Desk Organizer Raises 1,000% of Crowdfunding Goal

A desk organizer and wireless charger that promises to revolutionize your desk space has raised over 1,000% of its funding goal.

The everyday organizer Orbitkey Nest has raised over $264,000, with 3,223 backers pledging an average of $89.

What is the Orbitkey Nest?

The Orbitkey Nest is the home for all of your gadgets, cords, and other miscellaneous items that you need throughout the day that doesn’t have a place.

The 4.7 by 9.5-inch box contains a USB-C cable, six movable divider tabs, and a cord wrap. The lid has a dual-function hinge allowing you to open the box like a book to access the inside contents. The inside cover has a place for cards and a mesh bag for loose items. The top can also be separated and kept as a tray for things you need on hand. The dividers have velcro so they can be moved around but are secure in case you drop the box.

The box is made from polycarbonate, while the top is covered in leather, and the bottom is covered in nylon poly melange fabric. A zinc alloy button keeps the elastic band secured when the box is not in use. The band also includes a pen loop on the outside, and you can easily slip a field notes notebook through the loop.

It has a built-in wireless charger with a max output of 10W. It works with all Qi-enabled devices and also works with Apple Airpods.

The team

Melbourne-based Orbitkey was founded in 2013 by co-founders Charles Ng and Rex Kuo. The company has launched three other Kickstarter campaigns and raised over $1 million. The company used to focus on redesigning the perfect keychain, but they seem to have set their eyes on other types of organizational items.

Should you back the Orbitkey Nest?

The design itself seems well made and having multiple boxes while you’re working is convenient, instead of digging around in your purse or backpack for your charger.

The wireless charging feature is nice for those who have a phone that wirelessly charges, but it would be better if there was a built-in charger so you could use it with more devices.

If you’re simply looking for a cord organizer, then there are plenty of cheaper options out there. For something on the luxurious side, the Bellroy work folio retails for $200 but is made from premium leather and holds your tablet and notebooks as well as your pens and cords. 

If you want something a little bit sturdier, and you are willing to pay the extra money, the Orbitkey Nest is worth considering.