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May 08, 2022
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Jun 07, 2022

Create the glue between your IT systems and processes without coding. Ideal for automation, integration, simplification


 Use Cases

Some use cases – 

  • Monitoring a folder for a file of a certain name or file size.
  • Scraping selected text from a console applications’ output and publishing it to something such as a reporting tool or log.
  • Log file parsing and conversion
  • Batch file and script replacement

How does it work

What we found is that all our current problems can be solved by assembling our four constructs into different configurations.   The four constructs are – 

 For example to convert the output of a console application and convert one line of it to a CSV file and written to a disk,  our Solution would look as follows –  

 For something more complex we can combine multiple combinations of constructs.

The Solution is designed and tested using the desktop application and the Solution is executed on the target host 


The specification for our Zero Code IT solution is as follows – 

Desktop Application

  • Windows graphical desktop application for the creation and analysis of your requirements.  This tool creates the Command file from one or more series of our four constructs.  The Command file is then executed by the Exec.  The Desktop application is 100% pure native code.  No Java, no python,  no dot net.
  • As backers of the project you will receive a perpetual named license with maintenance and free email based support.

Exec Application

  • Windows application with no external dependencies.  The Exec executes the instructions in the Command file.  The Exec is 100% pure native code.  No Java, no python, no dot net.  Just a single EXE that can be copied from or even run from a USB stick.
  • The Exec has unlimited deployments to your own systems, with no time limits or expiry

Common to Both

  • Suitable for Windows Server or desktop environments
  • Deployment requires the EXE and a single command file that will be created by a GUI tool
  • Logging and DEBUG mode supported or silent PROD mode
  • Hierarchical processing.  One output is the input to the next.
  • Support for a large number of stages and multiple flows in the one command file
  • Local, on premise applications.  It is not a hosted environment and there is no ongoing paid subscription.
  • No connection to the internet required to operate
  • This is not an application development tool.  It is a tool for integration and automation that is an alternative to traditional software development and scripting.
  • Documentation and quick start guides
  • English language only

In’s and Out’s

The supported In’s (Inputs) and Out’s (Outputs) are as follows – 

  • Command shell as an input
  • Email input (POP3 and IMAP)
  • Email output (SMTP)
  • File system (files)
  • Sockets input

The supported data types are as follows – 

  • Delimited text
  • Delimited Values
  • Structured CSV
  • Name-Value pairs
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Text
  • Directory listing


All rewards are digital except for our limited edition Zero Code IT-shirts.  See below.

Zero Code IT-Shirts. Ash (left), White (right)

The Story

As a developer of nearly 30 years experience it’s easy to create a piece of software that extracts data, formats data, sends or publishes data, automating and connecting different systems together.  Others write batch files, shell scripts or Windows Powershell scripts to do the same thing.  It’s been that way forever.

But before developing another integration piece between a console utility for database status and Data Dog for reporting, I thought – 

“Hang on.  These small utilities we write are deceptively expensive when you consider the actual development, testing and documentation.  And then they need to be updated and maintained.  For a Production environment we really need to do better.”

So I started thinking –

“What if we (company) could create integrations without coding, with requirements, documentation, test plans, testing and revision control all included?  And the engine that executes it is maintained and supported on multiple operating systems?

Maybe others would be interested?  My research says yes!

So we developed a prototype engine and it worked better than expected.  

Now it needs a GUI, testing, training and user documentation.

The funds will be used to complete a commercial V1 release.

Note this is NOT an open source project and no source code will be released.


We are really excited to be launching this campaign which is our first.  Like many using Kickstarter it is something we have been discussing for a long time and our Zero Code IT project seems like the perfect fit.

Thanks so much for considering and/or backing our project.