machine, use a gentle cycle and natural detergent. Air dry or machine dry on low heat.
  • This product is a non-medical mask. Wearing a mask alone will not prevent the spread of COVID-19. You should also adhere to good hygiene and public health measures, including frequent hand washing and physical (social) distancing.

 The Geo-Caching Treasure Hunt 

The Treasure hunt will be an exciting aspect of the game but unfortunately won’t be released until we have a saturated amount of members in one city.

Once monthly a push notification will be sent to everyone and have an opportunity to purchase the map for a one time fee of $20.00 added to their subscription. 

After this purchase has been made clues and an interactive map will be released and they have an opportunity to find our hidden key and lockbox somewhere in the corresponding city.

With the hopes of a successful launch we plan to have extremely lucrative hidden gems! 

How We Plan To Complete The Project

After teaming up with Zamra Apps LLC. We have a dedicated team of 6 programmers, web designers, moderators,  marketing experts and have been working relentlessly to get the marketing strategy in place for this project to be one of the top environmental within Canada and intentions to take it world wide.

With their backed knowledge and experience we have no doubt in our mind this project will be a success.


All rewards will be shipped in a timely manner and every package will be shipped in a compostable mailer.

 These mailers can also be used to obtain your first point by placing them into the compost!