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Triple Ceramic Blade I Wireless Charging | Portable | 0.01 mm Close Shave | 6800rpm | Travel Lock



Are you fed up with having to buy cartridges every 2 weeks for your razor? Ceramic blades can keep your blades clean and rust-free for many years. ZERA will eliminate every hair from the root with our mighty thin titanium foil with wireless charging that allows you for a quick recharge anytime.


Ceramic Blades: Ceramic blades are chemically inert and more bacteria-resistant than steel blades. Rust is is a big setback when it comes to steel. With Ceramic blades, you can ensure that they will last longer and stay sharp for a long time.

Wireless charging: ZERA has wireless charging which means you just have to place your shaver on top without having to plug it in every single time. You can also charge your other wireless electronic devices.

Clean Shave: ZERA provides a closer and more comfortable safe shave. Also with the 6800 RPM motor speed which is 2 times that of common electric shavers, ZERA can provide an accurate and safer cut. Help to achieve the cleanest shave and more effective hair removal.

Travel Lock: To enter the Travel Lock Mode, press and hold the power button for three seconds. This stops ZERA from mistakenly switching on and keeping it safe in your bag.

Portable: ZERA is the size of a salt bottle and can be literally be carried anywhere and can easily fit into your jeans. 

IPX7 Waterproof: Just twist off of the blade foil and wash it under the tap because ZERA is IPX7 waterproof.

Easy to Clean: You can simply use the brush included in the package to clean those tiny stubble stuck in the shaver blade or rinse it under the tap!


Getting rid of these:



You can toss out all your razors and shavers because ZERA is all you’ll ever need.

ZERA is designed in a minimalistic style, with the goal of offering the greatest shaving experience possible with the thinnest and lightest profile possible. We also feel that a competent shaver should be prepared to do their job at all times.

ZERA really set itself apart from the rest. It’s little, yet it’s tough enough to survive any long journey or any sort of camping in the wild. You can also bring ZERA  as a carry on item for the plane. 




Precision cutting jobs have found extensive use of the ceramic blade. It is gaining popularity in the kitchen as culinary knives and cutters, as well as numerous surgical equipment in the operating theatre, due to its superior physical and chemical qualities. It has a razor-sharp edge, lasts a long time, and requires almost no maintenance.



Chemically inert, ceramic blades are more resistant to hazardous chemicals than steel blades. Ceramics never corrode, unlike metals, which require a protective coating to prevent early corrosion. To maintain the blade clean, simply run it under water after each usage. It is also suitable for those who is allergic to metal.




The metal mesh that rests against your face on most electric shavers is thicker than 0.20 mm. ZERA ‘s stainless steel foil is only 0.01 mm thick. In general, the thinner the foil, the smoother the shave. The ZERA gives you a closer, more pleasant shave while the foil protects you from cuts.



ZERA can deliver a speedy and smooth shave thanks to its 6800 RPM lightning motor, which is 2 times faster than other electric shavers. With Zera, shaving takes on a whole new meaning.




We were able to fit a stronger motor, three ceramic blades, and a rechargeable battery into a tiny package. ZERA is a the size of a salt bottle that does not require any other accessories. Before you go, just throw it inside your toiletry bag!



No one wants to bring a giant electric shaver on a trip because it is way too bulky and hard to carry it. ZERA is tiny enough to clean your beard whenever and wherever you choose, keeping you looking clean at all times. ZERA is the size of a salt bottle and can be literally be carried anywhere and can easily fit into your jeans




Ceramic, unlike steel, does not rust and mold will not grow on it. Just twist off of the blade foil and wash it under the tap because ZERA is IPX7 waterproof, or you can simply use the brush included in the package to clean those tiny stubble stuck in the shaver blade. Simple! Since it is chemically inert and does not need an outer shield, it can be used with any shaving product without fear of corrosion.





To enter the Travel Lock Mode, press and hold the power button for three seconds. This stops ZERA from mistakenly switching on and keeping it safe in your bag. To quit this mode, just press and hold the power button for another three seconds. You don’t have to worry about it starting by itself in your pocket or bag with this feature.





ZERA shaver will continuously run for 60 mins on one single full charge. Each shave only takes about 1-2 mins, meeting your need of shave for at least 20-30 times which is ideally for long-term travel.


The ZERA wireless charger is compatible with all Qi-enabled charging electronics, enabling you to charge your smartphone earbuds and many more devices. A USB-A cable allows you to charge ZERA from a laptop, outlet, power bank and many more. The ZERA comes with its own wireless charging technology, which is called as the swift. The swift is designed to be used at the end of a hard day, allowing you to fast-charge both your ZERA or your other electronic devices, recharging batteries at the speed of light



ZERA does not demand recharging on a frequent basis. It doesn’t really need to be charged everyday! Its engine is so powerful that it can shave for at least 60 days without needing to be recharged. Recharging takes 1 hour and may be done just by placing it on top of the wireless charger making it hassle free





To protect the triple ceramic blade and components inside, we utilized top-of-the-line aluminum for the body. The material is shaped and then plated to make it water resistant and  you don’t have to clean it after each use, which is exactly how shavers should be.



ZERA is built in a simplistic style, with the objective of offering the finest shaving experience imaginable with the smallest and lightest profile possible. We also think that a quality shaver should be ready to do its job at any and all times.
















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