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Jul 18, 2022
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Japanese craftsmanship. Tonneau shaped Skeleton Mechanical & Tourbillon Men’s watch.


ZEROOTIME – New Men’s Watches

Following the massive success of the previous campaign T1 & T2 series and T3 & T4 series at Indiegogo, we now release 2 brand-new series; M1 THE AURIGA SKELETON MECHANICAL & T5 THE ARCHER TOURBILLON.

The great successes of T3 & T4 that are fresh in your mind

ZEROOTIME watch series has raised over 1,000,000 USD worldwide. It is one of the most successful crowdfunding watch brands today.



The new innovative MODERN series from ZEROOTIME

The skeleton mechanical ultra-thin movement is encased in a beautiful, high quality, thin tonneau case.

A manual-winding wristwatch that lets you enjoy the exquisite beauty of the mechanical was born.

You can enjoy the same tonneau model, T4 The Archer, at a more affordable price.



Thin Tonneau-shaped Skeleton Mechanical Watch



Damascus Tonneau Skeleton Mechanical Watch


A very popular series that raised over $120,000 on Japan’s largest crowdfunding platform with an achievement rate of over 2000% is now available on INDIEGOGO!

One of the best-selling model M1 & M1D is now available on INDIEGOGO!

We are pleased to announce the release of two new models that are among the most popular in Japan.


The beautiful movement is built in a modern and sophisticated case

The development of ZEROO M1/M1D SKELETON MECHANICAL THE AURIGA has started from a movement. ZEROO develops its own watches and has long been in the business of importing and selling watches from overseas. Therefore, we have the opportunities to touch many movements for inspection and repair on a daily basis. Among those experiences, we were particularly surprised by the thinness and beauty of the M1 movement when we held it in our hands.

With a thickness of less than 3mm, this ultra-thin movement has a luminous beauty despite the fact that its mechanism is bare. This M series was born with the desire to develop an unprecedented watch by using this movement.



The ultra-thin movement is housed in a tonneau-shaped case made of 316L stainless steel that is as beautiful as a showcase, and the skeleton watch lets you fully appreciate the exquisite beauty of the mechanical movement.


4-color options




A manual-winding wristwatch with an ultra-thin skeleton movement housed in an ultra-unique tonneau-shaped case made of Damascus steel.


6-color options


■Tonneau-shaped case

We chose the tonneau-shaped (liquor barrel-shaped) case to house the delicate and beautiful ultra-thin movement because we wanted the case to be as beautiful and sturdy as a showcase.

With the advent of the Richard Mille, the tonneau-shaped case has been recognized as modern and fashionable, but its history goes back to the 1920s when design studies were conducted. The frame used to hold the case movement is designed to be vertical and positioned so that the entire movement can be easily seen. It is also designed to make the movement appear to float in the case. In order to emphasize the mechanical form of the thin skeleton movement, we have tried to keep the design simple and free from unnecessary decoration.


Our original development of the frame that fix the beautiful movement beautifully

We have originally developed the frame to fix the thin movement in the beautiful modern tonneau-shaped case as a showcase.


■Case frame material

Not only the design of the case, but also the materials used for both the M1 and M1D were carefully selected.


The case of the M1 is made of 316L stainless steel, which is used by many Switzerland luxury watch brands.



The case material of the M1D THE AURIGA is Damascus steel, which has a characteristic wood grain pattern. Each Damascus steel has its own unique rippled grain pattern. Each M1D made from this material is one and only in the world.

The image on this page shows the same pattern, but all the products have different patterns.


Damascus steel, a material that has “strength and beauty”

Damascus Steel is derived from the material used in the manufacture of swords and other weapons in Damascus, Syria. It is a special steel that is widely known for its high rigidity and sharpness. There is a theory that it originated in ancient India, and it is a metal material that has been used for a very long time.

Damascus steel knives are often used for cutting tools due to their high strength and rigidity, and the high precision of the blade, sharpness of the cutting edge, and the extremely beautiful patterns have made Damascus steel knives famous all over the world. Today, Damascus steel is used not only for high quality knives and other swords, but also for accessories such as rings and jewelry, and has become an item that has many enthusiasts. The Damascus steel of the M1D is produced with a great deal of man-hours. Therefore, it takes a very long time to produce.


■Thorough commitment to the rear view

In addition to enjoying the operation of a mechanical watch, there is also the pleasure of seeing the precision of the mechanism in action. Even when you are not wearing the watch, you can appreciate the movement of the balance and gears from a different angle from the back of the watch.


