A Smart Dice Crowdfunder Is Reimagining “Boardgames”

A smart game company, known as Paritcula, has redesigned a set of dice for the modern age and is currently crushing its crowdfunding goals.

Dubbed the Kindle of board games, and the Tesla of role-playing games, GoDice is fast becoming one of the most attractive projects on Kickstarter – and what’s more, it is already 690% funded. After surpassing its initial goal of $25,000, GoDice is topping the Kickstarter leaderboards with a massive $172,644 pledged by 1,771 backers. This works out as an average of $100 pledged per backer. Impressive.


The rising popularity of GoDice is pretty unsurprising. Not only is the project thrusting dice games into the 21st century, but they’re streamlining them as well.

While many dice and board games have been reimagined into newer forms of technology, they often lack the je ne sais quoi of traditional dice-based pastimes. In many instances, new iterations of digitally remastered games such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, negate dice altogether, changing the game quite substantially.

GoDice has brought back the whimsy of using dice, redesigning them to forgo the need to track scores with pen and paper. Instead, GoDice syncs with an app on your Ipad or similar devices, adding up and relaying scores automatically. This is especially useful in complex RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), where multiple dice and complicated arithmetic are required to conduct battles.

GoDice also comes in multiple dice varieties, including D4, D8, D10, D12, and D20, catering for a range of role-playing games.

The dice set doesn’t arrive alone. Within the package, there are ten games, including Yatzy; dice poker; Farkle; and Ludo – with Paritcula promising more on the way. Furthermore, the app comes with an API to create your own games, making the possibilities limitless.

For the more professional game player, the app even tracks performance and provides tips – allowing users to reflect on their stats and up their skills.

The GoDice also comes equipt with a sleek carrying case which doubles up as a charging pack. Additionally, this supercapacitor charging unit supports ultrafast charging with just 10 seconds of juice, providing 1 hour of gameplay.

How does GoDice work?

In order to track the dice throw, GoDice is built with internal sensors that measure orientation. These calculations are then synced with the app and projected on the display.

In order to change the typical 6-sided die into a D20 or D24, Paritcula created polyhedral shells to fit over the original GoDice. Polyhedral dice and their use within RPG games stand as a primary example of GoDice’s utility.

Given the expanse of numbers on polyhedral dice, games they involve often require plenty of calculation. GoDice avoids the need to add up yourself, allowing you to speed up proceedings and focus on the game.

This isn’t Paritcula’s first crowdfunder. Back in 2018, the firm created the GoCube, similarly launching it on Kickstarter. Reminiscent of a Rubik’s cube on steroids, the GoCube is a smart game that tracks stats and allows players to compete against each other. The project managed to secure 11k backers and over $1.1M in funding. Perhaps GoDice will be just as successful.