A Robotic Arm Is Quickly Rising to Success on Kickstarter

A desktop robotic arm designed for prototyping and photography – among many other applications – is gaining substantial ground within its Kickstarter campaign.

Already the innovative project – headed by research and development company, INNFOS – has more than met its funding goal of $10,000, reaching it in a mere 30 seconds. Currently, the project is on a roll, citing over 40x its original funding objective with a massive $400,485 in pledges. With 338 backers, that’s an impressive average of $1040 per pledge. The campaign is over next month, but it doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

Dubbed the INNFOS GLUON Desktop Collaborative Robotic Arm, the smart and compliant robotic arm provides superhuman precision and dexterity to tasks involving prototyping, photography, as well as engineering.

The popularity of this project is perhaps understandable, given the growing prevalence in robotics. Collaborative robots are being widely utilized throughout almost every kind of industry, from manufacturing to education within both small and medium enterprises.

Clearly, there is also a mounting demand from individuals as well. Robotic arms can be employed for a variety of purposes, inclusive of more creative pursuits, such as painting, illustration, and filming. The only thing GLUON requires in order to run is a Raspberry Pi or a PC.

GLUON has managed to capture a demographic of users who have been previously disillusioned by a relative infant market. Previously, robot arms have left a lot to be desired, with their size limiting performance capabilities. INNFOS capitalized on this, creating the GLUON using a proprietary actuator offering the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Elaborating on this, David Yan, CEO at INNFOS, noted one of the reasons for developing the robotic arm:

“Most desktop robotic arms are built for hobbyists and use a stepper or hobby servos motor that can only perform simple actions, thereby limiting their usability. Our goal was to bring the high performance of industrial-grade servo systems and compliant control to the desktop at an affordable price, allowing greater precision and the ability to perform more complex tasks. INNFOS Gluon is the most advanced robotic arm of its type and can perform virtually any task.”

The smart unit is also armed with an algorithmic failsafe in case of a collision with a human. Versatility is also a key feature, with multiple interchangeable heads including a suction cup, micro servo gripper, universal ball gripper, and an electromagnet attachment.

For enthusiasts who managed to get in early INNFOS offered a major early bird deal in its crowdfunding campaign, which included the GLUON for just $699 – nearly 50% off the retail price. While the campaign ends on December 26, there is still plenty of spaces left for backers. Those who have already pledged for a reward, delivery is estimated in June 2020.