■Sapphire crystal is used for the wind shield and for the glass surface of the back cover

The glass surface of the wind shield and back cover is made of sapphire crystal, which has a soft curve so that the movement can be fully appreciated due to its outstanding transparency and strength. Sapphire crystal is a top-grade material used by many luxury watch brands, and its high hardness and outstanding transparency allow you to enjoy the inside of the watch clearly.

Sapphire crystal is of high quality, maintaining the same Mohs hardness of 9 as natural sapphire, which can be a gemstone. The reason why sapphire crystal is used in our watches is that it is not only beautiful, but also hard and scratch resistant. Sapphire crystal is more difficult to process than the mineral glass used in ordinary watches, and it is inevitably more expensive to produce the exquisite dome shape of the M1, but we have been able to create a watch that is both beautiful and robust without compromise.


■Manual-winding movement is used

ZEROO M1 THE AURIGA is a manual winding mechanical watch. The mainspring can be wound by rotating the crown clockwise.


Since manual winding operation is required, the operability of the crown is a very important factor. Since you will be touching it every day, we consider the balance between ease of winding and design, and come up with the best size.


■Watch strap

M1 – fluorine rubber strap

We designed the M1 tonneau case and strap from scratch. The materials used for both the M1 and M1D were carefully selected to match their respective designs.

The material used is fluorine rubber. Fluorine-rubber, which has better performance than general silicone rubber, is considered to have excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, and cold resistance. It is a high-grade material that is often used in industry equipment for food, medicine, and medical treatment, but is not often used for general household products.


M1D – calf leather strap

It has been made to have a presence that is as strong as the strength of Damascus steel. In addition to the quality of the leather, the flat protrusions and small holes give the watch a strong appearance.

The strap is available in black, blue, or the same color as the movement plate. The easy click spring bar is used to make it easy to attach and detach the strap.



The buckle is a special model designed from scratch to match the design of the M1. The spring bar that attaches to the watch is an easy click type. It can be easily attached without tools.



The indexes on the inner bezel and the tips of the hands are equipped with Luminova, which makes it possible to recognize the time without any problems even in the dark at night, and also gives a beautiful shine.


■With engraved serial number

ZERO M1 THE AURIGA is a limited edition of 2,999 pieces in each color. The serial number is engraved on the back cover. Each color has its own serial number, starting from number 1. Please note that we do not accept requests to specify the serial number.


■Origin of the series name

ZEROO gives each watch the name of constellation. For this M1, we have named it THE AURIGA. Auriga is a person who rides in a cart and controls a horse. The reason is that the positions of the key parts for fixing the movement coincide with this constellation. All ZEROO watches incorporate a sense of awe and longing for the infinity of outer space. There is something romantic about the way the countless stars move with precision through that vast space without a hitch, and you can’t help but wonder about the mystery of time.




■Watch specification sheet


■Our commitment to modern design

The M1 fuses skeleton mechanics with a contemporary, modern flavor. The movement and materials have been carefully selected and designed to create a beautiful watch that meets the concept.



■A new Full Skeleton Tourbillon model

A new model has been released by ZEROO, a brand that continuously develops highly transparent full skeleton tourbillon watches.


■Dome shaped crystal case top

The most unique feature of the T5 is the crystal glass case top which encases the movement. Two types of crystal materials are used.

The crystal glass with a hardness of 7 Mohs and sapphire glass of 9 Mohs are used to create its unique dome shape which requires high level of technique to produce.


■T5 model in 3 color variations

The T5 watches are available in 3 colors. The case back is silver and black. Dial frame comes in 3 color types: silver, black, rose gold.


T5 CRYSTAL Silver & White

T5’s most basic model is a combination of crystal and silver white. This color combination enhances the crystal’s luminosity.

T5 CRYSTAL Black & RoseGold 

The ZT005CBR has a elegant look with rose gold as an accent on the black base color.

T5 CRYSTAL Black & Black

ZT005CBB is all black. The brighness of the crystal case and the subtle black color creates a nice harmony.


■The birth of ZEROO T5 Full Skeleton Tourbillon Crystal

At the core of the development of the new model was to create a watch more transparent than ever.

By using crystal class for the case top instead of stainless steel, we challenged to create a watch with high transparency.





T5 was created to excel its previous models – it adopted a crystal case unlike the stainless cases used in the models up to T4.

■The “flying tourbillon” has no upper bridge for the cage

Mechanical watches have a complex movement since the oscillating movement of the balance translate into the ticking of the time. Tourbillons out of all watches are known to be the most complex. It was created by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a genius watchmaker in the 18th century.

The T5 is a flying tourbillon watch, which has been designed to make the tourbillon seem like it is literally floating inside the crystal case. This is the core of the unique transparency we wanted to achieve with the T5 model.

