Edrone Fuels E-commerce Growth with €4.6M Boost

In the bustling world of e-commerce, where innovation and expansion are the names of the game, Krakow’s own edrone is making headlines with its latest financial milestone. The company, renowned for its cutting-edge Marketing Automation and CRM systems tailored for e-commerce platforms, has successfully secured a whopping €4.6 million in funding. This financial infusion, spearheaded by INventures and supported by industry stalwarts such as Mueller Medien, Atmos, and PortfoLion, marks a significant leap forward in edrone’s journey of technological and geographic expansion.

edrone’s impressive growth trajectory, boasting almost $7 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and a valuation soaring to PLN 120 million (approximately $30 million), underscores the confidence investors have in its vision and execution capabilities. The funding round is not just a testament to edrone’s past achievements but a gateway to its ambitious plans, particularly its eye on the Latin American market, with Brazil being the focal point.

With half of the investment being direct capital from INventures and the remainder stemming from debt capital conversion into shares by other participants, edrone is poised for a transformative phase. The primary use of these funds? To bolster the company’s Brazilian operations, which have already seen revenues doubling in 2023, and to amplify its workforce, aiming to double its headcount in Brazil. This strategic move is not just about scaling operations but enhancing the product itself, with a keen focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence to refine marketing automation processes.

Michał Blak, Co-Founder and CEO of edrone, shares his enthusiasm: “Doubling our Brazilian revenue in 2023 was just the beginning. With this new capital, we’re set to broaden our horizons in Brazil and beyond, while also finetuning our operations back in Poland. It’s about taking our marketing automation capabilities to the next level, powered by AI.”

Despite this influx of external funding, the reins of the company remain firmly in the hands of its founders, Michał Blak and Rahim Blak, who retain a 60% shareholding. This ensures that the company’s vision and strategic direction continue to be guided by those who know it best.

INventures’ CEO, Katarzyna Dąbrowska, praised edrone’s operational excellence and international growth strategy, highlighting the company’s effective management and talent recruitment as key differentiators. “At edrone, it’s not just about having a great product; it’s about having a great team that can bring that product to the forefront of the e-commerce industry,” Dąbrowska noted.

The funding will also support edrone’s commitment to cultivating an exceptional organizational culture and expanding its team, which is expected to grow by 70 new members this year. Michał Blak’s vision is to build a company culture that not only inspires but also fosters innovation and responsiveness to market demands.

Since its inception in 2026, edrone has been at the forefront of e-commerce innovation, serving nearly 2000 online stores predominantly in Poland and Brazil. This new round of investment will further fuel the company’s product development and team expansion, ensuring that edrone remains a key player in the e-commerce technology space.

Backing edrone’s ambitions are thirteen angel investors, led by the seasoned investor and e-commerce entrepreneur Robert Ditrych. Among them are notable figures like Maciej Zawadzinski, founder of PiwikPRO, and managing partner at Next New Ventures, showcasing the broad industry support for edrone’s mission.