$151 raised out of $50,000
Start date
Dec 24, 2020
Close date
Feb 07, 2021

ZinUru is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows, offering fans a unique, curated musical experience


Intro: What a year it’s been! Entire industries have been all but severed for the time being, and musicians have been on the battering end of one of those severances. That said, we believe that we have come up with a platform that can offer a partial lifeline to provide artists with a regular income, as well as a new audience to share music with.

WHY WE CARE: While there are many platforms out there for us all to livestream our shows, the monetary remuneration behind most seems to hinge on how many viewers you can get to donate, or buy tickets to view your performance. In a time of so much uncertainty, that approach doesn’t seem to remedy the insecurity that comes with it. ZinUru guarantees a fixed income from each stream to the performer. It is based on a subscription model based on a partnership between ZinUru and the Artist.

USE OF FUNDS: Our purpose to raise the 50000 Euros is to prove our model will work, before getting to our fundraising stage. The funds will be spent over 6 months on our marketing person who will take care of assets to promote the artists, digital campaigns to attract new audience and also the artists’ fans (which is the model we want to prove) and A&R person who will be scouting and signing new artists. We will be going live with the tech in January and start to test. Budget breakdown for proving model: 2000 Euros per month for A&R, 2000 Euros per month for Marketing, 3000 Euros per month for Digital Marketing Budget, 2000 Euros per month for Tech/UX further development.

Each subscription is 150 Euros, so we need 300 of our friends and family to support us with one yearly subscription, so we are able to prove our model!

EXECUTION TIMELINE: Below is our execution plan. So far we have built the tech and ready to go live and test next month. We also identified our A&R and marketing, and have scouted our 1st 15 artists to join. We are now raising 50000 Euros to finish our MVP, which is to prove the model of conversion of the artists’ fans to become our subscribers.

WHO WE ARE: Merging the fair Label concept that Ahmad developed with Genny’s online tech experience, ZinUru came as a natural by-product.

Together, they hail from a diverse and complementary background of skills and knowledge, with a shared vision and passion for the future of Live Music.

ZinUru is the 2nd tech venture they launch together after having launched an online video content EdTech startup 2 years ago.

Genny: Following her passions for the MicroFinance & the Online industries, and after a life-altering trek in Kilimanjaro, Genny founded Pi Slice in March 2013.This journey led to Genny founding Mind Cloud Academy, the 1st entrepreneurship academy in the UAE. Founding Mind Cloud Tribe came as a natural progression after Mind Cloud Academy. An online platform of tutorials, tools, tool-builders for the Business Plan and the Investment Deck, along a market-place for experts and tutorials. Along Mind Cloud, Genny is a founding member of the EMIR Mentorship Program at London Business School.  Genny has an M.A. in Civil Engineering, a B.S in Physics, an MBA from London Business School (UK).

Ahmad: Ahmad started his career as a performing musician in Beirut, after first picking up the guitar in 1992. In 2002, he founded Mindloop Studios in Dubai, where he continues to produce and compose music for Movies, TV shows, Ads, and Artists. He was a signed artist with EMI, leading his own band (Lemonada), as well as working on the inside with Labels as part of a team handling the A&R for The Voice of Arabia, X-Factor Arabia, and Coke Studio. These experiences proved to Ahmad that the current Label structure is deeply flawed. Coming full circle, Ahmad decided in 2018 to commit a great deal of his time and efforts back into his guitar and voice. Simultaneously, Ahmad spent a great deal of time researching and creating a Label structure that would treat the Artist as a partner. Then 2020 happened, and ZinUru was born!

Sonia: Sonia joined our team as our A&R manager. A Philosophy major with a passion for music, cinema and science, she has worked as a magazine editor, a contributing writer, a Studio Manager and a Brand Manager. She also teaches at two amazing music schools. For over a decade she managed social media accounts both on the content strategy and creation side and also managing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and video campaigns on YouTube).

Last: We are all very passionate and committed to this project. We believe in artists and musicians, and we believe more that those artists and musicians should be paid fairly and regularly while spreading their art and music around. And this is what ZinUru stands for.

WHAT ZINURU IS: ZinUru is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows, offering fans a unique, curated musical experience from wherever they are. We offer daily live streaming performances from our ever-growing lineup of Artists and Bands, as well as a monthly festival. You can also book a private show with your favorite Artist/Band from our lineup.

Below are the problems that Arists as well as Live music fans face today, and the solutions we have created to deal with those problems:

Here’s what the experience will look like:

Enjoy the show!!!