There is nothing that obstructs the movement in the T5’s crystal case.


■Newly designed movement frame

We renewed the design of the dial frame for you to enjoy the beautiful movement of the carriage.


A minimal design removing as much as possible to make a third of the case a visible space for the carriage.

The watch was developed to make sure the crystal case was highly transparent at the designing phase.

Several high-end brands create crystal case hand watches, which tend to be on the pricier end.
We challenged to create a crystal case full skeleton tourbillon with the T5 model.
Our motto for product development is to offer high quality products at a reasonable price.


■Crystal & Sapphire Watch Case

The T5 has two types of crystal case tops – sapphire crystal and crystal glass.
The sapphire crystal is extremely transparent and durable, and is an absolute status symbol as the whole watch case is carved out from sapphire crystal!
The crystal glass is also transparent and durable, which is reasonably priced.


■Twin Burrel

The ZEROO T03 Tourbillon movement is a double barrel which allows up to 60 hours of power reserve.

The double barrel was also created by the genius watch maker Breguet.
It is considered as a complex movement since two barrels are required, meaning gears and other parts need to be minimized to fit inside.


■Rear View

Being able to enjoy viewing the movement while you take off the watch is one of the joys of owning a skeleton watch.

The way the gears mesh with each other when winding the spring is truly interesting, and never gets tiring even if it is watched over and over again.
Since the T5 is a manual winding timepiece, we hope you will enjoy winding it up when using it every day.


■Watch Strap

The strap for the T5 model is made out of beautiful, glossy black leather which perfectly suits the elegant crystal case.



The buckle is a deployment type (D-Buckle). The push buttons on the side allows double opening which allow you to smoothly take off the watch. It can be used without damaging the leather material compared to a typical pin buckle.

Perlage, a traditional and popular type of finishing used in many luxury brand watches, is applied on the inner spring plate.



The arched shape of the frame, which is the origin of the name “THE ARCHER”, has been enhanced and looks as if an arrow is about to be released at any moment.

■ZEROO Original Watch Box

The reward for T5 watches will be delivered in ZEROO TIME Co.’s original vanity box. We developed the vanity case dedicated for the watch with much care.

*The watch box design is subject to change

■Japan Quality

ZEROO M1/M1D THE AURIGA & T5 THE ARCHER are manufactured in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s watch manufacturing technology is indispensable for the production of parts for watches all over the world, including Switzerland’s luxury watch brands. All of ZEROO’s products are originally designed and developed in our Tokyo workshop. In order to deliver high quality products at affordable prices, which is the fundamental policy of ZEROO TIME, we devise and develop our products every day. Mock-ups are also made in-house, and based on these, we keep in close contact with the parts factories, conducting repeated test runs and strict quality checks from the finished parts to the product samples. By carrying out this process directly by ourselves without any intermediary, we have been able to achieve speedy development, reliable quality, and cost reduction. In addition, all products are subject to final inspection and quality control at our Tokyo workshop. If we find a product that does not meet our standards, we will disassemble, adjust, and reassemble it, and then conduct a waterproofing test and other final checks to ensure that we have a system in place to send out a finished product with guaranteed quality.


■2 year warranty period

ZEROOTIME watch includes a two-year warranty. ZEROO TIME, Inc. will bear the cost of repairing any natural failure that occurs within the warranty period (ZEROO TIME, Inc. will carefully determine whether the failure is natural or property damage after inspecting the product). We ask that customers pay for the return shipping costs to the ZEROO TIME Repair Center and back to customers.

*If the watch has been repaired by customers (or a third party such as a watch repair store), or if there is evidence that the back cover has been opened, the warranty may not apply.

*If you lose the warranty card, you will not be able to receive the warranty.

As this is a mechanical watch with a delicate structure, please refrain from handling it by subjecting it to shocks or exposing it to water. Please handle the crown with care, as it directly controls the mechanism inside the watch. When storing your watch, please avoid places where it is exposed to magnetism, high humidity, or direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.


■About water resistance of M1 / M1D / T5

Both the front and back sides of the case and glass of this product feature arc curves as a design feature. This process is very difficult and it is difficult to ensure airtightness. The same is true for all luxury brands that use this design, and although each company has made various efforts to improve water resistance, it is still a delicate structure. Therefore, if you treat it like a normal wristwatch, it may unexpectedly get water in it. Please be careful. Please be careful to avoid the following.

・Opening the back cover by yourself

・Using the watch with the crown open (forgetting to close it)

・Splashing water on the watch

・Bathing with the watch on.

・Exposing the watch to water when washing hands.


