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Start date
Apr 27, 2022
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May 27, 2022

Developing a video conferencing application and models to increase the number of African languages supported by NLP.


Zumaridi Video conferencing and NLP Project:

The United States of Africa ,a non profit based in Texas is  raising funds to support Zumaridi  Video conferencing web based application  and Natural language processing (NLP) project in which we are working to development modules that will increase the number of African languages supported by NLP while at the same time increase translation accuracy and eliminate algorithmic biases.

About the Founder:

My name is Daniel Mwambonu from Nairobi, Kenya a Human Rights and Mental Health Advocate turned technophile  with a mission to harness the power of technology to drive social and economic development in Africa.

Having established the United States of Africa as a US based non profit corporation in Texas in June 2020,I am appealing you to support this ongoing project which currently is relying on volunteers goodwill to keep on.

I am also the CEO of Black Mental Health Matters Inc a non profit focused on raising awareness on mental health and eradicating stigma among Black communities.

Without any fear or doubt I believe that my leadership capabilities demonstrate that I am capable of handing this project from the beginning to the end.

If am doing this project only relying on volunteers what more would I have done if you supported it?

Progress made through voluntarism:

Through our volunteers we have managed to develop homepage, sign up and log in with the team now focusing on building dashboard and events integrations to ensure that Zumaridi users will be able to stream to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube ,Twitter and Linkedin.

90% of the product design has been completed and here is the sign up page:

Users will be able to create meetings  schedule events and search to connect with other likeminded users producing content which interests them.

Zumaridi is being designed to ensure seamless collaboration across cross functional teams and make working remote much easier.

With your support we will be able to  deliver the MVP before the end of this year.

All funding will be used to pay for the cost of software development, cloud hosting services, servers    and this including paying our Software Engineers ,Scrum masters. Product management and product design team to ensure swift product delivery.

At the end users, including my backers  will be able to sign up and utilize the platform to schedule meetings and create live events.

Project Summary:

Our objectives for this project is to develop natural language processing (NLP) capability that supports African Languages better than what 

is available in the common marketplace.

Integrate this capability into Zumaridi live streaming and video conferencing platform

We have adopted micro services architecture for this project to ensure the best user experience.


NLP is an essential component to support the translation of languages (e.g., English to French). 

Currently, NLP technologies that are available in the common marketplace provide sufficient support for 

North American, Latin American, and European languages, but do not support African languages. 

Business Drivers

Increase the number of African languages that are supported by NLP

Our project scope will support the following African languages Somali, Fulani ,Yoruba, Swahili ,Hausa ,Zulu ,Oromo ,Amharic among other African languages.

Currently we have a team of 12 Machine Learning Engineers working on the project.