Dreamfarm Secures €5M for Plant-Based Cheese Innovation

In the lush fields of Parma, an Italian city revered for its culinary heritage, a forward-thinking foodtech startup named Dreamfarm has taken root with a bold vision. Dreamfarm has sprouted into the limelight, scooping up a hearty €5 million investment to cultivate an innovation hub intent on revolutionizing the cheese industry with its plant-based alternatives.

This fresh capital infusion has already borne fruit, enabling Dreamfarm to plant its innovative production facility in Sala Baganza, blossoming with specialized machinery tailored to perfect their unique and patented process. The seeds of Dreamfarm’s ambition were sown in May, ripening into their debut products that are redefining plant-based indulgence: a succulent mozzarella alternative boasting a government-certified liquid status and a velvety spreadable creation, both crafted from the fermentation of almonds with exclusive selected cultures.

Dreamfarm’s journey began two years ago, deeply rooted in research and development, leading to a pioneering breakthrough. Their plant-based mozzarella alternative is not just the world’s first to earn a government-certified liquid status, but it also proudly wears a Nutriscore A badge. The market’s reception has been nothing short of a harvest festival, winning over consumer palates, seducing the retail and food-service sectors, and catching the eye of media green thumbs.

The founders of Dreamfarm, Maddalena Zanoni and Mattia Sandei, along with the recent addition of Giovanni Menozzi as CEO, envision a future where their plant-based cheese alternatives surpass global products in both taste and nutritional value. The fresh investment will fertilize their efforts to extend their distribution roots beyond Italian soil and to nurture their product range, all while staying true to the company’s philosophy.

Giovanni Menozzi, with his roots in Parma, shared his zest for the venture: “Our mozzarella alternative is a testament to innovation with less than 1% saturated fat. It caters to a growing consumer base that hungers for sustainable and nutritious profiles without skimping on the authentic Italian taste. Dreamfarm is where we bring this vision to life, supported by a team of exceptional entrepreneurs. With the plant-based sector flourishing, we’re poised to make a global impact with our existing and future culinary creations.”

Two seasoned entrepreneurs, Giampaolo Cagnin and Francesco Mutti, have brought their rich flavors of experience to Dreamfarm’s table. Cagnin, with a portfolio featuring Italiana Ingredienti, Campus, and Hi-Food, and Mutti, the mind behind the famed Mutti Group, offer a blend of B2B and B2C expertise to elevate the startup.

With its roots firmly in Italian soil and its branches reaching towards the sky, Dreamfarm is not just creating plant-based cheese alternatives; it’s planting the seeds for a new era in sustainable and nutritious eating.