■Overhaul Service

COA (Cleaning, Oiling and Adjusting) will be charged 500USD (incl. tax) per once. We recommend the overhaul service every 3 – 5 years depends on usage. The overhaul service takes 2 months to be completed and ship-back.

We kindly ask customers to cover shipping expenses for sending and receiving the product for overhaul.


■Shipping Notice (Important!)

Once we ship out the watch, we will provide you with the tracking number. The shipping carrier will be Fedex or DHL for most case.

We require you to contact your local Fedex or DHL agent to request face-to-face delivery & signature service as mandatory. Due to COVID-19 situation, the agent will just leave the package in front of your house even if the package is expensive.

We will not take any responsibility for the theft or loss in the case of we can track the shipping status as “delivered” via shipping company’s system.


■Import tax

You may be required to pay customs duties when you receive your goods. The amount varies depend on country, but usually it will be between $0 ~ $200 per item. If you want to know your import tax, please let us know your country so we can calculate for you.


■Redefining watches from scratch

Watches are no longer just a tool to track time – it has transformed into an expression for self-identity. If you just want to track time, a smartphone, laptop, TV or radio can provide you with accurate information. Then why do we still wear watches? Is it to add color to your life, or to express your way of living, or to deepen bonds with those around you? So many reasons and beliefs to this question can be thought of…

ZEROOTIME constantly asks itself the question “what is the true meaning of a wristwatch?” and seeks to turn its philosophy and ideas into reality.



ZEROO TIME Co., Ltd is a watchmaker based in the outskirts of Tokyo, which was established in December 2017. In 2018, it released ZEROO ART, a fashion watch without hands. In August 2018, it officially started the sales of its wristwatches. Since then, it has continued to produce innovative wristwatches and in August 2020 the CLASSIC MOON PHASE I was released. There are several other projects that are currently ongoing. The T1 THE ARCHER which was recently produced is positioned as one of the main projects for the company, with all of the resources being devoted into its development.


■Our History

December 2017 ZETOO TIME Inc. established.

May 2018 Announced the ZEROO ART series

August 2020 Launch of the Classic Moonphase I C1 

October 2020 Launch of the full-skeleton tourbillon ZEROO T1 on Makuake

January 2021 Launch of Classic Moonphase II C2 on Makuake

January 2021 Launch of Skeleton Mechanical M1 on Makuake

March 2021 Launch of full skeleton tourbillon ZEROO T1+α & T2 on Makuake

May 2021 Launch of double tourbillon ZEROO DT1 on Makuake

June 2021 Launch of Full Skeleton Tourbillon ZEROO T1&T2 at INDIEGOGO

August 2021 Launch of M1D Damascus Steel Skeleton Mechanical on Makuake

Nov 2021 Launch of full-skeleton tourbillon ZEROO T3&T4 at INDIEGOGO

ZEROO is a new watch brand planned and developed by ZEROO TIME Inc. ZEROO TIME Inc. has been developing unique watches under the motto of ” Reconstructing watches from scratch.” In 2018, we launched the ZEROO ART series, fashion watches without hands. In 2020, we launched the Classic Moonphase I and the Full Skeleton Tourbillon, both of which were so successful that their supporters’ quota was filled within a week on Makuake. Most recently, we have successfully completed two projects: C2 Classic Moonphase II, a reimagined moonphase, and M1 Skeleton Mechanical, an ultra-thin manual winding movement in a beautiful tonneau case. The ZEROO brand has three product categories: ART, MODERN and CLASSIC. The ART and MODERN categories are for unique and bold product development, while the CLASSIC category is for products that respect tradition and history, and are the starting point of a watch that should always be returned to. The core of our policy is to rebuild watches from scratch, and we will continue to pursue the delivery of high quality products at affordable prices.


■Risks & Challenges

The team at ZEROOTIME are making their utmost effort with strong determination to drive the ZEROO M1/M1D & T5 project in partner with local teams and manufacturers. However, there may incur slight changes in the design or specifications throughout the development process. Furthermore, shipping delays may occur due to issues such as manufacturing delays, weather, situation of the recent pandemic. If any delays or changes are to occur, it will be announced on official platforms as soon as confirmed. Finally, the team at ZEROOTIME will work closely together so that every supporter who receives the ZEROO watch will be satisfied with our product. Thank you for your continuous support for ZEROOTIME.

*Returns or refunds regarding usability etc. will not be accepted.

*Design and specifications of products under development may partially change.

*If the number of funds exceeds expectations, the shipping time may be delayed due to manufacturing circumstances.

*If the number of funds exceeds expectations and if further improvements in mass production can be realized, the regular sales price may be lower than the planned sales price.