Australian Company Reinvents Face Masks as Demand Picks Up 

With the bush fires, coronavirus and increasing population, companies are moving to make face masks more fashionable and functional. AusAir is one such company that has already been fully-funded on its Kickstarter campaign. 

The company has raised 1,900% of its goal, with 3,256 backers pledging AU $363,000 or AU $99 each. 

What is the AusAir? 

The AusAir is an anti-pollution mask that not only blocks out pollution and viruses but also has botanical smelling filters. 

The filter is made from memory foam so it adjusts to your face. Its outer layer is reusable and can be washed in the washing machine. It comes with a carbon mask along with the PM 2.5 filter layer that is made in three different smells- lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus. Each of the replacement filters lasts about four weeks. 

The face mask filters out about 97% of PM 2.5 pollution, the company claims. It also claims to block about 97% of airborne illnesses when the mask is fitted corrected. And as an Australian company, it has made sure that its masks are also effective at keeping out smoke from major fires. 

Its one-way marine grade 316 stainless steel valve provides a breathing experience without the hot air build-up common in most face masks, the company says. 

The mask comes in black, grey, soft blush and pledges start at AU $55. 

The Team Behind the AusAir

AusAir was founded by brothers Elias Honor and Isaac Honor and their friend Jack Graham after they had difficulty finding a stylish and breathable mask while traveling abroad in polluted areas. 

They decided to create a mask with the aroma of Australia, which is where the botanical filters came from.

Bottom Line 

There are a number of other face masks out there, but none of them offer the same botanical filter as AusAir. 

Airinum offers a similar design and features, but with more color options. Cambridge Mask Co promises nearly 100% filtration but at a fraction of the cost of AusAir. Meanwhile, Meo included interchangeable covers and its filters are infused with Manuka oil. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated mask that smells nice and you’re not too picky on the style, then AusAir’s kickstarter deals are worth considering.